Flexing at Memorial by Kuhl Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, April 24, 2021 at Wilsonville Memorial Park in Wilsonville, Oregon
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is played at Memorial Park which is a short 9 hole course. You are playing 3 times around (27 holes.) ... more
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Joel Enterline    4 days ago

Hi Noah, is there a reason why the recreational division got deleted off of the PDGA page?

Joel Pearson   4 days ago

I'm literally looking at it right now, so probably a bug.

David May   4 days ago

I also see recreational. It's not deleted.

Joel Enterline   4 days ago

Thanks everyone!

James Lopez    April 23 at 3:47pm

Has the players meeting invite gone out yet? Haven’t seen it in my email yet and didn’t want to miss it

Noah Kuhl   April 23 at 3:59pm

Not yet, will be this afternoon.

Noah Kuhl    April 21 at 7:01pm

Please keep in mind, we are now passed the refund date.


Daniel Keenan    April 20 at 6:55pm

Can you refund me please, I’m out of town for work and won’t be back in time


Jon Williams    April 14 at 4:40pm

Any player packs?

Noah Kuhl   April 14 at 8:34pm

Not for this tournament.

Jon Williams   April 15 at 8:57pm

I am new to tournaments. How much scrip would first place in the Am division be?

Noah Kuhl   April 15 at 9:17pm

It all depends on your division and how many people have signed up.

Kyle rabe    April 11 at 6:13pm

What is the deal with the waitlist. I’m currently on it and wondering what this means

Noah Kuhl   April 11 at 8:01pm

If someone drops out of the tournament. You will be promoted. Right now, you currently are not in the tournament.

Adam Bale   April 13 at 5:30pm

I noticed the waitlist is split up between the divisions. If someone drops out of MA1, which has no wait list players, does the spot go to the first wait list player regardless of division? Or do I need someone to drop out of MA3 in order to get a spot? Thanks!

Noah Kuhl   April 13 at 8:36pm

In that case, it would go to the first person signed up in the wait list.

Greg Fawver    March 28 at 4:24pm

Hi Noah,

Can you please move my tee time to 2:15 pm and also switch me from MA2 to MA3?


Joel Enterline    March 12 at 6:57am

Thank you for your consideration Noah! Could you move Paul Enterline to recreational then (I saw that there is an option now and he is my father). Seems like there are a lot of first timers in intermediate that might want to switch rec, might be good to let people know it is an option in some way


Jans Ingber    February 4 at 7:38am

I’m curious about the ratings for this course. A friend and I played last time, it was our first tournament.. so we signed up for MA2. and we did pretty well, but afterwards we got his rating back at 980. The high rating did not allow him to sign up for MA2 at other tournaments. Is there a way to adjust it so it’s more accurate?

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Joel Pearson   February 4 at 6:36pm

He shot MA1 numbers at his next tournament as well. These are not adjustable and your buddy should be playing MA1.

Jon Horgan   February 9 at 3:30am

-23 shoulda been the baseline for the 1000 rating and all scores filtered off of that. 1031 is outrageously generous, probably not even attainable on such a course in all honesty. (that’s why only 3 pros signed up).

Jon Horgan   February 9 at 3:31am

just my opinion of course **peace**

Jon Williams    January 14 at 6:37pm

You should post these on local facebook pages such as stumptown pdx. Had no clue about the event last weekend!

Noah Kuhl   January 14 at 7:17pm

I do share the Facebook events I make for all my tournaments.