Fit Inspired Living: Ace Chase Palooza

PDGA logoSunday, July 25, 2021 at Kentwood in Raleigh, North Carolina
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Fit Inspired Living: Ace Chase Palooza Fit Inspired living has been working hard in the disc golf world. E ... more
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Timothy Avants Jr    July 24 at 6:13pm

Will I be able to get my player's pack Sunday? I am not coming to the players' party this afternoon.

Christopher Klindt   July 24 at 10:48pm

I’d like to double down on this as I won’t be able to make it to FIL this weekend.

Troy Hare   July 25 at 2:01am


Torre McLain    July 22 at 1:04pm

Will the temp holes be setup by Friday for practice?

Robert Snipes   July 22 at 1:16pm

Unfortunately not, the two holes will be in the baseball field so we can not set them up for multiple days. One will be from home plate to left field and then left center to deep right.

Torre McLain   July 23 at 1:53pm

No worries, thanks Robert!

Alex D'Alessandro    July 20 at 12:59am

Where is the player meeting/party?

Robert Snipes   July 20 at 1:28am

It is at the new Fit Inspired Living pro shop and lounge which the address is 2456 SW Cary Parkway Cary NC

Timothy Avants Jr    July 18 at 1:52am

Will the players' meeting also be live streamed or information sent by e-mail? I live an hour away from Raleigh/Cary.

Robert Snipes   July 19 at 10:33pm

I will send out an email for sure for the people who can not make the meeting/party and for those who are not in the area

Daniel Gironda    July 18 at 12:54am

I'd like to be moved to MA2 if possible.

Robert Snipes   July 19 at 10:32pm

Will do

Joe Mitchell    June 28 at 4:15pm

Hi Robert, I just noticed I was moved up from the waitlist. Unfortunately, some things came up and I will no longer be able to attend.

Robert Snipes   July 19 at 10:32pm

Did you request a refund

Brett Metheny    June 23 at 6:15pm

If we get waitlisted, but never get in, do we get our money back?

Robert Snipes   July 19 at 10:32pm


William Belote    June 15 at 8:29am

100 possible spots? How's that going to work? Are there going to be some 6 player cards?

Robert Snipes   June 16 at 5:32pm

We are working on having additional holes. Similar to the winter jam lay out

John Yeaman    May 30 at 4:32pm

Any chance y’all will open a waitlist for rec?

Robert Snipes   May 30 at 10:34pm

Just did