Eastern Canadian Amateur National

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 18-20, 2023 at Ettyville DGC in Bourget, Ontario
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash C$3,000


Tournament DirectorJohn Pytel
Assistant Tournament DirectorJovin Daigneault

About this tournament

The vision of the Eastern Canadian Amateur National is an event located centrally to Eastern Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes) where top rated golfers can compete in a longer duration high division offering tournament to determine true champions. Who is the best?

Everyone is welcome to register. We are offering 30 divisions grouped into 4 pools of 76 players each. Juniors will have their own pool, effectively creating their own tournament where they can interact and participate with disc golfers across the spectrum over the 3 days. We intend to expand in 2023 with an additional 9 holes and 18 holes in 2024 where we hope to be able to offer 6 pools which we feel will allow for all the divisions of an acceptable size.

We are challenging golfers with more golf than they traditionally experience at events. Advanced Amateur Divisions will compete on the exact same layouts as the Open divisions. See where you measure up after 99 holes of golf:
Pool A – 99 holes (2x36,1x27) – All Open Divisions
Pool B – 99 holes (2x36,1x27) – MA1, FA1, MA40, FA40
Pool C – 90 holes (1x36,2x27) – MA2, FA2, MA50, FA50, MA60, FA60, MA70, FA70
Pool D – 81 holes (1x36,1x27,1x18) – All Junior Divisions

We will require 3 players to form a division for all non-junior divisions. Juniors will be allowed to compete in their division regardless of player numbers.
Pricing: All the registration prices are inclusive of HST tax broken down as follows:
FPO, MPO, FP40, MP40 $160+$20.80HST = $180.80
FP50, MP50, FP60, MP60 $140+$18.20HST = $158.20
FA1,MA1,FA40,MA40 $120+$15.60HST = $135.60
MA2, FA2, FA50,MA50,FA60,MA60,FA70,MA70 $110+$14.30HST= $124.30
All Junior Divisions $85+$11.05HST = $96.05

Camping: We are offering a limited supply of on-site camping spots at an additional cost. Players are limited to one additional camping registration for a caddy/guardian. Anybody with needs beyond that are to contact the tournament director to make arrangements. Cost is $45 per person tax included.

Registration Schedule: Registration schedule is posted and will be a minimum PDGA rating based for two 48-hour periods. The rating levels are somewhat arbitrary and scaled with our best consideration of the regional player base. Please note there is no rating requirement for the junior divisions.

Division Caps: We have division caps in place until March 12 at which time waitlists will be processed in order within respective pools. Players are encouraged to register into waitlist when offered before March 12.

Waitlist: For the initial week of registration waitlisted players will be asked for full event payment. Once we removed the division caps, we expect to promote many waitlisted players into the event. Once the registration has settled, we will 100% refund any players not in the event and offer amended waitlist options.

Schedule of play: This will be confirmed once we know the actual pool sizes closer to the event.

Pre-registration: Pre-registration is offered to a limited number of active Ettyville Super Spin Disc Golf Club members.

Prizes/Trophies/Players Pack: Being a championship and Amateur A-tier we plan on a event branded clothing item in the players pack, a strong focus on Trophies because of the championship nature, and prize packs if possible with any remainders. Advanced divisions are paying a little more and we will designate those additional amounts to winner’s prize packs.

Refund policy

The tournament director is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

We adhere to the PDGA 1.03 Withdrawals & Refunds Policy available here:

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