Double Dahn - The Hunt for Knobulus Maximus

Sat-Sun, September 25-26, 2021 at Deer Lakes Park in Tarentum, Pennsylvania
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

Bring your own partner doubles event!!! 2 days, 2 courses, 2 rounds (1 round per day) Day 1: Tee times s ... more
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Eric Nichols    Sticky September 25 at 9:15pm

Follow the link for scores and 2nd round tee times. See everyone tomorrow at Deer Lakes. Please show up 10 minutes before tee time.


Kenneth Midgley    September 24 at 6:35pm

Is there a players meeting or do we just need to check in tomorrow before our tee time?

Eric Nichols   September 24 at 7:00pm

Putting something together now about all that. Small player meeting before you tee off. Please check in 10 minutes before tee off.

Jodi Lincoln    September 24 at 3:22pm

For sunday tee times do you know the order that the divisions will play so we can get an idea of a time frame for our potential tee off?

Eric Nichols   September 24 at 6:19pm

Putting something together now about all that. Order will be MA3, Mixed, MA2, MA1, MPO. First tee time will be 9am and then every 10 minutes after that.

Randy Bolen    September 24 at 10:18am

Can you move Floyd and The German to MA2 (out of MA40)?

Eric Nichols   September 24 at 11:02am


john fleming    September 7 at 4:17pm

assuming there will have to be 2 teams per time slot to verify scores?

James Kaiser   September 7 at 9:12pm

Yes, if you look at the players section it shows 4 people total per time slot. So two teams.

john fleming   September 8 at 12:37pm

yes, just saw some teams weren't paired up in their current timeslot didn't know if you guys would move groups to make it whole.

Eric Nichols   September 8 at 1:46pm

Groups will be moved if necessary to make cards of 2 teams. This will be done in the days leading up to the event.

Eric H    September 7 at 10:17am

Can you change Pinky and the Brain to MA2/Int. Thanks

Nate Langer   September 7 at 11:48am


scott summers    September 7 at 1:44am

can you move our team to 1040 tee time?


Greg Karasek    September 2 at 4:59am

Which tee pads do the Mixed division play from?

Eric Nichols   September 2 at 10:43am

WHITE tees for ALL divisions except for MA3, FA3 and junior divisions, they will play from the RED tees.

Greg Karasek   September 5 at 4:00am

Alright could you move my team to MA3, thanks.

Eric Nichols   September 5 at 4:48pm


Todd Jakosh    September 2 at 12:52am

is there any type of players pack?

Eric Nichols   September 2 at 12:57am

No this is a fundraiser event. $20 goes to payout and $20 goes to the fundraiser.