Farragut Open 2021

PDGA logoFri-Sun, September 17-19, 2021 at Farragut State Park in Athol, Idaho
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Phil Shane    September 18 at 1:53am

When will tee times for round 2 get posted and where? PDGA live scores?

Bradley Cernohorsky   September 18 at 3:11am

Tee times are up :)

Pierce Parnell    September 16 at 3:19pm

Might be to late to ask this but there is open spots in a ma1 any chance I could get in that instead of mj18


Pierce Parnell    September 16 at 3:19pm

Might be to late to ask this but there is open spots in a ma1 any chance I could get in that instead of mj18


Justin Juzwick    September 16 at 3:34am

Is there a caddy book?

Mark Hill   September 16 at 3:45am

They were planning on getting it published tonight. I’m guessing it will be on the Farragutopen.com website

Chris Walker    September 15 at 5:21am

Can we add our PDGA# at registration or would you prefer it before?

Jason Petersen   September 15 at 6:43pm

Day of is fine.

Dale Lagerstrom    September 15 at 2:45am

Can I pay for a guest to eat breakfast?

Bradley Cernohorsky   September 15 at 3:10am

They can have my breakfast, if it’s ok with TD Jason. I don’t typically eat before my morning round and I’m one of the first groups to start, so I’ll miss it anyway.

Robert Scott L    September 15 at 2:19am

What’s the best disc golf store around Farragut?

Jason Petersen   September 15 at 6:43pm

Rapid Fire Disc Golf in post falls. Otherwise the ranger station has some plastic....

Charlie Walker   September 16 at 12:25pm

Ranger station was almost sold out of plastic Sunday.

Michael Brown    September 14 at 9:44pm

Damn, work schedule is making me miss fridays start, is there any mp50 on the waitlist?

Jason Petersen   September 14 at 9:51pm

No. And we will not be making room for any more players at this point. Sorry, please put in a formal withdrawal request via the email you received during registration.

Michael Brown   September 14 at 9:54pm

can i miss friday and play saturday n sunday

Dale Lagerstrom    September 12 at 1:50pm

If we can't check in Thursday, do we check in prior to our tee time?

Jason Petersen   September 12 at 3:06pm

Late check in will be early Friday before tee times start.

Carrie Hayes    September 11 at 7:36pm

I noticed FA1 is starting on wreckreator, not Northstar per the schedule. Am I seeing that correctly?

Mark Hill   September 13 at 2:46am

No. Per the schedule in the About section, FA1 plays Northstar on Friday in the first round.

Carrie Hayes   September 13 at 1:21pm

Thank you!

Benjamin Humphrey    September 11 at 4:30am

Since I am 6th on the waiting list and it likley i wont be in the tournament. So, i was wondering if its possible to switch to a different division even though registration is closed? Thank you in advance

Benjamin Humphrey   September 11 at 6:08pm

I would really love to play in MA1 if possible.

Martin Hage    September 11 at 3:13am

Is Northstar 17 or 18 holes?

Mark Hill   September 11 at 3:32am


Mark Hill   September 11 at 3:32am

It is 18

Jeremy Sauve    September 10 at 10:38pm

I understand that Parking passes are needed to be at the course, but do people staying at the group camp need parking passes if they leave their vehicle at camp?

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Jason Petersen   September 13 at 7:20pm

Parking pass is not included in camping. There will be rangers checking.

Jason Petersen   September 14 at 1:20am

It does not include parking at all. You will need to purchase your vehicle pass for the event. This is the only way the parks department does it, and the reason why we charge only 20 dollars for 4 days of camping. The cheapest spot at Farragut State Park for camping I believe is 54 dollars a day. It's quite the deal we get at 5 dollars plus parking.

Jeremy Sauve   September 14 at 2:23am

Thanks for clearing it up. I will stop on my way in and get a weekend pass.

Eldon Marks    September 8 at 7:46pm

Did I need to reserve camping or just pay on arrival?

Jason Petersen   September 10 at 4:44pm

Payment can be made day of.

Thomas Fenter    September 8 at 1:42am

Are dogs allowed at the camping sites? Or the main discgolf campground?

Jason Petersen   September 10 at 4:44pm

Yes, on leash. No animals are permitted during sanctioned rounds at all.

Joshua Ponczoch    September 7 at 3:18pm

where are the Tee times posted?

Jason Petersen   September 7 at 3:31pm

They will be posted on PDGA.com this weekend.

Joshua Ponczoch   September 7 at 4:34pm

Awesome!! Thanks Jason!! You make a pretty great TD!!!

Ethan Hebert    September 5 at 2:16am

I signed up for jr18 decision the day after the sign up opened not knowing my skill yet because I had not played a tournament for two years and I wold like to move up to MA3 if possible.

Jason Petersen   September 5 at 4:22pm

Won't be able to move you. You'll have to play the division you signed up for since there are people on the wait-list for MA3. Sorry.

Jose Licano    September 4 at 6:22pm

Can I get in yet?

Jason Petersen   September 5 at 4:26pm

Not enough drops yet. Your on the list as #1 if anyone drops out you're in.

Dylan Shroyer    August 30 at 1:38am

How does camping work? How many vehicles/tents am I allowed per my spot?

Jason Petersen   August 30 at 2:49am

Do you need something special? How many vehicles can you drive? It's 20 per person staying, so if you have other people coming you will need to pay for them. But you can bring people and vehicles if they are paid. Not sure how better to answer this.

Phil Shane    August 29 at 10:17am

Why is the website incorrect still. Click on the link on the PDGA page and see. Where is the schedule posted?

Jeremy Jenkins   August 29 at 12:32pm

see the about section on dgs.

Jason Petersen   August 30 at 3:01am

Waiting for PDGA.com to update to farragutopen.org it should be updated and live in the next day or 2.