DiscOver Elko - Supported by Innova Champion Discs

PDGA logoSaturday, September 18, 2021 at Humboldt River DGC in Elko, Nevada
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Join the Humboldt River Disc Golf Club for DiscOver Elko 2021 - Supported by Innova Champion Discs! This e ... more
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colby andersen    September 15 at 6:38pm

Is there added cash or just open entry fees

Michael Broyles   September 15 at 7:11pm

we have $500 added cash on top of the 100 percent entry fee going to payouts.

colby andersen   September 17 at 2:55am

Thank you is there by chance a caddy book or anything I have never played the course and not sure if I can get there tell day of

Michael Broyles   September 17 at 5:32am

Just added our signage in the pictures.

Michael Broyles    September 14 at 4:29am

The course will be set up Friday afternoon for practice rounds and we will be offering an early check in time from 4:00-6:00 by hole 1.


Michael Broyles    September 8 at 3:25pm

The tournament layout can now be viewed on UDisc! Holes 10-14 are being added in the land adjacent to the course. This land was previously somewhat of a junkyard. We are working hard to get it cleaned up and added to the course in the future! Be advised, this land is still very raw. Please watch where you step for potential hazards (some spots may include broken concrete, metal scrap, or barbed wire)


Christian Costa    September 2 at 1:30am

It said " The deadline to guarantee sizing on apparel is September 1st." but it did not say that the item would not be available as it now states. Bummed

Michael Broyles   September 2 at 6:46pm

We have extended the deadline for sizing. I aplogize for not having that done sooner. If you need a specific size, please let me know and we will do our best to accomodate you!

Christian Costa   September 2 at 6:59pm

Thank you Michael ! Signing up today.. coming down from Montana. Very happy the hoodie is still part of players pack :)

DB Dronoff    September 2 at 12:26am

Are event hoodies no longer available when registering?

Christian Costa   September 2 at 1:26am

Yea I was wondering that too. They were there before.

DB Dronoff   September 2 at 2:05am

Looks to be no longer an option.

Michael Broyles   September 2 at 6:45pm

Sorry about that. The deadline for sizing was september 1st but that has been extended. If you signed up for an AM division without selecting a size, Please let me know what size you would like and we can get those ordered. Thanks!

Nathan Lurie    August 25 at 12:33pm

I wish I could be there, sounds super fun!


Jenifer Johnson    August 24 at 5:17am

If I'm the only pro woman to sign up would I have to play against the guys?

Michael Broyles   August 24 at 5:34am

We may need to be creative with who you play with on your scorecard but no, we don’t expect you to compete against the men.

Jenifer Johnson   August 24 at 6:11am

Thank you.. I don't mind playing against the guys I just don't want to pay amateur.. lol but yes put me with whoever to make a full card.. thanks again :)

Jenifer Johnson   August 24 at 6:13am


Jeremy Wilson    July 31 at 1:57am

Just curious… will both rounds be played in the same pin positions or will they be changed between rounds?

Michael Broyles   July 31 at 2:25am

Same positions both rounds.

Jeremy Wilson   July 31 at 5:52pm

Thanks, TD!