Double Down Dubs Run Event Series

PDGA logoSaturday, January 30, 2021 at Hornets Nest Park in Charlotte, North Carolina
Amateur-only XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Team Focus and AHA Shack Disc Golf Goods are teaming up to bring amateurs in the Carolinas a chance to get PDG ... more
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Kyle Silva    January 29 at 10:10pm

"All players will receive a tee time, and players must check in no later than 1 hour before tee time."

Should that say no earlier than an hour (I've seen that a few times for Covid reasons) or should we plan on being there more than an hour before our tee time?

We're traveling from out of town, so couldn't check in today.

Bone Beaupre   January 29 at 11:51pm

Hello if you can just show up 30 mins before tee time to get players pack and be ready to go.

Kyle Silva   January 30 at 12:01am

Sounds good. See you tomorrow.

Jamie Rockefeller    January 26 at 5:28pm

What kind of doubles will be played for this event?
Best shot? Alternating? Worst Shot :)

Bone Beaupre   January 27 at 12:26am

Best shot sir or captions choice

David Bullin    January 23 at 3:21pm

My partner and I need to withdraw. Won’t be able to make it that day. Team Chain Bangerz


Nathan Caison    January 20 at 3:36am

Is registration full?

Bone Beaupre   January 21 at 9:25pm

Yes but we have some dropping. 6 on wait list at the moment.

Andrew Atwood    December 5 at 10:02pm

If your registered pro with pdga but your rating is 936 are you allowed to play in this?

Aaron Winters   December 5 at 11:10pm

If you are considered pro by PDGA you may not play in this. Only Am players. Since your an am rated player they may be able to switch you and then you can. I’m not sure if PDGA will or not. Thank you for reaching out.

Morgan Long   January 26 at 12:23am

If you are a pro under the rating of 965 you can play AM events. This is stated under the rating guidelines under Pro playing Ams. The only events you can’t play as a Pro in an Am Event is national tour event or major.