2018 Emerald Coast Gold Rush

Saturday, January 27, 2018 at Gator Links at NLA in Milton, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament


2018 Emerald Coast Gold Rush graphic

About this tournament

2018 Emerald Coast Gold Rush Presented by Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club. Special thanks to Prodigy Disc and Dynamic Discs for their support of this event.

We also wanted to give a huge shoutout to Oops Alley in Pace and Office Pride for their 2018 Club Sponsorships.

This annual event serves as the Club's Membership Drive and Opening Bag Tag Challenge. Info on the event :

Location : Pensacola State College - Milton Campus
Date: Saturday January 27th, 2018

Sign ups: 8:30-9:30AM
Player's Meeting: 9:30AM
Tee Off: 10AM
27 holes - All AM Pads

2018 Membership Packs are only $30 and include:
-1 Custom Trilogy or Prodigy Disc
-1 Prodigy BP-3 Backpack Bag
-1 2018 Emerald Coast Bag Tag

This equates to a $60 value!!

Bag Tags can be purchased at event for $10, but we encourage everyone to help support the club's 2018 efforts by purchasing a membership pack at a great value.

Prodigy Disc and Dynamic Discs are providing CTP prizes other miscellaneous items for raffle and ring of fire to help support the Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club for 2018

More info to come.

Refund policy

Ryan Vann is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Current Standings

2018 Club Membership
1Jeff Casalina64
2Michael Florey65
3Michael Gibney68
4Dan Perez III70
5Jeff Heitland71
6Brandon Ezell73
6Cory Casalina73
8Barrett Taylor74
8Blake Mercer74
8Charles Haney74
8Rob Hastings74
12David Bean75
12David girton75
12John Ferrel75
15Jon Bowman76
15Octave deAlminana76
15Terrell Morris76
18Ben McQueary77
18Billy Souza77
18Douglas Kersey77
18Ian Mccraney77
22Anthony Salas78
22Cody Casalina78
22Derrick Fretwell78
22Mike Urbaniak78
26Cameron Marlow79
26Clifford Ritchie79
26Eduardo Rodriguez79
26Thomas mullen79
30Blake Pinney80
30Brandon Christian80
30Gary Bain80
30Jacob Bodenbender80
30Kliff Curtis80
30Randy Scott Vasquez80
36Nicholas Casalina81
36Steve Coley81
36Thomas Daly81
39Bruce Daly82
39Chris King82
39Daniel Cassidy82
39Nathan Mitchell82
39Ryan Vann82
44Craig Van Brussel83
44Dylan Kelly83
44Jared Bodenbender83
44Neal Kelly83
44Trey Benitez83
49Aaron Jette84
49Brandon Sellers84
49Paul Moreno84
52Adam Halford85
52Andrew Harris85
52Caleb Cummings85
52Daniel Parsons85
52Dennis Nary85
52Dylan Harrison85
52Marshall Wight85
59Craig Mcleod86
59Elliott Blake "Blake"86
61Adam Devlin87
61Dave Craig87
61Eddie Morgan87
61Ryan See87
65Big Mike88
65Bret Cragen88
65Michael Hall88
68Brian McGee89
68Corbin Henninger89
68Tim Thompson89
71Don Braxton91
71Thayne Strickland91
73Eric Cotton92
73Joe Daniels92
73Luke Schick92
76Gary James93
76Mike Brown93
76Wyatt creppel93
79Jason Adcock94
79Matt Wilkins94
81Freddie Thronson95
81nick young95
83Christopher Wood97
83Cory Rogers97
83Jeremy Clark97
83Matthew swenson97
87David Beckham98
88Brett Behrman99
89John Marshall100
89Nick Steverson100
91Jeremy Hughes101
91Wyatt kelly101
93Anthony Alberda103
93Bryant Via103
95Mark Ruschman105
96Danie Haprper107
97Kevin Summers108
98Brent Lemaster109
98Carly Billings109
100Ken Bass110
101Beachel "Slap" Curtis114
102Brian Hicks115
103Jimmy Hopkins118
104Michael Brooks126
105matthew kline189
106Adam Giordani-
106Bill Mackie-
106Chayse Farmer-
106Chris Broscious-
106Dan Rice-
106Deborah Hefner-
106Franklin Scott-
106Fred Roberts-
106Gary Thomas-
106James Ireland-
106Jason Courtney Office Pride-
106Jimmy Rip-
106Jordan Murphy-
106Kevin Maloney-
106Mat Davis-
106Matt Davenport-
106Matthew Summers-
106Scott Tomey Oops Alley-
106Terry Mercer-
106Tyler Mackie-
Bag Tag Only
1Anthony Florey67
2Ryan Rehberg73
2Tommy Martin73
4Ken Keller74
5Nick Wheeler75
6Paul Waller76
7Lance LVD77
8Bacardi Britt78
8Rob Chandler78
10Rick Harper79
10Vance Roberts79
12Cody Williams80
13Dio Florita82
14Todd Deaver83
15Andrew Stevens84
15Jay Yanioch84
17Tim Viau86
18Mike Simmonds88
19Jason Vermillian94
20Mark Kruiithof96
21Allie Williams105
22TJ Fox-