Discraft's Great Lakes Open

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 23-25, 2021 at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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2/27/21 Announcement: We were able to add additional spots to the following divisions: MA1, FA1, MA60, MA2, MA ... more
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Nate Heinold    Sticky 6 days ago

Announcement: We were able to add additional spots to the following divisions: MA1, FA1, MA60, MA2, MA3, FA3. We were only able to add 4 more spots per division, but this did free up some additional spots that are available for registration NOW for FA1 and FA3 players!


Marc Harris    3 days ago

Will AMs be allowed to have a caddy?

Nate Heinold   3 days ago

That is the plan yes.

Samantha Roberts    6 days ago

If a girl signs up for fa2 will she be waitlisted? I see you added some female spots but none for fa2.

Nate Heinold   6 days ago

Yes, we added spots to FA1 and FA3.

Tom Wade    February 26 at 4:28am

If my pdga rating changes before the tournament will I need to change divisions? For instance I'm on the edge close to am 2 if my rating goes up will I be able to switch divisions?

Tyler Adelman   February 26 at 12:00pm

You’ll be waitlisted

Nate Heinold   February 26 at 2:43pm

What happens if I signup for an AM division and my rating moves up? You will need to move up to that division, unless the ratings update is within two weeks of the tournament start date. If the update is within two weeks, and your rating changes, we will make an exception to allow you to remain in t ... more

Alex Wessinger    February 25 at 7:07pm

As someone that's flying in for the tournament, what day should I come in to get some practice rounds on the courses?

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Josiah Lonsway   February 26 at 12:09am

As someone uninvested, I recommend to practice Tuesday and Wednesday as it will give you time to recoup from all of the hiking.

Steve Nolff A3   February 26 at 5:00am

Kensington can see some traffic most weekdays in the late afternoon and evenings most summer days. Getting within two days or so of the event obviously sees an increase, including some pro traffic. Hudson Mills see a little less pressure, due to a few more holes on site and less tournament traffic ... more

Steve Nolff A3   February 26 at 5:02am

A3 has a league that runs Wed night out of Hudson Mills, plenty of solid player to get some local routes from.

Brandon Dzuba    February 24 at 2:37am

What is the cancellation/withdrawal policy? Do you get a refund before a specific date?

Nate Heinold   February 24 at 3:01am

We do follow the PDGA policy for refunds.

Mark Stephens   February 24 at 2:26pm

https://www.pdga.com/rules/competition-manual/103 See this section of the Competition Manual.

Ross DaBoss Fry    February 24 at 1:48am

Im on the list for ma4 but the line is shorter in ma3 if u can move me there

Nate Heinold   February 24 at 3:00am

If you want to switch divisions or waitlists, please use your confirmation email to edit your registration and make that change.

Mike Blinginz Blackford    February 24 at 1:04am

Totally worth reading the comments and replies before asking. Because i sent a message... which i never read the comments... my questions have been answered. From hole sponsorship to VIP and players pack and tee times and all the other good questions. Good luck everyone! Blinginz


Taven Hinish    February 24 at 12:41am

Nate may I please be moved from ma2 to ma3 if it's not to late. Unless ma3 is full
Then I'll stay in ma2
Taven Hinish 87877

Nate Heinold   February 24 at 12:42am

Please use your DGS confirmation email to make edits to your registration.

Taven Hinish   February 24 at 12:43am

Will do thank you

Nate Heinold   February 24 at 12:44am


Tristen Gore    February 24 at 12:31am

If I use a caddy, will he also get a spectator badge for toboggan or whats the process for that?

Nate Heinold   February 24 at 12:36am

We will release that information later this spring.

Tristen Gore   February 24 at 2:15am

Thank you

Tony Riopelle    February 24 at 12:11am

Hey Nate! Any chance I can move to Ma40 if anything opens up? I just missed it and signed up for am2 so I can get in. I’m good with am2 but if Ma40 is possible I’ll take it. Thanks

Tony Riopelle   February 24 at 12:12am

I see it just expanded...can I get moved?

Tony Riopelle   February 24 at 12:13am

Never mind it let me edit. Thanks!

Nate Heinold   February 24 at 12:15am


Todd Mazzie    February 23 at 10:18pm

Is Toboggan available to play before or after the tournament? Thursday or Monday?

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   February 24 at 2:41pm

The course will be open for casual play starting the Monday after USADG****il the week of DGLO. The course is typically pulled the Monday after DGLO.

Tara St. Aubin    February 23 at 4:21pm

Is there 1 round per day? Friday, Saturday & Sunday?

"Lightning" Don Bush   February 23 at 5:07pm


Kevin Bergeron    February 23 at 3:22pm

So tournament play is fri Sat and Sunday for Ams? Also if for some reason I cannot make it out Thursday for check in due to work can I just check in Friday or text to confirm?

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Justin Sartin   February 23 at 11:27pm

Also curious as well as I’d be traveling from Ohio , when’s the latest you can check in.
I’ll be able to be there Friday so .

Nate Heinold   February 23 at 11:58pm

We did check-in for Ledgestone for 1337 players last year. We can handle 480 AMS spread over 7 hours. We will release the check-in schedule closer to the event.

Nate Heinold   February 23 at 11:59pm

And yes, the check-in will be staggered by division with a late check-in available that night.

Marty McKibbin    February 23 at 3:08am

If we sponsored a hole who do we send the information too?

Nate Heinold   February 23 at 2:46pm

We will contact you later this spring.

Kelsen Bluhm    February 23 at 1:16am

I'm about confused about the Wasp tooled Buzz SS, as it says in the players pack it is included as part of the 3 discs. Do we have to add it as our option when registering to get one, or are we paying $25 for another?

Nate Heinold   February 23 at 1:48am

You are just purchasing additional ones

Hueston Kratz    February 22 at 10:53pm

Any idea of the order of tee times for Pools B/C? For example in Pool C can you say for sure if MA2 is teeing off before or after MA50/MA60? Same with MA1 before/after FA1/MA40? Based on past comments it sounds like tee times at each course are going to range from around 8-2 is that accurate ?

Nate Heinold   February 23 at 2:46pm

We won't announce the order of tee times until a few days before the event.

Austin netting    February 22 at 9:06pm

If we are not sponsoring a whole what time can we register tomorrow

Tyler Adelman   February 22 at 9:11pm

7 PM Eastern

Mark Stephens   February 22 at 9:29pm

Austin, you can click on either the About or Register Tab and see that Tyler is correct. 7PM EST.

Austin netting    February 22 at 9:06pm

If we are not sponsoring a whole what time can we register tomorrow


Kevin Benjamin    February 22 at 2:03am

Looking at the schedule and I don't see the round times, are these going to be tee time events Fri-Sun?

Nate Heinold   February 22 at 2:53am

All rounds are tee times