Doug Newland Memorial - Washington state championships - Powered by Innova

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 2-3, 2021 at Fort Steilacoom Park in South Tacoma, Washington
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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***3 rounds of disc golf will be played*** Because the new layout is a very long course we have decided to ... more
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Rick BURNS    October 9 at 1:08am

How do I decline the money? I’d like to stay AM. Sorry for not asking sooner. I didn’t think I was in the money.


Matt Van Dusen    October 2 at 4:15am

First round Starting holes will be posted after checkin.


Michael Kirby    October 2 at 12:38am

I'm still on the wait-list, any chance showing up tomorrow may still allow me to play?

Matt Van Dusen   October 2 at 3:24am

If you don't show you for sure will not play

Scott Malone    October 1 at 12:38pm

I have come down with a cold and even though I am fully vaccinated, I do not want to risk the health of others. I regretfully must withdraw from the tournament. I’m sorry for the late notice. Please leave my money in the tournament for other’s benefit.

Scott Malone PDGA #45282

Matt Van Dusen   October 1 at 3:09pm

Thanks for letting me know Scott. Hope you feel better

Matt Van Dusen    October 1 at 5:53am

Player email and Caddy books have been sent. Check your emails

Nathan Alwin   October 1 at 11:56pm

Are starting holes posted somewhere? Not seeing them on pdga site, thanks.

Timothy j cotton   October 2 at 12:54am


Matt Van Dusen   October 2 at 2:26am

They will be posted after check-in

Matt Van Dusen    September 29 at 4:56pm

We are a little behind schedule on the course. We still have a few tee pads to cut in and some branches to trim. We would appreciate it if people were not out playing the course while we are still working on it. Everyone will be in the same boat this weekend. Mark and I have not even thrown the entire layout, with the exception of the initial design process where we needed to see if some of the holes were even plausible.

The baskets and tee pads will all be out Friday morning 10am-ish until ... more

Sam Messe   September 30 at 6:32am

Thank you so much for all the work. We’re lucky to have you putting so much time and effort into steily. I have been traveling every weekend recently so haven’t been able to make any work parties. Thank you again.

Josh Aumick    September 28 at 2:07am

Is a caddie book needed for the new course or is it straight forward with no OB?

Matt Van Dusen   September 28 at 4:03am

I will send out the player email by Thursday night with course notes for each layout that you will be playing

Josh Aumick   September 29 at 1:23am

Thanks Matt, I appreciate you!

Matt Van Dusen   September 29 at 6:13am

Tee signs in pictures section have been updated to show ob and hole notes

Matt Van Dusen    September 27 at 7:59pm

Course map has been posted in pictures section. Still working on getting it up on udisc.

Matt Van Dusen   September 27 at 8:57pm

And so have tee signs for the new course

Matt Van Dusen    September 24 at 2:12am

Because the new layout is a very long Course, we have decided to do 3 rounds instead of 4. 2 rounds on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. This will allow traveling players more time on Sunday to get home.


Matt Van Dusen    September 22 at 7:38pm

The new course is set up on Udisc but for some reason it is not showing up. We are working on figuring out why. The course will not be set up until the day of the event. Everyone will be in the same boat as this will be the first time anyone has played the new layout.

Rob Weideman   September 22 at 9:30pm

Thanks for all your work on the new course Matt. Looking forward to playing it.

Tyler Schrock    September 22 at 1:03am

When will information about the "new course" be shared with the competitors?

Matt Van Dusen   September 22 at 4:16pm

When the new course is finished being designed.

Tyler Schrock   September 22 at 6:25pm

The event is in 10 days. Will it be open for practice before the event?

Matt Van Dusen   September 22 at 7:46pm

Tee pads will be out and basket locations will be marked but the baskets will not be set up until the day of the event.

Nathan Piwonski    August 24 at 8:59pm

Hello, I’m just curious if divisions don’t fill will those spots be opened up for the waitlist down the road. Thank you.

Matt Van Dusen   August 30 at 8:56pm

As always, yes

Nathan Piwonski   September 1 at 6:19am

Sounds great thank you!

Brandon D Cockerham    August 15 at 8:12am

Can i get on the waitlist on ma1. I dont do the pay pal thing. I would like to pay in cash if possible

Matt Van Dusen   August 15 at 2:43pm

Come talk to me at the course

taylor foth    August 10 at 10:30pm

Thank you for all your hard work to make this happen even with all of the course changes. Your hard work is very much appreciated!!

Matt Van Dusen   August 11 at 5:00am

Love you Taylor. If there is anything I can do to help get you into this tournament please let me know

Matt Van Dusen    August 9 at 11:20pm

Hello all,
We have some good and bad news. We are going to postpone the Doug Newland - WA State Championships until Oct 2-3 2021. It has taken us longer than expected to move forward on developing the new course and we do not want to rush. It is our goal to give you all the best possible course that we can.

I am going to be refunding everyone's entry in the next day or two and rescheduling registration to open later in the week in an attempt to give everyone a fair shot a getting signed ... more

Abby Pittenger   August 10 at 9:22pm

Thanks for the update!

Tyler Schrock    July 12 at 6:13pm

Will this be sanctioned?

Matt Van Dusen   July 13 at 4:56am


Jeremy Jacobs    July 9 at 2:06pm

Can I get in waitlist for ma1? Don’t see waitlist option. Thanks

Matt Van Dusen   July 9 at 7:34pm

Waitlist is open

DANIEL LILLEY    July 9 at 6:19am

Wanted to sign Dawson Lilley up for waitlist for MA1.

Matt Van Dusen   July 9 at 7:34pm

Waitlist is open

Jordan Samuelson    July 8 at 11:44pm

Mark & Matt, any chance a waitlist will be opened up? I'm hoping to sign up for MA2.

Matt Van Dusen   July 9 at 7:34pm

Waitlist is open

Joseph Hoff    July 1 at 8:32pm

It wouldn’t let me choose an option for the acepot, could we pay day of?

Jordan Hoglund   July 1 at 8:51pm


Mark Kilmer   July 8 at 5:26pm


Matt Van Dusen   July 8 at 7:26pm