Duffys superclassic 2018

Saturday, September 1, 2018 at Riverbend Park in Croswell, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is the 3rd Annual Duffy's Super Classic! The only Tournament of its kind using superclass discs. This is ... more
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Trevor Varner    September 1 at 1:14am

Trevor Varner


Nick Simon    August 26 at 10:29pm

Any idea what kind of layout we might be playing this year? Will the new holes be added in or just sticking to the original 24? Or a mix? Or all? Thanks

rory flynn   August 27 at 2:41pm

Yes the new hires will be in play. I'm removing original #2. Playing A long and C short in place of #2

rory flynn   August 27 at 2:41pm

2 rounds of 18

Nick Simon    August 26 at 10:24pm

Nick Simon MPO #65981; Clayton Upper MPO #66748


Justin Wehrheim    August 25 at 6:00am

Can't make it this year. Justin Wehrheim is out.

rory flynn   August 26 at 12:26am

Aww man sorry to hear that

Ryan Ripaldi    August 9 at 9:44pm

Put myself and Justin wehrheim down for open please

Christian Doman   August 10 at 3:20am

This makes me very happy

rory flynn   August 11 at 11:13am

Fantastic! Will do!

Christian Doman    November 29 at 5:12am

Christian Doman 34999

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Christian Doman   November 29 at 1:09pm

If I can make it through lunch without drinking too much, there is a possibility! Haha. I've been pretty close both times now.

Mike Burton TEAM BWDG   August 26 at 7:41pm

You didn't sign up for States Christian?

Christian Doman   August 26 at 8:13pm

Unfortunately, I am injured, and the courses MPO is playing aren't really "stand-still, putter shot" friendly. I'm pretty disappointed about it, as I had already taken the whole weekend off of work.