Discraft presents Sun King's Throw Down the Mountain IX (Weekend 1)

PDGA logoSat-Sun, March 6-7, 2021 at Gran Canyon in Brooksville, Florida
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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**DISCRAFT presents SUN KING's Throw Down the Mountain IX WEEKEND 1** Florida's largest Disc Golf tournam ... more
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Dana Smith    March 23 at 5:41am

Pictures are posted. You see them on Mike Barnett's FB page, my FB page (https://www.facebook.com/Dana87/) or Tampa Bay Disc Sports club FB Group. Please tag your friends, it helps get it distributed to as many people as possible as the person you tag may be friends with someone not on this page.


Jeff Porreca    March 7 at 1:15am

Tee times for Sunday?


Michael McClary    March 7 at 12:56am

I did not see any of the hole sponsorships up today. Did I just miss them, or were they not there?

Michael Barnett   March 7 at 3:46am

We were going to put them up today, but the rain hindered our ability.

Daniel Hanson 109484    March 6 at 1:27pm

On my way from Cape Coral #1 on the waitlist for MA2. Any late drops this morning? Would be cool if I got in.

Cam Bauer   March 6 at 1:38pm

Lol I hear that, I'm #4 and I'm not exactly feeling lucky! Lol

Buz Ryalls-Clephane    March 6 at 12:43pm

Good Luck out there at TDTM IX this morning to all of my friends! It looks to be windy and damp, so be careful, especially those teeing at 11. Stay careful. Play well.


Jeffrey Smith    March 5 at 2:32pm

I have withdrawn and applied for refund. Hurt my arm somehow. Pull someone off waitlist n refund if you can. Keep hole sponsor money and I have vip pass to use still. Hoping I can still make it for next weekend. Thx n sorry


Daniel Thompson    March 5 at 1:41am

Is there a players meeting or course OB and rules? I have been to only two other tournaments that had it on youtube.

Michael Barnett   March 5 at 2:06am

You'll receive an email tomorrow. No players meeting per se, but the starter will go over a couple of things with the players before they tee.

Cam Bauer    March 4 at 6:20pm

Just to make sure, spectators and caddies are allowed correct?

Michael Barnett   March 5 at 1:09am


Bradley Toy    March 3 at 2:33am

When and where is check in?

Michael Barnett   March 3 at 1:19pm

At the big orange Sun King tent near the parking lot.

Michael Barnett   March 3 at 1:20pm

Starting Friday when the shirts arrive.

Bradley Toy   March 3 at 2:53pm

ok, perfect, thank you.

Nick Howell    March 3 at 1:46am

How will scoring happen?? Will it be live scoring or paper scorecards??

Michael Barnett   March 3 at 1:19pm


Jedi Brightbill    March 2 at 2:23pm

Will players be able to tee off next to the carpet on each hole, or will it be required to use the carpeted pad? Making plans for footwear with the possible weather this weekend. Thanks!

Michael Barnett   March 3 at 1:17pm

As always, players will have a choice.

Rhett Baxley    March 2 at 1:06am

Will there be food on site? I know last year there was a cart that did hot dogs.

Michael Barnett   March 2 at 1:28pm

We had a small food truck last year, but I don't think they did hot dogs per se. I know they had Italian sausage, burgers, Philly steak, etc. And yes, the same food truck will be back.

Kenny Fowler    March 1 at 2:30pm

UDisc is showing the green layout as all par 3’s is this correct?

Michael Barnett   March 1 at 2:58pm

Not sure where you're seeing all Par 3s but there are four Par 4s listed on UDisc.

JOHNATHAN KING   March 1 at 6:31pm

#'S 2, 3, 12, AND 18 PAR IS 58

Brandon Daugherty    February 28 at 10:07pm

Okay, thanks Mike!


James Jurden    February 25 at 1:31pm

Is the course open today or tomorrow?

Michael Barnett   February 25 at 2:48pm


Brandon Daugherty    February 25 at 1:53am

Hey Mike my rating jumped from recreational to intermediate division. Will I automatically be switched over to ma 2?

Michael Barnett   February 25 at 2:48pm

It's not automatic, but I can make it happen.

JOHNATHAN KING    February 23 at 9:40pm

Hello Mike - will be in on 4th how much for parking for 3-4 days and where do I pay

Michael Barnett   February 24 at 5:58pm

Pay at the gate...www.ThrowDownTheMountain.com

Kenny Fowler    February 23 at 4:11pm

When and how will the tee times be posted?

Michael Barnett   February 24 at 5:57pm

"Posted on or around 3/1/21 @ 8PM EST"

Cam Bauer   March 2 at 2:50pm

Where will the tee times be posted? Or will they be emailed? Thank you

Michael Barnett   March 3 at 1:17pm

They were posted yesterday morning...

Jeremy Drake    February 23 at 1:27am

When the course opens this weekend for practice will it be set up for the open layout or just am layout? Or are the similar?

Michael Barnett   February 24 at 5:56pm

It's currently set for Weekend 1 (Red & Green) layouts...we reset the course each Monday after the tournament is played.

Bart Downs    February 22 at 4:51pm

Hey Mike, how do you get our parking passes that were pre-purchased? Can we just grab this weekend when we get there and show the gate person afterwards?

Michael Barnett   February 24 at 5:54pm

Pick up at the gate...