Flex Your Giblets

PDGA logoSunday, November 22, 2020 at North Landing in Marietta, Georgia
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Flex Your Giblets graphic


Tournament DirectorJason Cummings
Tournament DirectorMatt Hill

About this tournament

Flex start one-round event. Check in at the top of the dam.

Must have at least 3 players on a card, 4 preferred. Max 5. We will try and card you with players in your division.

CTP payouts will be paid via Venmo, Paypal, or CashApp

Custom stamped North Landing disc is the player's pack.

We will have Temp Baskets out to make multiple layouts. Layouts as follows:

MA1: Long B
MA2: Long A
FA1, MA3, MA40, MA50: Short B
FA2, FA3, FA4, FA40+, MA4, MA55+ : Short A

Waitlist is non-refundable $5. It will go toward the registration fee if you get in.

Refund policy

North Landing Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/47719
1Andrew Greenwood4848
1Bryan Chinn4848
3Philip Webb George5353
4Nathan Skinner5555
4Shawn Medina5555
7Alec Chosewood5656
8Brett Murphy5757
8Cole White5757
10Hunter Windle6060
11David "SMACKDOWN" Surmann6262
Amateur 40+
1John Ferguson4747
2Joe Costa4848
2Matt Zollitsch4848
4David Crim5151
4J Chappy5151
6Buddy Dickey5252
6Landon Satterfield5252
9Rob Attaway5353
10Justin Allison5454
11Joey Baker5555
12Dian J Holmes5656
12Eric Doster5656
12Jason Cummings5656
15Damie Lumsden5959
16John Allison6060
Amateur 55+
1David Shanahan5050
2Greg Paine5757
3William Weber5959
Amateur 60+
1Scott Hazlett4848
2Kent Palmer5050
3Marty Pardue5353
1Greg B Stone5151
1Wesley Williams5151
3Matt Thompson5252
4Dustin Edwards5353
4Kevin Skurski5353
4Zachary Harrison5353
7Andrew Reich5454
7Ben Reck5454
7Eric Wilhelm5454
7Mike Waters5454
7Wade Hoffstetter5454
12John Surmann5555
13Andrew Bushey5656
13Corey Hawkins5656
13Corey Young5656
13Emmanuel David5656
13James Lowe5656
13Mike Heneghan5656
19Grant V Parsons5757
20Cody Greeson5858
20Daniel Dull5858
22Wesley Harrison5959
23Daniel Camp6060
23Dustin Hardy6060
25Patrick Heeran6161
26Matthew Gruber6262
26Robbie Trotta6262
1Chris Disc Doctor Scoma4747
2Brian Skoglind4848
3Jon Herring5151
4Ben Reeves5252
4Ed Stoutzenberger5252
4Jordan Kass5252
7Jackson Baer5353
8Emerson Reeves5454
8John Storer5454
8Kevin Chinn5454
8Toombs Norman5454
12Asa Freedman5555
12Bubba Poole5555
12Carter Black5555
12Glenn Davis5555
12John Garren5555
12Michael Lloyd Sparks5555
18Andy Whitaker5656
18Brian Abent5656
18Caleb Miller5656
18Christopher Schatz5656
18Johnny Walker5656
18Josh Opazo5656
18Wes Elijah5656
25Brandon Burton5858
25Jeff Board5858
25Matt Lane5858
28Jarrad Self5959
28Matt Hill5959
28Robert Avrit5959
31Andrew Maze6060
31Billy Gamache6060
31Caleb Atkins6060
34Joe O'Bert6262
35Griffin Self6363
35James Andrews6363
37Justin L. Gotthardt6767
38Glenn Davis-0
1Brian Footer5252
2Ian Burk5454
2Joseph Greenwell5454
2Samuel Kirshner5454
5Robbie Ufford5555
5Roger Sutherland5555
7Harrison Norman5757
7Marlon Mejia5757
7Thomas Shipton-Hill5757
10Jake Koza5959
11Kevin Dotter6060
12Neil Bowlus6161
13Jeff Kaplan6262
14Allen Fuller6363
15Martin Stack6666
16Erik Jorgensen6969
17Will Thomason7474
Amateur Women 40+
1Peggy Attaway5656
2Josephine Taylor5757
Intermediate Women
1Sierra Buford5353
2Lauren Lee5656
3Schyler Burns5858
4Gerleen Dineros6464
5Ruth A. Miller6969
Recreational Women
1Ariel Thompson6060
2Ashley Ufford6161
2Krista Baer6161
Novice Women
1Jennifer Lumsden6767
2Paige Cunico8080