Fall Classic Doubles Glow Round at Birch Park Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

Saturday, September 26, 2020 at Birch Park in Amherst, New Hampshire
Disc golf teams tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome Everyone to the Birch Park Glow Round. This is a doubles glow round ,pick your own partner. We will ... more
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Paul N    September 27 at 2:01am

Lost a long sleeve T-shirt that said PP on it Patrick’s pals please call if anyone picked it up 603-247-3081


Jason Verhoosky    September 26 at 4:16pm

Anybody looking for a partner? Would love to play, but my normal dubs partner can’t make it.


Timothy Moyer    September 25 at 11:53pm

Are we still able to get in on this?

BILL BRUCE   September 26 at 1:36am

Yes. Sign up at Birch Park. Please be there before 630 if not already pre-registered

Paul N    September 19 at 1:31pm

I am registered for this tournament my partner and I were wondering what time the tournament is. Is it a night tournament?

BILL BRUCE   September 21 at 12:05pm

come for 7pm

Steven Brassard    September 17 at 11:52pm

Will this be played in shorts or longs?

Andrew Montgomery   September 18 at 1:29am

Pants only! Shorts are par +4 for every hole you wear shorts.

Timothy Veltsos    August 28 at 3:29pm

Why is this 75 dollars? When every tournament is under 55 dollars?

Dicky Smart   August 28 at 7:51pm

$75 divided by 2 is $37.50 for each player. It is doubles so twchnically it is under $55

BILL BRUCE   August 28 at 7:54pm

That is the price for the 2 player team and you will also be receiving a glow disc. the rest of the money goes to payout which are listed in the about section. I hope that answers your question .

BILL BRUCE   August 28 at 8:00pm

This will sell out .