Fall Colors 2021

PDGA logoSunday, September 26, 2021 at Browns Farm in South Dayton, New York
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the Fall Colors Disc Golf Tournament Presented by Chautauqua Disc Golf Association. Its Officia ... more
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Joe Zmuda    October 5 at 11:49pm

I never received an email regarding payouts

James Johnson   October 8 at 1:01pm

Did you receive an email from DiscGolfCenter?

Kevin Jacobs    October 5 at 4:48pm

I never received instructions to redeem my CTP prize.

Mike Herzog   October 5 at 6:56pm

Yeah I'm trying to use my e-mail to redeem mine too. They don't have a record of it...yet?

Mike Herzog   October 5 at 6:57pm

They told me that my e-mail would be the way to redeem it.

James Johnson   October 8 at 1:01pm

Did you receive an email from DiscGolfCenter?

James Johnson    September 27 at 8:57pm

All Am payout from DiscGolfCenter.com has been sent in and will be distributed with in the next day or so.

Jonathan Olshock   October 4 at 12:36pm

I haven't received mine either.

James Johnson   October 8 at 1:01pm

Did you receive an email from DiscGolfCenter?

James Johnson    September 27 at 8:56pm

All Paypal payments have been posted!!


Josh Walker    September 24 at 3:50pm

I have to withdraw, but I was wondering rather than getting part of my registration fee back if I could still get a player pack instead of the percentage back and you keep all my registration money?

James Johnson   September 24 at 5:28pm

I am sorry to hear that Josh. Yes you can get a players pack.

Josh Walker   September 24 at 10:38pm

Thank you so much! I’m sorry for such a late notice.

James Johnson   September 25 at 12:25am

all good, thanks for the donation. I will send you a Players pack next week. or if you know anyone going I can give it to them.

James Johnson    September 23 at 5:33pm

All cash payouts (Open, Ace Pool) will be done Via PayPal.
All Merch will be distributed Via DiscGolfCenter.com


Hugh T Perkins    September 22 at 4:31pm

What about Saturday night? Is there still going to be entertainment?

James Johnson   September 22 at 5:07pm

There will be a bunch of folks up there, and hopefully some musical entertainment.

Mike Herzog   September 22 at 5:42pm

Bobby Jones will sing for us... I'm sure, with enough beers.

James Johnson   September 22 at 5:46pm

haha, you've been challenged Bobby!

James Johnson    September 21 at 2:48pm

2021 Fall Colors Tee Assignments (9/21/2021)

MPO: R1 - Gold, R2 - Gold
MP50: R1 - Gold, R2 - White
FP50: R1 - White, R2 - White
MA1: R1 - Gold, R2 - White
MA50: R1 - White, R2 - White
MA2: R1 - White, R2 - White
MA3: R1 - White, R2 - Red


Mike Herzog    September 20 at 10:48pm

Hey James,

Are any of the added holes the ones after 18 down below, or are they between 10 & 11?

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James Johnson   September 21 at 1:48pm

Check out he map in the pictures area.

Mike Herzog   September 22 at 5:41pm

So it looks like 15 A is right where we camp for Can Am cup...no camping up throught that spot then? We will camp down near the lower pond over there?

James Johnson   September 22 at 5:47pm

yeah, camping down by pond and around cabin.

Joe Zmuda    September 1 at 2:08pm

Is this event 2 rounds at browns farm or is shipwreck bluff included? The description is contradictory as well as the date; Saturday or Sunday?

James Johnson   September 2 at 1:53pm

I know its kind of goofy. its two rounds at Browns farm on Sunday September 26th

Joe Zmuda   September 3 at 2:57pm

Thank you! I’m registering now!

Jeremy Hoeltke    August 26 at 9:47am

The date shows it as being on Sunday, but in the description it says Staurday- can you please clarify what day this event is on? Thank you.

James Johnson   September 2 at 1:51pm

This was going to be a 2 day, but has been changed due to scheduling conflict. yes the tournament in on Sunday September 26th

James Johnson   September 2 at 2:07pm

Thanks for the catch.

Kevin Jacobs    August 25 at 7:12pm

Which 23 holes are we playing?

James Johnson   September 2 at 1:52pm

I will be releasing that soon.

Kevin Jacobs   September 2 at 3:52pm

I vote to avoid C & D. They are still a bit "raw", esp. C.

James Johnson    August 25 at 2:36pm

we have changed the schedule, please read through the tournament page for the most up to date information. everyone that has pre registered has been refunded the $10 drop in price.

Jeff Ernst   August 25 at 3:20pm

Trying to round up some more open guys. Cant believe more people aren’t signed up for a B-tier

Alec Monckton   August 26 at 3:54am

More people would probably sign up if it was just on Saturday. Home bills game that sunday

James Johnson   September 2 at 1:56pm

There was a conflict of schedules for Saturday. I wont go into it, but its just how its playing out.

Mike Herzog    August 13 at 5:13pm

Is camping per person or per car? It is adding each of us for $30 total to camp both nights but we are camping together with just one tent. Can we skip that and pay cash on Friday when we arrive to Browns farm?

James Johnson   August 13 at 6:48pm

Hi Mike!! message sent.

Mike Slaunwhite    February 23 at 3:22pm

Hi, is the registration time at 8AM or PM? I know it's listed as AM, but would like to confirm that. Thanks.

James Johnson   March 9 at 12:02am

yes 8 am

Mike Slaunwhite   March 9 at 12:19pm

Thank you!