DGPT - Memorial Championship presented by Discraft

PDGA logoWed-Sat, February 28-March 3, 2018 at Vista Del Camino Park in Scottsdale, Arizona
A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Kick-Off the Disc Golf Pro Tour season in Sunny Arizona! We are going back to the traditional 2 course format ... more
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Jennie Roginski    April 12 at 2:58pm

I know this is pushing it, but do we know the dates for this tournament for 2019? Thanks!

Ashley Akens   April 13 at 6:32pm

It is always around the first weekend in March. In 2019 it will fall end of February through beginning of March.

MARK KRUSE    February 27 at 4:55pm

For those who do not already know, i believe check-in is over by hole 18 on the vista course ...11 a.m. - 4p.m....just an fyi.


Miles Mantell    February 26 at 1:49am

Ok got close but can I be taken off the waitlist and refunded? It's too close and I haven't arranged something so if I got on I wouldn't be prepared , thanks

Keith Murray   February 26 at 1:54am

Sure no problem Miles, will take care of that right away.

Miles Mantell   February 26 at 4:44am


Brandonn Eto    February 25 at 11:05pm

If we are still on the waitlist when the tournament starts when will we get refunded?

Keith Murray   February 25 at 11:11pm

We will go through and refund any folks that haven't made it in off wait list on Monday night.

Brandonn Eto   February 25 at 11:44pm

Ok thank you

Jeffrey Hawkins    February 23 at 5:41pm

Are the tee times posted yet, and if so where can I find them?

Keith Murray   February 24 at 4:24pm

Not yet, they will be on PDGA.com soon

Jarod O'Brien    February 22 at 9:14pm

Is someone in advanced thinking about not going? I already have tickets and I’m fliying I’m from Alaska. I’d be willing to pay you for you entry if I would be able to get in?

Keith Murray   February 22 at 9:57pm

Doesn't work that way unfortunately...if someone drops then it goes to first person on wait list.

Keith Murray   February 22 at 9:58pm

Ha, just noticed you are 1st on list :)

Jarod O'Brien   February 23 at 12:24am

yeah hahaha

Ronnie Bennett    February 22 at 3:12am

When will the courses be in the tournament layout?

Keith Murray   February 22 at 9:57pm

Putting finishing touches now and should be totally ready by Sunday.

Daryl Huschka    February 19 at 3:37pm

Is there going to double on Tuesday?

Keith Murray   February 19 at 5:14pm

Hi Daryl, no dubs on Tuesday.

Daryl Huschka   February 20 at 5:53pm

Dang it. Well at least I am playing this year!! :)

Harvey Brandt    February 19 at 2:38pm

An arts and crafts fair is scheduled for Ft. Hills February 23-25. It will make at least half of the course totally unplayable and also generate a huge crowd in general. I would stay away!

Ashley Akens   February 19 at 7:20pm

I think they do this every year. Thank you for the heads up.

Ed Carroll    February 16 at 8:42pm

Is the caddy book the same as last year's?

Keith Murray   February 19 at 5:15pm

No, there will be updates and it will be ready by end of this week.

Marthi L   February 19 at 8:32pm

what about tee times?

Keith Murray   February 20 at 5:57pm

They are voting on premier cards and then we post all so later this week.

Marthi L    February 16 at 7:52am

Is there going to be doubles event as well this year? If so, when and on which course? Also would like to know if Fountain Hills is playable on Sunday (24th feb)?

Keith Murray   February 19 at 5:16pm

Art fair at Fountain will make it tough to play on Sunday and no dubs this year.

Jeffrey Roberts    February 16 at 1:04am

Hello I am wondering any updates of schedule ? I looked into DGPT website and the event looked like from last year ?


Bill Huffman    February 15 at 6:28pm

I'm coming to the memorial to be a spectator, but I would like to participate in the Nite Ize night golf event. Can I do that without registering as a participant?

Keith Murray   February 15 at 6:48pm

Hi Bill, you most definitely can. You can also participate in the Festival of Flying Discs Bracket competition without being registered for the tournament. Hope you have a great time when you come out and feel free to contact us with any other questions.

Bill Huffman   February 15 at 7:14pm

So I just show up nite of and pay to play?

Keith Murray   February 15 at 10:08pm


johnathan bresnahan    February 13 at 12:07am

come on just a few more people drop so I can get in pleaseeee!!!! AM1 lol

Brandonn Eto   February 14 at 10:05pm

yes please hah at least 7...lol

Dj Cookson    February 12 at 5:50am

My name is DJ Cookson pdga #89816, #2 waitlisted for mpo, I will not be able to attend even if I get in, looking for a refund please and thanks!

Ashley Akens   February 12 at 5:23pm

I have processed your refund. Have a great day.

Stormin Norman    February 10 at 10:12pm

I will not be able to make it . Please remove Norman Thompson #61646 from MPG. Thank you

Keith Murray   February 10 at 10:29pm

Sorry to hear that Norman, will process your refund right away.

Craig Zoebisch    February 9 at 8:25pm

Unfortunately I ended up having to work Thursday and Friday. Requesting a refund. Thanks!


Travis Jones    February 9 at 8:04pm

If you could please remove me from the waitlist and refund.
Thank you,
Travis Jones


Phil Bryan    February 2 at 5:36pm

Please remove me from the MA 60 division. I sent an email to Spinners yesterday with this request as well.
Thank you,
Phil Bryan


Shib .    February 1 at 4:35pm

If you could please remove me from the waitlist and refund.

Shibley Burnett

Ashley Akens   February 4 at 7:14pm

You are all set.