Friday, August 25, 2017 at SMASH Park in Belding, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


Director Jeff Tice

About this tournament

Want to play more tournaments, but don't have time to spend a whole Saturday or Sunday playing disc? Got a family, got a job, got a wedding to go to but still want to play in a disc golf tournament?! We have the perfect solution! Friday Night Flights are a one round flex start tournament.You show up with two other friends or find some new ones at hole one. Pay your tournament fee $15 plus your one time tag fee $10. Now just play one round just like a casual round but this time each shot counts! Once you finish turn in your card and go home. We will notify you if you won and get you your prizes!

>Not a series each tournament is a stand alone. No need to play everyone.Show up to the ones you can.

>No pre reg.

>Every other week starting Mar 17-Aug 25 (3-17,3-31,4-14,4-28, 5-5,5-19,6-2,6-16,6-30,7-14,7-28, 8-11,8-25)

>We will go between SMASH, Tower and Fallsburg starting at Smash

>We will offer at least 1 CTP and 1 Long Putt. Most dates will have more

>Cost $15 (AMs -$10 to payout/$5 to club for prizes Pro- $12 to payouts/ $3 to club for prizes) players first week add $10 for player pack (tag and mini)

>Payouts for Pro is cash and AM payout is gift cards to local disc shops

>All money for each division stays in that division

>Top 3 spots get payout if at least 5 (50%/30%/20%) less than 5 players only top spot paid.

>All divisions offered if at least 3 people play.

>If you win AM4-2 or FAM4-2 division twice you must move up to a higher division


Belding, MI   Get Directions


Friday, August 25, 2017
- 6:00pm
Flex start show up anytime between the start and end time and play a round

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

-Open Women
-Senior Grandmaster
-Senior Legend
-Grand Legend
-Master Women
-Grandmaster Women
-Senior Grandmaster Women
-Legend Women
-Advanced Women
-Advanced Master
-Advanced Master Women
-Advanced Grandmaster Women
-Advanced Grandmaster
-Advanced Senior Grandmaster
-Advanced Legend
-Advanced Senior Grandmaster Women
-Advanced Legend Women
-Intermediate Women
-Recreational Women
-Novice Women
-Junior I - Boys
-Junior I - Girls
-Junior II - Boys
-Junior II - Girls
-Junior III - Boys
-Junior III - Girls
-Junior IV - Boys
-Junior IV - Girls