DGPT Silver - Jim Palmeri's 50th American Flying Disc Open presented by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoFri-Sun, August 25-27, 2023 at Parma in Rochester, New York
Professional A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

The original disc golf tournament is back for its 50th this year! We’re honoring Jim Palmeri’s disc golf l ... more
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Erika Apple    September 2 at 1:09pm

The link is all the lost and found from the event.


Alex Coulombe    August 31 at 3:01pm

How do we get a refund for our general admission tickets we bought prior to upgrading Saturday to vip tickets for the 3 of us for weekend.

Erika Apple   August 31 at 4:04pm

You would need to contact the DGPT via the contact link at the bottom of the eventbright page. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dgpt-silver-50th-american-flying-disc-open-presented-by-dynamic-discs-tickets-557276518067?aff=ebdsoporgprofile

Travis Torrey    August 25 at 2:45am

No top.players disappointed


Thomas Mariano    August 24 at 6:58pm

Left an Orange Captain’s Raptor (un inked) by the tree of 10, please let me know if you grabbed it, thanks!


Mike Sweeney    August 23 at 11:27pm

Can you bring bag chairs to this event?

Tony Inzana   August 24 at 1:19pm


Mike Sweeney    August 23 at 1:25pm

Where can we see when certain players are teeing off on Friday?

Michael West   August 23 at 1:54pm

It will show here when they are posted. https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/64930

Tony Inzana   August 23 at 2:33pm

tee times will be posted at 7pm tonight EST

Mike Sweeney   August 23 at 3:15pm

Thank you! I am super excited to watch the players live tomorrow!!

Mark Fedorenko    August 21 at 5:09pm

Where are folks staying for this event? Anyone interested in splitting a campground space, hotel, or AirBnB?

Mark Fedorenko   August 21 at 5:10pm

Or have a spare couch/floor spot? Happy to split costs!

Mark Saraceno   August 23 at 9:09am

Hit up Justin Bass

Mark Fedorenko   August 23 at 12:01pm

Thanks for the info Mark. I ended up finding a spot last night. See you there!

Michael Pieri    August 21 at 11:44am

Is volunteer central (parking and assignments) the VFW building/lot?

Tony Inzana   August 21 at 9:05pm

only over flow parking and people working over on that side of the park will park in the vow lot - otherwise volunteers and staff should park in the parking lots near the pond and walk across the football field to the big tents and concession stand at tournament central

Benjamin Appel    August 21 at 9:07am

Just curious how the dgpt points work for this event. Is this event a wrap around? Where the points count towards next season?

Tony Inzana   August 21 at 10:48am

I am sure that the DGPT website has more information on the post system. We have nothing to do with that part of things.


Conor McKaig    August 17 at 1:18pm

Hello competitors! Here is a drove overview of the DGPT Layouts, shot by Alex Weiser of Floating Home Films (AFDO50 documentary maker) and narrated by Yours Truly. We can't wait to see how you all play the course!



Arek Robinson    August 15 at 3:15pm

When/where will the caddy book be available?

Tony Inzana   August 15 at 5:10pm

Caddy book will be digital, supplied to you by the DGPT - I anticipate that it will be released within the next couple days

Andrew Biggs    August 6 at 10:18pm

I regretfully must drop out of this event and request a refund do to financial reasons.


Braeden Sides    August 1 at 4:42pm

Will there be overnight parking for competitors?

Tony Inzana   August 3 at 2:25am

The Park does not permit overnight parking. There are nearby camping and hotel options and there is also a Walmart nearby, but unsure about their overnight policy

Erika Apple    July 18 at 3:29pm

Good day all.
Please be patient all will be explained shortly.
The tournament directors are working tirelessly to keep the event open to all.
An update from them should be coming soon, keep an eye out for an email.

Tony Inzana   July 18 at 8:22pm

Thank you Erika for posting this - to all of the FPO players registered for the AFDO, an email was sent to each player last night.

Kaylee Hanania    July 18 at 2:13pm

Why is FPO now general?!?

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Kaylee Hanania   July 18 at 2:29pm

So does that mean we get to play elite as general or they are moving us to A

Tony Inzana   July 18 at 7:04pm

This was done to avoid additional players signing up for the FPO division until we have a chance to move those players to a separate A-tier for just the FPO division. Please be patient and give us some time to straighten everything out.

Tony Inzana   July 18 at 7:05pm

Kaylee, please check your email as emails were sent to all of the FPO players late last night

Kristin Swirles    July 17 at 11:09pm

Hello, it looks like I can still register as an FPO, but has the FPO division now been cancelled at this event?

David Copp   July 26 at 1:26am

FPO registration for the event is back open, as the FPO division has now been reinstated the event

Matt Capone   August 23 at 3:46am


Conor McKaig    July 12 at 3:42pm

Hey Players! I'm Asst TD Conor McKaig and I wanted to let you know that we have plenty of time and space for Clinics, 1:1 Training Sessions, or whatever you'd like to host!

GRDG has been fielding questions about possible events like this around the tournament, so we know that there is a baseline of interest. We hope that the Rochester Community can help support you and your tour!

Please contact Erika to coordinate! (eapple84+[email redacted] or 585-348-7463)