Dreamspace Birthday Bash

PDGA logoSaturday, January 14, 2023 at Kearney Park in Fresno, California
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Dreamspace Birthday Bash graphic

About this tournament

Hello Everyone!

Welcome the first Annual Dreamspace Birthday Bash!

All of us here at Dreamspace Disc Golf Co have been so grateful for our amazing community and how all of you have supported us and helped us grow as a company! in order to give back to this grate community we wanted to Throw a tournament in order to not only celebrate our 1 year anniversary since opening.. but to give the community an event to go out and have some fun!!

We will be redesigning our Course that we set up for the Dreamspace classic in order to constantly be improving and bringing new features to the valley!!

we hope you come out to celebrate and compete with us!! look forward to seeing you all there!!

Refund policy

Dreamspace Disc Golf Co. is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

no refunds after December 23rd 2022


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/64436
1Jacob "Cupcake" Courtis5453107$240
2Josh Sparlin5856114$120
2Lewis Bitney5658114$120
2Michael Arauza6054114$120
5Tim Denna5959118$70
6Matthew Hatcher6456120$45
7Andrew Argandar-Valdez6457121
7Jeffrey McCormick6556121
9Kelly Jew6462126
10Brandon Wells6664130
11Armando "Pantera Rosa" Villanueva7063133
13Ross Sauceda7361134
14Sean Whisler69-69
15N. Cordova--0
1Jeffrey Yunker5554109$160
2Joshua Sappenfield6261123$83
3Tony Bonsell6360123$83
4Brandon Clingan6559124$48
5Larry Christensen6665131
6Darren Morse6865133
7Vegas Thorne6669135
8Garrett Chenault7266138
1Joseph Borowski6967136$47
1Edge Dostal66-66
1Lorena Dostal69-69
1Michael Drew6659125$105
2Tavin Hamilton6561126$70
3Christian Anderson6468132$54
4CJ Brubach6966135$41
5Matt Walsh6870138$15
5Matt Young6771138$15
7Matthew Young6871139
8Edgar Oregel74-74
9Marcus Smith76-76
10Roshan Jaic Thomas78-78
1Michael Kennedy6562127$114
2Billy Yee7567142$79
3Chip Henderson7370143$59
4Peter Mocabee7470144$45
5Dillan Keeney7669145$33
6David Curry7870148
7Bob Lange7676152
7Will Riddle7379152
9Andy Thatcher7380153
9Brian Andorfer7875153
11Chris Brubach--0
1Everett O'Keefe7272144$60
2Philip Krumpe7672148
1Charles Bowen7976155$30
1William Leonard6861129$97
2Michael SALET6564129$87
3Shaunessey Moore6665131$72
3Steve Kwon6764131$72
5Jose Gonzalez7062132$61
6Jordan Gausling6669135$51
7Elliot Morales7561136$41
8Landon Bolt7167138$30
9Anthony Cecena6772139
10Justin Tidd7169140
10Tony Salado7268140
12Cj Sells7468142
13Ethan Davis7472146
14Christopher Sandoval7771148
15Garritt Press7977156
16Alex Fahrenthold7880158
17Drew Gray8379162
1Jason Beach7367140$68
2Darrell Adams8161142$49
3Carl Sagmiller7172143$33
4Nicholas R Brantley8264146
5Randy Harris--0
1Jessica McClung7869147$60
2Rebekkah Sidwell7973152
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