Des Moines Challenge Presented by GEICO Des Moines - AM & Pro Masters

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 9-11, 2021 at Pickard Park in Indianola, Iowa
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament 2021 Des Moines Challenge presented by GEICO Des Moines Hosted by the Des Moines M ... more
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Ty Tannatt    July 8 at 11:48pm

We will be wrapping up check in at 8pm at Pickard Park. If you are unable to check in today we ask that you pick up your players pack at 1717 Brewing Company tomorrow at the players party from 6-9pm. If you are unable to make the players party Friday, we ask that you pick up your players pack Saturday at the Pickard Park players party. If you are unable to make the players party Saturday, please pick it up Sunday at Pickard Park after your round.


Alexander Miller    July 8 at 10:34pm

I submitted a refund request quite a few days back as I will be unable to attend due to something out of my control but haven't heard back yet.


SteelerDoug Kroll    July 7 at 7:29pm

Still on the players list even though I notified you 5 days ago unable to play.

I would like to cancel and be removed from the registration list. Medical - Dr advises not to play due to severe plantar fasciitis.
Kindly refund what is allowed.
Thank you.

Ty Tannatt   July 8 at 7:29pm

Got you removed and refunded. Thank you.

Nathaniel Woodward    July 6 at 6:47pm

How does the flex start at Ewing work tomorrow. Is everyone registered for the tournament allowed to show up + play, or is it a completely separate tournament?

Matt Schlabach   July 6 at 6:53pm

Completely separate tournament. Anyone can sign up and play

Norbert Sarsfield   July 6 at 6:56pm

It is a separate flex start C Tier you need to register for. You do not have to be registered for the DMC to register for the Ewing flex start. (I’m just a player; not part of the TD crew).

Alex Adelman    July 6 at 1:51am

If I withdraw, will I still get a full refund?

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Alex Adelman   July 6 at 7:21pm

Yes I will need to withdraw. I will go head and take care of that now, thank you for the quick response! M

Ty Tannatt   July 7 at 1:59am

refund setn

Ty Tannatt   July 7 at 1:59am


Evan Huemoeller    July 5 at 1:52am

I have to withdraw from the event due to family plans. Thanks!!

Ty Tannatt   July 6 at 6:38pm


Matt Schlabach    June 30 at 9:22pm

***Please note*** The Des Moines Metro Disc Golf Club will be using payout slips for AMATEUR payouts for the Des Moines Challenge. We will not have your payouts on our store credit sheet. Make sure to pick up your payout slips at Pickard after your final round!


Jeff Norvell    June 29 at 8:22pm

Sent a refund request due to me getting into the open event. Thank you


Johnny Ulin    June 28 at 6:21pm

Question about the "island" on hole 18 of Ewing. Play as an island. Disc must come to rest on the island from the tee. If your disc does not come to rest on the island, re-tee. From the short tees, the shot is 398. The island is not shown in the caddy book. Just how big is the island? What if you never reach the island?

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Matt Schlabach   June 30 at 4:28pm

The Island is huge! Its basically the entire hole. The tee pad is just on the other side of the walk path which is about 20 feet away. If you don't land on the island, it is the worst disc golf throw known to man lol.

Johnny Ulin   June 30 at 7:29pm

lol. Thanks

Evan R Fitzgerald   July 1 at 12:28pm

That sounds like a challenge Matt. :) Thanks for the clarification

Alex Adelman    June 24 at 7:10am

Do we get to spectate the pros as being part of the am event?

Nick Miller   June 24 at 4:37pm

Yes, I believe every Am is receiving a 3-day GA pass in the player pack.

Ty Tannatt   June 27 at 2:56pm

Yes, all participants on this side of the event get a free 3-day GA pass. It will be emailed to you.

shane caylor    June 22 at 10:10pm

Unfortunately I need to withdraw from the tournament.


Damon Henry    June 22 at 1:51pm

Are caddies allowed?

Truc Nguyen   June 24 at 2:37pm

I will caddy for you SIr.

Ty Tannatt   June 27 at 2:56pm


David Dyer SimuL8Nist    June 17 at 2:57am

Am I miss reading this 10$ to enter? Or is that waitlist fee and more?

Joe Thompson   June 17 at 1:31pm

It's $10 to get on the waitlist. Then if you do happen to secure a spot, you'll have to pay the rest of the entry fee.

Ty Tannatt   June 27 at 2:56pm

$10 is to get on the waitlist. It's $100+ to enter depending on the division you enter.

Keirstyn Davis    May 25 at 2:45pm

I see there is like no am women signed up. If I signed up for the fa1 waitlist, would I get in? Or is it totally full?

Ty Tannatt   May 26 at 12:25am

Hi Keirstyn, this side of the event is completely full. There are currently 10 people on the waitlist for the pool you would need to enter to get into FA1. I doubt 10 people will drop out of this event with how close we are, but it is certainly possible. It only costs $10 to sign up for the waitlist and you get your $10 back if you do not get bumped from the waitlist into the tournament.

Nick Miller    May 17 at 6:37pm

Is everything still set in place for Am divisions, with MPO now playing the DGPT event? I assume we don't need to watch for any new registration?

Nick Miller   May 17 at 6:38pm

Ah I see the event got renamed to reflect this. Nevermind!

Ty Tannatt   May 17 at 7:07pm

Nope, you are good to go. Nothing additional needed.

Travis Almond    April 20 at 2:09am

Signed up for intermediate, but would rather play MA40. Any way I can switch?

Ty Tannatt   May 12 at 11:30am

Hi Travis, if you switch you would be moved to the waitlist for the MA40 pool since it is full. There are already 9 people on the waitlist on that pool so you may not get in if you wish to switch.

Aaron Palmer    April 4 at 6:26pm

How soon prior to the tournament will people on the waitlist know they are getting in? Or is it a, show up Friday and hope that some people don’t show up? I am not privy to how the waitlist works.

Jim Knudson   April 5 at 9:12pm

IF people drop out, Waitlist players are added in order.

Ty Tannatt   April 6 at 7:15pm

Hi Aaron, we are still finalizing this. This is not a show up Friday and hope people don't show up kind of tournament. We will most likely finalize the pools the Wednesday of the event. Any cancellations after that will not be filled due to time constraints with everything going on.

Keirstyn Davis    April 3 at 1:45am

If I sign up for the fa1 waitlist, will I get in?

Ty Tannatt   April 5 at 2:31pm

Hi Keirstyn, if you sign up for FA1 you will be 7th on the waitlist. That means 7 people would have to cancel their registration in order for you to get in. If you don't get in then you will get a full refund minus any DGS servicing fees. Please let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions.

Truc Nguyen    March 8 at 5:22pm

Hi TD's,

Can you move me from MP40 to AM40?
Thank you,
Truc #92142

Ty Tannatt   March 11 at 6:25pm

Hi Truc, I emailed you back but haven't gotten a response. You can change the division yourself, or I can, but I need to know your t-shirt size in order to do so. Thank you.

Truc Nguyen   March 11 at 6:58pm

Thank you for the reply, Can you move me? Also size large T shirt.

Casey Everett    February 11 at 11:48pm

It says Pool C is short tees and Pool D is long tees. Is that right or a mix up?

Eric Dochterman   February 12 at 12:14am

Should be. D is Adv and Open Masters. C is Intermediate to

Ty Tannatt   February 17 at 10:33pm

Hi Casey, sorry for taking so long to respond. Pool C (MA2) is playing all short tees. MA2 has always played the short tees in the Challenge. Pool D is a mixture - (All long tees where applicable for MP40, MP50, MP55, MP60) (All short tees where applicable for all other divisions - FP40, MA40, MA50, MA55, MA60, MA65, FA40, FA50, FA1, and FA2 )