Discmania Open Pro Masters and Amateur Event

PDGA logoThu-Sat, September 7-9, 2023 at Glenaladale DGC in Blooming Point, Prince Edward Island
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The order in which you play these courses will change but the division and corses are correct. FA Divisions ... more
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Alex MacDonald    5 days ago

There was a photographer on the third day taking pictures at huck it and I was just curious how one would view those photos?

Sean Galbraith   5 days ago

I was wondering the same

Ryan Bucci   4 days ago

They usually get posted on the dgpei Facebook page a few weeks later

Bear Ewing    September 6 at 2:37pm

Please disregard cancel request. Found a way to attend. Sorry to flip flop on you


Bear Ewing    September 6 at 1:29am

Unfortunately I have to withdraw from the event. Sorry for any inconvenience

Luc Richard   September 6 at 1:54am

Thanks for the heads up can you go onto your account and request the cancellation t

Rick Robichaud    September 4 at 5:32pm

For the women’s event on Wednesday at Kings Pine, two questions:
1. What time does it start and end?
2. Is the course open to practice (for anyone)?

Luc Richard   September 4 at 8:13pm

The course is open to practice all day, the event will be roughly between 9:00 and 11:00 on the course but it won’t bother the ones that want to play practice rounds

Rick Robichaud   September 4 at 8:52pm


Rocky "the STAR" Gould    August 31 at 9:42pm

Looking at the schedule and wondering, if I will be able to practice the Glendale and kings pine e courses on Wednesday...as they are over an hour from my accommodation, even though you have events running?

Colin McDonald   September 1 at 4:28am

In the latest email from Ben a couple days ago... Courses are open for practice rounds... $10/day

Benjamin Smith   September 1 at 11:55am

yes the events will not sell out so you will be able to practice any time you like

Jonathan Colborne    August 29 at 6:44pm

As the flex starts begin early next week, can you advise when we can expect Caddy books to be distributed?
Thank you very much for all the hard work.

Luc Richard   August 30 at 9:02pm

Caddy Books and Tee Times will be published Sunday Night at 10:00pm, No major changes expected to Huck it for Monday's Flex start.

Ellen Dixon    August 29 at 11:14am

Is there an update as to which layouts FA1 will be playing?

Luc Richard   August 29 at 2:48pm

MA1 and FA1 will play blue layouts, other divisions will play reds

Ellen Dixon   August 30 at 12:40am

Thank you, Luc!

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Aaron Ward   August 30 at 4:38pm


Aaron Ward   August 30 at 4:39pm

I found some more info on the FB posting here as well, might help some folks thinking about signing up!

Sean Galbraith    August 27 at 8:12pm

Do players in the Am tournament need to buy spectator tickets to the pro event, or is that included?

Benjamin Smith   August 27 at 9:41pm

They are included for all players

Sean Galbraith   August 28 at 1:59pm


Sean Galbraith    August 1 at 11:49pm

Do you know if FA50 and MA40 will be playing the same courses on the same days?


Nathan Adams    April 22 at 4:56pm

Great. Any word when the Flickline registration will be available for the Tournament @Hillcrest on Sept. 2nd?

Jody Wagstaff   April 23 at 2:48pm

The tournament at Hillcrest is a DGPEI event, not a flickline event.

Nathan Adams    April 21 at 1:40pm

Hi, i notice the date mentions Thu-Sat, September 7-9, 2023, but the list of events dates are from Sept 4-6, 2023. Is Sept 4-6, 2023 the correct dates for the Amateur trounament I am participating in?

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Nathan Adams   April 21 at 2:09pm

Hi Ben,

Nathan Adams   April 21 at 2:11pm

if you go to "About" - "Schedule" it list the events dates/time. These must be the additional Mon-Wed events you mentioned?

Chance Stad   April 21 at 4:40pm

Ya, those are the additional events, the Schedule for the actual Tournament is missing. I'm sure Ben will add the rest of the Schedule the moment it is finalized.

Andy MacDonald    March 13 at 11:32am

I'm hoping for an MA60 division to be added. Or do I have to play against the young guns again?

Duncan Dixon   March 13 at 11:45am

I just added it. I hope it fills for you!