Discraft presents Sun King's Throw Down the Mountain VI (Weekend 1)

PDGA logoSat-Sun, March 17-18, 2018 at Gran Canyon in Brooksville, Florida
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Registration Schedule: Previous Years Sponsors* - Starts 11/13/17 8pm EST, Ends 11/17/17 @ 7:59pm EST Op ... more
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Aaron M Bentley    March 25 at 12:30am

If I ordered a shirt, will it be sent to me?

Michael Barnett   March 25 at 1:17am


Josh Blum    March 21 at 12:44pm

Hey Mike.. I cant find my receipt and dont remember if I ordered a shirt in registration. Can you let me know so I can have someone whose playing this weekend pick it up for me if so please?

Michael Barnett   March 21 at 2:07pm

Yes a 2XL

Josh Blum   March 21 at 4:13pm

awesome. Cole will grab it for me. Thanks!

Michael Barnett   March 22 at 1:38am


Dean L.    March 19 at 3:07pm

Which holes were a par 4? Thanks!

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Michael Barnett   March 20 at 12:03am

15 is a bit of a tweener hole, but with the distinct dog leg, it keeps the scoring average up. I'm thinking of leaving it in the long position that we are using for Weekend 2 for next year.

Josiah Gorman   March 20 at 1:52am

I think playing it from the longs would be good.

Josh Blum   March 20 at 10:46am

I like that idea for next year Mike. Great work by you and your team this past weekend. I had a blast!

Josiah Gorman    March 19 at 12:49pm

I left my three legged stool on the ridge by the 18th green. Did anyone pick it up or turn it in?

Michael Barnett   March 20 at 12:00am

I think we had one turned in...color/style?

Josiah Gorman   March 20 at 1:51am

Blue, Innova made. It's the kind that they were carrying in the shop, because that's where I got it!

Michael Barnett   March 20 at 11:57pm

There was a white one...I'll ask about a blue

James Jurden    March 18 at 2:02am

Anyone know Day 2 T-Times?


Michael Barnett    March 18 at 1:54am

Round 2 Tee Times are posted! All players throwing Red Tees tomorrow! #TDTM6 #SunKingDiscs #Discraft #DiscGolfInParadise #DiscGolfFlorida



Kris Johnson    March 18 at 12:23am

I hope more tournaments follow this format. Love having a tee time and playing one round a day.

Dean L.   March 18 at 12:28am


Michael Barnett   March 18 at 1:55am


Josiah Gorman    March 17 at 11:42pm

Is there an eta for second round tee times?

Kris Johnson   March 18 at 1:29am

No tee time yet and way past my bedtime!

Michael Barnett   March 18 at 1:55am


James Kiefer    March 17 at 11:15pm

Mike - THANKS - my boys are having so much fun!

Michael Barnett   March 18 at 1:55am

Awesome! Kiefer clan represented!

Kris Johnson    March 17 at 11:41am

Would I be able to use my delta cart? Or should I stick with a bag

James Kiefer   March 17 at 11:12pm

I used my Zuca - no problem!

Jarret H    March 16 at 5:37pm

I submitted a request to withdraw a few days ago, but I still show up as registered. Jarret Hair in Intermediate

Michael Barnett   March 17 at 1:26am

Jarret, I responded to your email with this response yesterday:

Michael Barnett   March 17 at 1:26am

Sorry to hear you can't make it. We can do a partial refund and a players pack at this point as I don't have anyone on the Waiting List to replace you. Please send me your address to ship your pack to or arrange for someone to pick it up at the tournament.

Aaron M Bentley    March 16 at 1:49pm

Are dogs allowed on the course?

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Michael Barnett   March 17 at 1:28am

No prob

Aaron M Bentley   March 17 at 2:10am

That would include someone walking the course while I play cannot have a dog on the leash?

Michael Barnett   March 17 at 3:11am


Kris Johnson    March 16 at 12:09am

if I get there an hour and a half before my tee time am I good? Thanks for all the work you guys have done putting on this tourney, can’t wait!

Michael Barnett   March 16 at 4:16am

Good? Yes, that's fine. No issue with arriving early.

Weston Johnson    March 15 at 11:18pm

I’m sure it’s too late at this point, but figured I would ask just in case. Is there any way my buddy Wes Starnes and I could be on the same card? We’re both in intermediate, and neither have pdga numbers. He’s coming in from NC and we were hoping to play together if at all possible. I totally understand if not, and sorry for the bother.

Michael Barnett   March 16 at 4:14am

Weston, the tee times are assorted randomly and are posted on PDGA>

Michael Barnett   March 16 at 4:15am

If you can find someone to switch to accommodate your situation, I'm fine with that

Jeff paino    March 15 at 8:14pm

90767 this is my PDGA number (Jeff Paino) I am sorry but I have to back out of the tournament.

Michael Barnett   March 16 at 4:12am

Sorry to hear. I need your address to send your players pack to. I will also issue a partial refund.

Jeff paino   March 16 at 11:46am

Thank you my address is 2301 Southeast Newcastle Terrace Port St Lucie Florida 34952

michael blue    March 15 at 2:42pm

After completing my practice round Wednesday, my foot injury that I thought was good has flared up again. I doubt that I will be able to complete both rounds this weekend. If I request a withdraw at this point, what would I get in way of refund? I read the PDGA link you provided, but I'm not completely sure how to interpret it.

Michael Blue (MA50)

michael blue   March 15 at 3:43pm

If I withdraw and you do not fill my spot, I would recieve zero refund but a player package would be provided?

Michael Barnett   March 16 at 4:09am

You would get the players pack and a partial refund...

John King    March 15 at 11:56am

Hey, I didn’t get a tee-time?

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John King   March 15 at 2:23pm

93210* sorry about that!!!

Michael Barnett   March 15 at 2:30pm

All good!

Michael Barnett   March 15 at 2:31pm


Ray Heltsley    March 14 at 10:25pm

I have a friend who will take a Rec slot if available.

Michael Barnett   March 15 at 1:00pm

Ray they can sign up for the Wait List for Rec (MA3) and be the first one on the list or they can sign up for MA2 (Intermediate) and get right in.

Marshall Scribner    March 14 at 9:12pm

I submitted my wait list registration for MP 60+.Did you get it?

Michael Barnett   March 15 at 12:55pm

I don't see it...here is the link to register:

Marshall Scribner    March 14 at 6:10pm

Is there a way to put me back into the tournament?