Freeze In the Trees - 18th Annual

Saturday, February 4, 2023 at Lake Stevens DGC in Lake Stevens, Washington
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

18th Annual Freeze in the Trees! -Two rounds of 20 holes at the beautiful, world famous Lake Stevens Disc G ... more
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Brian Anderson    January 30 at 6:04pm

Tyge Spane   January 30 at 7:44pm


Sam Giffin    January 20 at 1:33am

Can I move from MA2 to MA 1? Also will there be a work day before the tournament, I would be happy to help out!

Brian Anderson   January 30 at 6:05pm

I moved you from MA2 to MA1. We had a work party last weekend to clean up the down limbs.trees and to spread some wood chips. Sorry, I didn't see your comment until now.

Derek Langhorst    January 5 at 12:31am

Are there player packs for AMs or any swag or do we just get a 30 minute back massage from Tyge and a 5 dollar gift card to Apple

Jordan Karavias   January 5 at 2:56pm

There will be some hand warmers and a high five

Tyge Spane    January 3 at 9:03pm

Can I just take an honorary throw off of hole one like the old people at the masters do?

Jordan Karavias   January 3 at 11:01pm

If you are a former champion of the event I will allow it.

RJ Stidham    December 29 at 4:10pm

Is there going to be ma3?

Jordan Karavias   December 29 at 5:38pm

Just MA2 and MA1.

RJ Stidham   January 2 at 9:04pm

Bummer, thanks