Discraft's Great Lakes Open

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 23-25, 2021 at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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2/27/21 Announcement: We were able to add additional spots to the following divisions: MA1, FA1, MA60, MA2, MA ... more
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Nate Heinold    Sticky February 27 at 4:23pm

Announcement: We were able to add additional spots to the following divisions: MA1, FA1, MA60, MA2, MA3, FA3. We were only able to add 4 more spots per division, but this did free up some additional spots that are available for registration NOW for FA1 and FA3 players!


Rob Brower    4 hours ago

My rating has moved to 935. I am classified as Professional. So,I know that as a professional playing AM, I can NOT Play AM40 any more.
Do I have to go on the waitlist to switch to MPO or AM1???

Nate Heinold   4 hours ago

You cannot play MPO. We can move you to the waitlist for MA1 if you want. Please email [email redacted] with what you want to do.

Rob Brower   3 hours ago

What about MP40????? Can I switch to MP40???? And….. would I have to go to the back of the waitlist if I switched??

Gary Lassila    6 days ago

Does the VIP badge include admission into the Kensington metropark? (sorry if this was already answered)

Nate Heinold   6 days ago


David Hath    7 days ago

Will we be able to pay an additional fee for caddies to attend the players party/dinner on Saturday night?

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Nate Heinold   7 days ago

No age limit, and yes, you would need to add a meal ticket.

David Hath   6 days ago

thank you

Chris Conk   6 days ago

Thanks. Nate.

John Ferguson    June 12 at 8:26pm

Is there spotters on these courses? More specifically for MA4?

Chris Trumbull   June 12 at 8:27pm

Very few holes would require a spotter.

Jim Jean   June 12 at 9:46pm

On the Locust courses, if you feel you need a spotter, send someone from your card. But Chris is right, won’t need one for most of the holes.

Jay B   June 12 at 11:42pm

If you’re throwing far enough in Ma4 to need a spotter then you’re playing the wrong division lol

ron simpson    June 11 at 12:25pm

Hey guys - I hope someone more local can help me, on DGLO it lists the am courses as Black Locust Green & Blue, but on the scene page, they are listed as North & South.

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Shelley Carden   June 11 at 9:44pm

baskets are blue on North and green on south UDisc shows which is which.

Drew "Orange Andy" Herron   June 14 at 11:52am

Easy way to remember B come before G, N before S. B=N, G=S.

ron simpson   June 14 at 12:03pm

Sry all, I have to give it to Shelley, basket color helps. Thx.

Travis gentry    June 11 at 1:44am

Do we have a pass for the tobagon in june

Mark Stephens   June 11 at 3:12am

The pass is to spectate the pro event.

Collin B    June 10 at 5:17pm

I wanted to check and verify that there were no additional dress code requirements for the MA3 division. I read the PDGA rules and it says a Dri-fit shirt is allowed, but not t-shirts and ultimately the TD's call. I can't find anything in the comments or on the site. Looking forward to it!

Nate Heinold   June 10 at 10:41pm

We follow the PDGA's guidelines for A Tiers.

Michael Fisher #baaa    June 10 at 3:55pm

Anyone from am2 looking to move up to am1?


Jacob Czarnik    June 8 at 8:04pm

Hey everyone I’ve been looking for about a month for someone to switch with in MA2. I am currently registered in MA3 but I am too highly rated to play in that division. Please let me know if you can trade.

Desmond Quinn   June 10 at 3:54pm

i'll swap with you if youre still looking

Jacob Czarnik   June 10 at 4:20pm

Thank you. I sent you a pm.

Blake Webber    June 8 at 12:15pm

Due to the ratings update today I got bumped from 908 to 940, which forces me out of Am2. I am currently registered for AM2, is there anyone in AM1 that would be willing to switch me?

Michael Fisher #baaa   June 8 at 2:14pm

I will of you haven't found someone yet

ryan minikey    June 8 at 5:24am

This might be a long shot but I am currently signed up for am3 but I just got a rating update putting me at 906 and forcing me out of am3, is anyone willing or wanting to switch divisions with me ?

Xavier G   June 8 at 6:09am

I will mine went down

ryan minikey   June 8 at 7:42am

Sorry about your rating but I'm definitely willing to switch

Jacob Czarnik    June 6 at 12:54pm

I am still looking to switch from MA3 to MA2. If you are in MA2 and can switch please let me know. Thanks.


Curtis R    June 5 at 11:18pm

I’m wondering if my hole sponsorship info was received. I emailed Jamie a few times with no response and just wanted to make sure that I’m all set. Thanks

Nate Heinold   June 7 at 1:36am

If you sent an email you are good.

Sean Newland   June 7 at 5:52pm

Are we supposed to reach out to Jamie to provide and receive hope sponsorship details? I am hoping I didn’t miss an email.

Nate Heinold   June 8 at 2:18am

Jamie emailed everyone using the email that person used when they signed up. Check your spam.

Chris Conk    June 4 at 11:54pm

What are a few good camping options? I see there are dozens around the MetroPark area, can anyone recommend those where other Disc golfers go. Thanks.

John Ferguson   June 12 at 8:25pm

Have you checked Camp Dearborn?

Chris Conk   June 13 at 2:52pm

Thanks John. Dearborn is on my radar for sure. You recommend it above the others?

Alex Baker    June 4 at 8:25pm

Hello I'd like to move from MA2 waitlist to MA3 waitlist. Thanks!

Nate Heinold   June 4 at 8:30pm

You can use your DGS confirmation email to do this.

Brian Six    June 1 at 2:11pm

MA1 looking to drop to MA2 if anyone wants to move up!

Tyler Baker   June 1 at 8:14pm

I wanna move up to MA1 and I’m currently in ma2

Brian Six   June 2 at 4:19pm

Sweet! Sent you a message.

Tyler Baker   June 2 at 8:31pm

Just responded

Jacob Czarnik    May 30 at 3:38pm

Hey everyone. I posted on here two weeks ago that I need someone to switch with me from MA2. I am currently in AM3 but my rating is now too high for me to play in that division. If anyone can switch please let me know.


Charles McGovern    May 29 at 6:47pm

Will AM players get a second Toboggan spectator pass for caddies or will caddies need to purchase one?

Nate Heinold   May 29 at 7:05pm

Only players will get free admission. Caddies will need to purchase a pass.

Tony Rohrer    May 21 at 10:53am

Any word on what tees will be assigned per division?

Nate Heinold   May 21 at 11:05am