40th Discraft's Great Lakes Open presented by GRIP6

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 29-31, 2022 at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This will be the 40th annual Discraft Great Lakes Open. The tournament will take place at the Black Locust cou ... more
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Bradley Toy    2 days ago

If I come from SC to play the AM event are there days before or after DGPT event that the Tobbogan course would be available to play?

Nate Heinold   11 hours ago

The course is restricted to DGPT competitors only all week (starting Monday). Your last day to play the course would be the Sunday before the event, as the course will get pulled right after DGLO.

Will Russell    2 days ago

Is the early registration only for hole sponsorship or is there an option for an additional player pack package/item, similar to LIO?

Nate Heinold   2 days ago

Just the hole sponsor option.

Mason McLean    3 days ago

My last comment didn’t read how I wanted it, so I deleted it. Sorry for the bluntness. What I meant to say was… Will the MJ15 or MJ18 be full like Ledgestone Open? If so, Awesome! If there are only 2 Juniors, then I may play another division.

Nate Heinold   3 days ago

We just never know what kind of player count we will get. We may have good turnout, we may not.

Mason McLean   3 days ago

Ok thanks. Sorry again for the poorly worded question

Ian Tinsley    6 days ago

Where are the closest or what are the most suggested hotels for this tournament?

Nate Heinold   5 days ago

This is our host hotel for the event! We have gotten negotiated rates for the event as well: https://bit.ly/HGINoviDiscraft

Ian Tinsley   3 days ago

Thanks Nate

Don Perella    January 12 at 10:42am

Thanks for putting MA50 and juniors at the same park each day. It allows both my son and I to play the tournament.


Joshua Hipsher    January 10 at 1:03pm

I know it’s forever in the future but are these courses cart friendly? I’ve seen some of the elevation with some of the footage that has me a little worried but I’ve never played them.

Jay B   January 10 at 1:23pm

Both Kensington black locust courses and both hudson mills courses are cart friendly

Nate Heinold   January 10 at 3:11pm

Yes, these courses are flat enough to be cart friendly.

Joshua Hipsher   January 12 at 11:18am

Awesome. Thanks y’all!

Matthew Smith    January 9 at 5:52pm

I mean this in the most respectful way possible and understand this is not totally in your control. We all pay our PDGA membership yearly then over $100 to play in the tournament to help contributeu to the growth of the sport. It’s disappointing the Amateurs can’t get complimentary access to the Pros to spectate. A lot of us look forward to that every year and having people pay I personally think is against the mission of growing the sport. Disc golf differentiates itself in being ex ... more

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Nate Heinold   January 9 at 8:45pm

A few things here, the DGPT is mandating that everyone that spectates at DGPT events has a ticket. We are allowing players of the event to be able to purchase an admission pass for a 50% discount. In terms of paying staff, all staff members at DGLO were paid last year, depending on how much they wor ... more

Don Perella   January 9 at 10:46pm

I am planning to play in the am a tier side and $20 doesn't sound bad at all for the whole tournament. The DGPT has done a great job organize the pro circuit and make it so things can be profitable and continue to grow. While I think most people are really enjoying where the sport is right wi ... more

Bethel Barrett   January 10 at 6:21pm

I thought people wanted to grow the sport…. This means your Pros will be making money…. Off the fans who buy tickets, pay increasing disc costs, maybe consume some of the products advertised. Come on - give up some of dat money - get in line and buy your ticket. This part of the sport is NOT going away and is well needed.

Thomas Barnes    January 6 at 6:57pm

So AM players won’t automatically get a pass in their players pack to watch the pros like last year? Or do you mean a discounted VIP pass to watch the pros?

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Nate Heinold   January 10 at 3:12pm

Austin, we did not film that, so I would recommend reaching out to Jomez on that.

paul winkel   January 13 at 2:14am

Nate, the schedule makes it look like a similar event as last year's best shot doubles with McBeth/Uli/GG/JK is on for this year. Is the schedule accurate. I really enjoyed participating in last years'.

Nate Heinold   January 14 at 3:12am

We have not yet confirmed the players.

Dan Draper    January 4 at 4:49pm

What will be the price for players to buy spectator passes to watch the pros?

Nate Heinold   January 4 at 5:00pm

That information will be available when you register.

James Myers    December 18 at 1:10am

Do we have to check in on thursday if playing ams or is is the day of play

Nate Heinold   December 18 at 4:13pm

Check in is 100% required on Thursday.

Wes Steer    December 17 at 8:44pm

Hi Nate,
I don't see MA65 or MA70 in the course schedule. What courses will those divisions play?

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brad chartier   December 18 at 6:24pm


Wes Steer   December 19 at 2:33am

Thanks Nate, looking forward to it!

Bethel Barrett   January 7 at 5:44am

Yikes… a TD who knows how to please his crowd. Thank you ! Oh… I knew that already !

Josiah Lonsway    December 17 at 6:38pm

What courses are being played at Independence Lake? I see multiple layouts.

Nate Heinold   December 17 at 7:32pm

That has not been announced yet.

Josiah Lonsway   December 20 at 1:06pm

Ok thank you.

Joshua Hipsher    December 17 at 12:36am

How much to sponsor a hole?

Nathan "Oklahyzer" Cameron   December 17 at 12:51am

Not 100% but I think at ledgestone it was 100.... Or maybe 125$ I don't recall, but right around that number.

Joshua Hipsher   December 17 at 1:55am

So maybe double the registration cost?

Nate Heinold   December 17 at 2:35pm

Hole sponsorship is $70

Dan Pinho    December 16 at 1:15am

How do I sponsor a hole?

Nathan "Oklahyzer" Cameron   December 16 at 1:31am

Hole sponsorship likely won't be available until Jan. 25th. That's my guess. ????

Nate Heinold   December 16 at 2:19am

Correct, hole sponsorship will be available through registration on 1/25.