Dynamic Discs Presents the Piney Woods Open - GDC $5K$10K Event

PDGA logoFri-Sun, October 1-3, 2021 at Lindsey Park in Tyler, Texas
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Link to PWO Digital Player guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13eH78gw-8DMP4lMa3TeEirL0dpejiUSh/view?us ... more
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Asher Cook    October 4 at 12:50am

Thanks for hosting this event! It was a blast!


David Fifita    September 29 at 10:40pm

I played Dogwood on Tuesday and Cedar on Wednesday. Many, many holes had more than one basket on both courses. None of the documentation I have seen so far has made any mention of which baskets to play. Am I missing something? I am not speaking of multiple tee-boxes, of which there are many, I am speaking of the many holes featuring multiple baskets. Please tell me there is a cohesive design concerning which baskets to play...

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David Fifita   September 29 at 11:21pm

Does it?

David Fifita   September 29 at 11:36pm

Cedar #15 has 2 tees and two baskets. Today's version of the Caddy book clearly says what tees to play. The Caddy book doesn't mention what basket to play for this hole. Am I wrong?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   September 30 at 3:01am

There are multiple baskets on several holes that have long and short positions for everyone to have the opportunity to practice. There are a few holes that have multiple baskets still on them that are not in play for the tournament (which was an accident) but have been removed or will be removed by tomorrow morning. Please refer to the player guide for course layouts.

Charlie Vercher    September 28 at 4:35pm

So is it a problem to arrive Friday morning to check-in? I will not be getting into town until later Thursday evening/night, however, I see tee times start as early as 7:30 in the morning Friday but it also says that's when late check-in begins. So I'm a lttle confused.

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   September 28 at 4:54pm

Check the email you received today. Those questions are answered in the FAQs attached to the email. Thanks! If you did not receive a player update email, please email [email redacted]

Charlie Vercher   September 28 at 5:01pm

Didn't see those FAQ's. Went back and saw all the attachments at the bottom. thanks

Asher Cook    September 28 at 2:36pm

It looks like there will be thunderstorms Friday and Saturday accompanied by rain. Will this be an issue?

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Mia Lofton   September 28 at 2:53pm

Stevo could probably clarify further if you email him directly, as well.

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   September 28 at 3:18pm

Thank you for responding. Only lightening and extreme weather conditions will pause or stop play. Please refer to the PDGA competition manual for more detailed procedures for PDGA events.

Asher Cook   September 28 at 4:13pm


Jacob M Stone    September 27 at 7:58pm

What Tees will Rec be playing?

Steve Sanders   September 27 at 8:02pm

Provided in players guide

Steve Sanders   September 27 at 8:04pm

Link just above

Jacob M Stone   September 27 at 10:03pm

Thank you I didn’t scroll down far enough

aaron key    September 26 at 11:13pm

Is it possible to work at this event? I’m not good enough to play yet but would like to be involved somehow and catch some action.

Steve Sanders   September 27 at 12:05pm

Email [email redacted]

Asher Cook    September 25 at 4:52pm

How much is the player pack worth?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   September 25 at 7:31pm

$172.00 retail value

Chris Fennell   September 25 at 8:00pm

WOW! You guys rock!

Jessie Gonzalez    September 20 at 8:30pm

If possible, I would really prefer to play MA50. So please keep my name in the bucket


Ethan Gula    September 19 at 6:13pm

Hi, I'd like to withdraw a recieve a refund

Asher Cook   September 20 at 4:16pm

Email [email redacted] for any refund requests

Tim O'Connor    September 17 at 6:08pm

WHat's MA 50 gonna play? Shorts? Mix? Any idea on ball park tee times for MA50? Early/Middle/Late?? TIA

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   September 17 at 9:27pm

Please email [email redacted] with tournament questions, thanks!

Marc cantrell    September 6 at 7:26pm

If no one else signs up will the wait list make the turney ?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   September 6 at 7:43pm

This depends on what spots are available in each pool.

Joe Sudolcan    September 3 at 7:19pm

Have the holes/layouts been decided and documented yet? I’m gonna make it out there tomorrow to get some practice in

Grady Adams   September 3 at 8:10pm

Just play longs. Advanced always plays longs on red and blue and usually plays a mixed layout for dogwood. So just practice to both pins on the holes that have two at dogwood.

Joe Sudolcan   September 3 at 8:44pm

Sounds like a plan Stan

Tim O'Connor   September 16 at 2:39pm

WHat's MA 50 gonna play? Shorts? Mix? Any idea on ball park tee times for MA50? Early/Middle/Late?? TIA

Joe Sudolcan    September 1 at 1:09am

Dang it’s too late to pay for the bigger players pack?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   September 1 at 7:48pm

Yes it is

Christopher Dunn    August 31 at 11:39am

I need to withdraw from the tournament. Pdga#129257. Thank you. Good luck to all the players!

If anyone needs a caddy Sat-Sun, I’d love to tag along and catch some of the action. Just msg me on Facebook.

Steve Sanders   August 31 at 3:17pm

You can do this yourself on the Registered Players page

Christopher Dunn   August 31 at 3:55pm

Ah, I see. Thanks!

Aric Lundmark    August 30 at 4:23pm

Is each division for players regulated going by pdga rating system. Rating <900 for recreational? Just curious as there is a player rated over 900 listed in recreational.

Keegan Haupt   August 30 at 4:46pm

From what I have seen from this happening in past events, they will be moved up to the correct division when it comes to the event.

Staci Beebe   August 30 at 9:10pm

at +900 why would you want to still be considered Rec!? I know, I know….baggers. It’s silly to me. Be competitive and move your butt up. Hey Aric! lol

Kasey Headley    August 23 at 2:57pm

Will there be tee times each day, or will they all be shotgun start?

Grady Adams   August 23 at 3:46pm

Tee times

Carlton Maughan   September 27 at 10:36pm

Any update on when these will be posted? Trying to finalize travel from out of town.

Marc cantrell    August 22 at 9:10pm

How many from the wait list will make it to the turney?

Grady Adams   August 22 at 10:40pm

He usually fills from the waitlist the Monday before the event. There’s no way to tell until that point I’d imagine.

Cosmo Kwok    August 18 at 1:58am

Have info on player's packs been posted?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   August 18 at 3:55pm

It has not, nor will it be before the event, thanks!

Chris Fennell    August 10 at 4:50pm

Recommendations on places to stay?

Mia Lofton   August 10 at 5:01pm

I'd personally recommend an Airbnb, but not positive if there's any hotels that offer discounts or anything. Definitely book sooner than later whatever you decide.

Casey Jillson    August 5 at 5:54pm

Will there be any spots available for vending?

Dynamic Discs Carrollton   August 5 at 5:55pm

Please email [email redacted] for all tournament questions, thanks!