Da YOOPER State DGC 2021 Sponsored by Club (906) and Discraft Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 18-19, 2021 at Powder Mill DGC in Marquette, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Pdga c-tier Amateur player packs: ( 2 Premium discraft discs, 1 Gateway disc and a can koozie) $5 for ... more
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Nicholas Robertson "FBN"    September 20 at 5:10pm

If anyone found a 21 Sexton firebird, Calvin heimburg destroyer or a bottom stamp pink wraith they are mine. No name or number on any

Jamie Vincent   September 20 at 7:11pm

Nothing was turned in to me

Scott Colantonio    September 18 at 10:11pm

Jamie, when is the Sunday AM players meeting and subsequent shotgun start time? Thanks.

Jared Joki   September 18 at 11:25pm

I thought Jamie said 945 tee off time . . .

Jamie Vincent   September 19 at 1:15am

945 teeoff

Steven Jacques    September 18 at 11:01am

Morning all if anyone played in the Border War Series in ladies or kids division I will have your rings at old town this morning. So if you can pick up for them I would appreciate. I missed placed my mailing list


Jacob Espinoza    September 17 at 3:02pm

Hurt my wrist at softball hoped it was going to be better by now. going to have to drop out. Sorry for last minute heads up but no refund needed have a fun smooth tournament

Jamie Vincent   September 17 at 3:33pm

dang man, so sorry to hear that. I had you as a top runner for winning this thing the way that you have been playing. Thanks for the donation, ill put it to good use.

Jacob Perry    September 16 at 10:29am

Jamie, I have to pull my son Joshua from the Under 18. I’m sorry it’s so late.

Jamie Vincent   September 16 at 12:38pm

Np refunded

Steven Jacques   September 18 at 11:02am

I will have his Borer Wars Series ring this morning

Steven Jacques    September 15 at 2:38pm

fyi MA60 play red also. FYI also Second Shot Disc Sports will sponsor trophy for MA60 Division


caleb Janofski    September 14 at 1:52pm

Is MA 55 the only division playing reds on sunday?

Jamie Vincent   September 14 at 3:06pm


Jamie Vincent    September 4 at 2:38pm

Huge raffle at the end 1 ticket for $5 5 tickets for $20
1 basket
2 disc golf bags
20 premium discs
1 tournament stamped autographed disc
More to come, gonna be a good raffle.


Jamie Vincent    August 26 at 3:20pm

trophies have been ordered

MA1 1st-2nd
MA2 1st-2nd
MA3 1st-2nd
MA4 1st-2nd
MA40 1st
MA55 1st

Jamie Vincent   August 27 at 2:28am

Thank you to Kyle Allen and nate mottl for there donations

Nate Mottl    August 22 at 4:03pm

Do you know what holes are being played at Old towne?

Jamie Vincent   August 22 at 8:12pm


Jamie Vincent    August 8 at 1:28pm

Pro field doesn't recieve a players pack, they will play for $58 per each player in the field. $60-$2 pdga fee so $58 total. Just a FYI


Teran Hutchens    August 7 at 2:08am

I didn't realize I have this weekend double booked. Need a refund please and thank you.

Jamie Vincent   August 7 at 1:09pm

refund sent

Dr.Smooth els    July 29 at 4:20pm

I know this is a small tournament. But about how many open players have played in the past?

Jamie Vincent   July 29 at 4:56pm

in the past years when we did added cash there have been as many as 10 open players. with no added cash to the pro field,This event caters alot more to the Amateur players.

Noah Dietrich “FBN”    July 28 at 2:24am

Is this a sanctioned event?

Jamie Vincent   July 28 at 2:55pm

Yes it will be a pdga c-tier. I'll get that taken care of asap

Jamie Vincent    February 27 at 6:26pm

Thanks to Kyle Allen for donating $50 towards the payouts for this event. Great stuff buddy.