Floppy Discs Open

Saturday, April 10, 2021 at Warren Township Park in Gurnee, Illinois
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Singles tournament for tags and prizes. All players welcome!! Club Bag Tags can be purchased at the event fo ... more
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Michael Rauch    February 24 at 3:53pm

Will y'all open any more spots or are you capped at 60?

Dustin Manislovich   February 24 at 4:04pm

Capped at 60. Sign up on the wait list in case a spot opens. We also have a tag tournament on March 20th if your interested in that. $15

Christian D    February 18 at 5:52pm

Damn it

Dustin Manislovich   February 18 at 6:02pm

We are gonna host more tournaments. No worries dude!

Christian D    February 17 at 7:02am

I'm confused also because I was number 2 on the waitlist now I'm number 4

Dustin Manislovich   February 17 at 7:12am

Let me check on that. I didn't see your name in the wait list area. Gimme a few to go thru email notifications.

Dustin Manislovich   February 17 at 7:16am

Looks like you never registered for the wait list. I get emails for everything that happens on here. I never seen your name pop up until you made a comment on here. No email notifications for you registering for this event. Idk if you did and it never went thru or what. Sign up now and get on list. ... more

Dustin Manislovich   February 17 at 5:47pm

Do you have an email confirmation that you could screen shot and send me?

Christian D    February 15 at 1:47am

This would be my first tournament. So I'm not sure how this waitlists thing works. I'm #2 on the waitlist. If a spot opens up how will I know? Do I just watch for a notification?


Donovan Livingston    February 11 at 1:51pm

No women's divisions?

Dustin Manislovich   February 11 at 2:57pm

No. This is our first real tournament as a new club. We only had 1 women play in doubles or tournaments last year so we did just 3 divisions. Maybe down the road we will. We plan on having quite a few tournaments this year.