Discraft's Cascade Challenge presented by GripEQ - Non DGPT Weekend

PDGA logoFri-Sun, April 26-28, 2024 at Shelton Springs DGC in Shelton, Washington
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The Cascade Challenge is Washington's first DGPT event back for its second year with an additional weekend for ... more
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Ian Williamson    April 27 at 3:39am

Are times for Saturday correct? With MA3 going so late in the day?

Matt Van Dusen   April 27 at 1:51pm

MA3 is playing Timber Claw on Saturday so all divisions playing Spring Board will tee off before you because Spring Board plays much faster

David Hoth    April 26 at 12:02am

Can check-in/getting players pack occur at any time tomorrow?

Jeff Korns   April 26 at 3:14am

Check in needs to happen before your round. We prefer players pack pick up happens then as well but after your round is fine as well.

Chance Stad    April 24 at 11:57pm

What is TimberClaw? Is that just a layout?

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Clinton Gauthier   April 25 at 12:34am

The tee sign caddie books can be found here for the 3 permanent layouts: https://www.masoncountydiscgolf.com/courses/shelton-springs

Chance Stad   April 25 at 1:51am

Thank you.

Chance Stad   April 25 at 10:45pm

I'm surprised for an A Tier there's no map or anything in the email.

William Elworth    April 23 at 5:35pm

The cascade challenge dgpt layout is different? Is it not. Will the layout be on udisc before the event?


William Elworth    April 23 at 5:25pm

Am 1 layout is timber claw all 3 rounds? Just trying to confirm?

Jeff Korns   April 23 at 5:27pm

MA1 is playing Cascade DGPT, Timber Claw, Cascade DGPT. All course schedules are in the about section of the event.

William Elworth   April 23 at 5:32pm

Is the mpo challenge layout on udisc?

Clinton Gauthier   April 25 at 1:39am

It's been removed from udisc from what i can see but you can find the caddie book from the event last year here (should give you a general idea): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KRUDlIvG9Lf7GgVO3kbCyMpYON6A-G3V/view?usp=share_link

Jeff Korns    April 23 at 4:43pm

Here is the current order of tee order for divisions. This is subject to change depending on division size when groupings are made: MA70, FA40, MA3, FP40, MA2, MA60, MA50, MA40, FA1, MP60, MP50, MP40, MA1

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Adrian Atman   April 25 at 1:30pm

I hope that was meant as mid day today, as we start the tournament tomorrow....

Greg Hicks   April 25 at 1:58pm

He posted nine hours ago, so we'll be getting tee times today.

Adrian Atman   April 25 at 5:22pm

Ah, that makes more sense then. When I posted my comment it had shown 2 hours ago. Guess the timestamps are a bit wonky

Sean MacGugan    April 22 at 3:56pm

What time will the first groups tee off? I'm traveling from fairly far out and am trying to coordinate with others on when I need to leave. (I'm playing ma3 so I'm assuming it will be early).


Kat Howard    April 19 at 4:22pm

Good Morning. Will Tee times or at least tentative tee times be posted this weekend or early next week? Needing to figure out if I need to get the kiddos watched on Friday or not. Thank you! Or roughly when do you have FA 40 teeing? Thank you again!


Jason Coke    April 10 at 1:30am

Any ideas on tee time for MP40 for Friday? I emailed and posted 4 days ago, please respond. I might have a conflict.

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Chelsi Taylor   April 15 at 6:54pm

Hi just following up on this :) any ideas for fa1 on Friday? Just trying to make sure I make my travel plans work

Christine Huestis   April 18 at 6:12pm

Understandable that changes in numbers would change tee times. Is it possible to provide the order of divisions? That would help determine needed travel or lodging. Thank you!

Kristin White   April 22 at 11:16pm

Concurring here with Christine!

Jason Coke    April 5 at 10:40pm

Do we know times slots by division for day one? Just bulk grouping times?


Malum Nothis    March 25 at 10:17pm

If some MA60 players were playing I would join this event. Any interested?


Nicholas Moreno    March 20 at 6:25pm

any chance to pay extra and upgrade the bag?

Jeff Korns   March 20 at 7:36pm

No only the B-Series is being offered this year at Cascade Challenge.

Dave Clement    March 20 at 3:45am

Will the grip bags have the event logo on them?

Jeff Korns   March 20 at 7:36pm

We're hoping to include event patches but can't guarantee that at this time.

Jason Henry    March 20 at 12:22am

Any idea on division tee times for MA3? I'm assuming we will be starting fairly early.

Jeff Korns   March 20 at 7:37pm

MA3 will likely tee the earliest

Christine Huestis    March 16 at 4:29pm

Which layouts are planned for the different divisions? That might impact what division we choose. Thank you!

Josh Heideman   March 18 at 1:46am

I would assume it is the Cascade Challange layout.

Jeff Korns   March 19 at 8:21pm

Divisions have been added to the about section of the event