Delaware Disc Golf Amateur Match Play 2019

Thursday, August 1, 2019 at Iron Hill in Newark, Delaware
Disc golf event


Tech and PR StuffMike Rowe
Seasoned VeteranMike Watson

About this tournament

This is the registration for 2019 Delaware Disc Golf Amateur Match Play. Here are the details:
- Cost is $30 per person
- 5 Teams consisting of 5 players each
- Teams will be selected via snake draft
- Team captains will play a round of golds at Iron Hill to determine draft order (stroke play, ranked by overall score)
- Captains will set their team's lineup for each matchup. Home team determines matchups
- Home teams may submit match lineups for future weeks at any time.
- The location of each match will be determined when schedules are created. The locations will repeat after the first 5 weeks so that each team gets to be the home team and the away team against the same opponent on the same course.
- There are six total possible courses: Brandywine, Lums Pond, Iron Hill, Canby, White Clay, and Bellevue. Your team will be playing at four of these courses.
- We are always playing the longest layout at any given course (long-to-long, golds, whatever you want to call it)

Teams will be formed via draft to compete in a 10 week match play league. Each match is worth 1 point. At the end of 10 weeks the teams with the top 2 records will play a 2 week (two match) playoff of Iron Hill Golds to determine the winners.

Individual matches tied after 18 holes will go to sudden death.

1st tiebreaker for playoffs is total points head to head, 2nd is team match record, 3rd is 3 on 3 match.

Payouts: 2nd place gets money back, 1st place takes the rest.

PDGA rules apply, no two-meter rule. Matches cannot be played in conjunction with any tournament, league, or doubles rounds. Tags are in play for matches.

Refund policy

Mike Rowe is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.