FCDGA's Discs for Dogs Doubles Benefit

Saturday, September 30, 2017 at Fort Collins High School in Fort Collins, Colorado
Disc golf doubles tournament

FCDGA's Discs for Dogs Doubles Benefit graphic

About this tournament

FCDGA'S 2017 Discs for Dogs Benefit @ Fort Collins High School DGC will be supporting A Soft Place to Land, all proceeds will go to this amazing non-profit dog rescue. $ for Vet Bills, food, and toys are always needed.

Come join us for a day of fun in the Colorado sun on Saturday September 30th, 2016 from 9 am to 2pm! Choose your own partner Doubles Benefit. Prizes will be given for ring of fire, most fun had, best score from a team with a four- legged friend, and for the team that got to play the most disc golf!

Want to help even more? Get your friends and family to sponsor you to play in the event! Prizes will also be given for the individual or team to raise the most monetary donations or ask for gift in- kind donations (i.e. quality dog toys, leashes, collars, etc.) Your well mannered and leashed four-legged friend is welcome to join at the event!

Please Pre-Register so we can better plan for the event. Pre-Reg online or at any FCDGA event. But we will take day of sign ups as well. Let us know who your partner will be, division, and if you are bringing a friend with a tail! It is about a 2 mile walk.

PLAYERS PACKS: Breakfast, Lunch, and a Disc for the first 90 to sign up.

All for $25 each, $50 a Team!
Optional: $3 Ace Pool, 2 for $5 Mulligans, additional Dogie Donations.

Beginner to Experienced Divisions!!!

Putting Pups (Novice): First year playing or 100-200 ft drives

OtterCare Approach (Intermediate, an intermediate and a novice both play from Am Tees, or an Experienced and Novice, Experienced player plays from the Pro Tee, novice plays from Am Tees)

Fort Collins Frolfers: Advanced Am

Poudre Feed Flyers (Pro: Experienced Players)

9-10am Check/in and Breakfast
10:15am: Tournament Play
12:30pm: Ring of Fire, Awards, and Lunch

Best Shot Doubels Format:

Best Shot is by far the most popular doubles format. Both players throw from each lie (starting with the tee shot), then the team chooses which of the resulting lies to continue play from, until the hole is completed. •A team may take a reasonable amount of time to pick which lie they want before the 30-second play clock starts.
•A lie that is picked up without being marked is gone forever; the team must throw from the other lie. If the second lie is picked up, it must be replaced in accordance with PDGA rules. All lies must be marked according to PDGA rules.
•If the first player throws from the wrong lie, the second player may still throw from the correct lie.
•In case of injury or disqualification, one partner may play alone, throwing one shot at each lie (essentially playing singles)


First rule in disc golf, whoever has the most fun wins. After that play safe, play fair, and play by the course rules. Wait until the hole is clear before you throw, Stay behind your disc when you throw, and take a meter when you go out of bounds.

FCDGA's benefit Tournaments are always a great time for a great cause! It is a Casual Event designed for all. This is the perfect disc golf event if you've never played in one before. Dog and family friendly. Please play by the course rules (leashes). We'll have food, water (for people & dogs), and featuring the new Green and Gold Tee Pads. The beginner division will be using the Green Tee Pads. Thanks to CSU for helping get those in to make it a more beginner friendly course.
Fort Collins Disc Golf Association is a donation and volunteer based club. All events are donation based. All donations go back to the players, courses, community outreach, course proposals and charity. The growth of Fort Collins Disc Golf needs you! The more volunteers we have the more we can give back to this wonderful sport and community. Peace, Love, and Disc Golf!

A Soft Place to Land is a 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer foster home based dog rescue. Our focus to dogs that are on on euthanasia lists at various shelters in Colorado and the surrounding states. We have a special place in our hearts for special needs dogs and seniors and these special babies tend to take precedence over other dogs needing a rescue option. Senior and special needs dog do require a bit of care and tend to be in rescue longer than younger more adoptable dogs so we are always looking for long term fosters and sponsors for our special kids. If you would like more information about fostering please visit the foster care tab. If you would like to sponsor a dog in need you can use our donate button on our homepage or visit http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/CO371.html to see our available pets and choose a dog you specifically want to sponsor.

ASPTL Mission Statement: is dedicated to giving a voice to creatures who have no voice of their own, by pulling dogs out of overcrowded and high-kill shelters and placing them into forever homes.

FCDGA's Mission Statement: “The Fort Collins Disc Golf Association is dedicated to representing the needs and interests of Disc Golfers of all ages and abilities by promoting fun events, fundraising events, charity events, outreach programs, facilitating course development and preservation, and communicating with local officials.”

Refund policy

A Soft Place to Land is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Final Results

Anthony Reeh
Mike Shettles
Ashley P. Hill
Round 1: Fort Collins High School - Main course Discs For Dogs 18 temp course, 18 holes, par 54
1Adam Crittenden
Ryan Foose
4343 (-11)
2Andrew A
Bruce Kettle
4646 (-8)
2Johnny Cakea
Timothy Brainard
4646 (-8)
Josh L
4848 (-6)
4Danny Burdick
4848 (-6)
6Brendan Hickman
Ty Wilson
4949 (-5)
7Davi'd's friend
David Dembecki
5050 (-4)
8David Demchains
5454 (E)
9Jason McConnell
Toni McConnell
5555 (+1)
Round 1: Fort Collins High School - Main course Discs For Dogs 18 temp course, 18 holes, par 54
1John Hurd
Nathan M
4646 (-8)
Tom Clink
4646 (-8)
3Adam Dembicki
Matt Benson
4848 (-6)
4Danny Brooks
Danny Lazano
5151 (-3)
4Jonathan Longshore
Zach Renzo
5151 (-3)
6Brian Smith
Jessy Prado
5252 (-2)
7Josh Kreutzer
Sampi Bullard
5353 (-1)
8Gage B
Tom B
5454 (E)
Round 1: Fort Collins High School - Main course Discs For Dogs 18 temp course, 18 holes, par 54
1Colton Aplara
Wes Wright
4848 (-6)
2Barrett Golyer
Gabriel Garza
4949 (-5)
4949 (-5)
5151 (-3)
5Drew Schuler
Nick Raley
5353 (-1)
5Jacob Munson
Zeb Munson
5353 (-1)
5Matthew Watkins
Neil Nelson
5353 (-1)
5353 (-1)
9Alex Dick
Cameron DIck
5454 (E)
10Andrew Wilson
Jake Smith
5555 (+1)
11Joshua Tree Craig
Shannon Rain Cloud Fagan
5757 (+3)
5858 (+4)
13Brian Caffee
Josh Devine
6060 (+6)
14Aaron Novacek
Laura Peterson
9999 (+45)
14Jimmy harrison
Michael pierce
9999 (+45)
9999 (+45)
Round 1: Fort Collins High School - Main course Discs For Dogs 18 temp course, 18 holes, par 54
5353 (-1)
2Nathan D
5656 (+2)
3Jake W
5757 (+3)
4Jaimie Poling
Max Poling
6060 (+6)
5Auron Kreutzer
Cody Knott
6868 (+14)
5Rachel Brainard
Susan Caldwell
6868 (+14)
9999 (+45)
7Dale Johnson
Keri Canada
9999 (+45)