DGM Charity Pro/Am at Blackrock presented by Innova

PDGA logoSaturday, March 24, 2018 at Blackrock Golf Course in Cobb, California
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This tournament is part of the 2018 NorCal Winter Charity Series. This PDGA sanctioned event will be held at B ... more
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Peter Beckwith    March 24 at 2:28am

Mike I wanted to know if you can email me back immediately. I have a friend who wants to play open and I can bring him tomorrow. I need to know if there is 1 spot available?
Also there is some 945 something player in Am2 I think 935 is the cutoff. Thanks


Ope Whalen    March 24 at 2:17am

I'm not gonna be able to play. Idk how to withdraw and get my $ back


Dabs Kramer    March 23 at 11:54pm

I have a friend who would be coming from Davis. He can pay for his spot now, just doesn't want to drive up if there won't be a spot

Franklin pevear   March 24 at 1:10am

His odds are pritty good

Daniel Charlip-Blumlein    March 23 at 11:05pm

I unfortunately can’t make it. Can I get a refund please? Thank you so much


Mike Wisely    March 23 at 5:20am

- Online registration is now closed.
- 'Day of' registration will be available if spots become available, but is not guaranteed.
- Requests for refund will continue to be processed in accordance with PDGA rules.

Luis Villalobos   March 23 at 4:06pm

Do we have to be there exactly 7:15?

mike westlund    March 23 at 4:31am

Just noticed I went from the waitlist to the current registration but didn't get on here to pay in time can I pay day of?

Mike Wisely   March 23 at 5:08am

Yes. Registration is now closed. The balance of your entry fee will be due at check-in.

chris White    March 23 at 3:24am

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it. Can I please get a refund at your convenience. Thank you


Franklin pevear    March 23 at 1:39am

The email my brother registered with was wrong he left out a letter it lexxopevear@Gmail . Com his name is. It on the wait list any more so Did he make it in

Mike Wisely   March 23 at 5:10am

Yes. He's in. The balance of the entry fee is due at check-in Saturday morning. I'll update the email address.

Chip Frink    March 23 at 12:18am

Can you make Sat get here quicker? haha j/k

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Mike Wisely   March 23 at 12:58am

Similar... Yes.

Mike Wisely   March 23 at 12:58am

I resubmitted the order for good weather... I think the original got lost!

Chip Frink   March 23 at 2:44pm

thanks for all of your efforts on our behalf!

Franklin pevear    March 21 at 11:54pm

Another question with people dropping out is it possible for people to sign up day of my brother is my caddie but if there are spots opening can he play

Mike Wisely   March 22 at 12:40am

So far all spots that opened up have been filled. He should sign up on the waitlist now, it could happen.

Mike Wisely   March 23 at 1:05am

Alex is now in. Please bring the balance of the entry fee with you at Check-in Saturday.

Franklin pevear    March 21 at 11:33pm

Is there any motels around to stay at thinking abou head out Friday

Mike Wisely   March 22 at 12:36am

Yes. ‘Eagle and Rose’ is right across the street. 10% Discount for tournament players. 707-928-5242. See you soon.

Jacob Sanderson    March 21 at 10:52pm

I won't be able to make it. Please refund. Thanks.

Mike Wisely   March 23 at 1:06am

Your spot has been filled. See you next time!

Kevin Leach    March 21 at 8:25pm

916 player in Rec?

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Mike Wisely   March 22 at 12:29am

I’ll take care of it... “Dabs” you’re movin’ on up!

Dabs Kramer   March 22 at 9:02am

wow 916? how did that happen? lucky round i guess! i only started playing in june! and this is only my 3rd tournament!

Mike Wisely   March 22 at 3:15pm

You’re playing well. Those other two were 930 and 901 rated, so MA2 is a better fit. Keep it up!

Brandon Verde    March 20 at 2:33am

Would you Mike Wisely please cancel my registration and set up a refund please. Thank you. Brandon

Mike Wisely   March 22 at 12:31am

Good talking with you today. Your spot has been filled. See you next time.

philip brown    March 13 at 1:23am

CAnt get work off can I get a refund please scott brown 83851

Mike Wisely   March 14 at 11:02pm

We’ll miss you

Mike Wisely   March 22 at 12:31am

Your spot has been filled.

Dabs Kramer    March 9 at 6:52pm

Hello Mike, I messaged you on FB. But I was wondering if there was any way I could get in for am

Mike Wisely   March 9 at 9:57pm

Hi Christian. There is an Am waitlist. The best bet is to get on there. I’ll move folks in as I can.

Dabs Kramer   March 10 at 5:21am

can you please put me on it

Dabs Kramer   March 11 at 6:44am

sorry mike didnt see i had to wait list my self! just did that! hope i get in thanks!

Franklin pevear    March 7 at 2:47pm

What time is player sign in I’m coming from Oroville and want to be there with plenty time if I don’t drive over Friday

Mike Wisely   March 7 at 4:13pm

I’ll post the full schedule in the next day or so. Check-in 7:15 to 8:15, Players Meeting @ 8:30. First round tee off at 9:00.

Franklin pevear   March 14 at 1:13am


Chip Frink    February 17 at 4:42am

Yo Mike, did I see contact info/name of the lodging across the road from the course. Could you repost.


Dominic Bickford    December 30 at 1:05am

I never got to play before the course was pulled. Will the course be set up in advance of the tournament for practice? I've heard good things and I'd like to check it out.

Mike Wisely   December 30 at 2:14am

Hi Dominic. Yes we have a commitment to having the course in and available for practice during the week prior to the tournament. That said, I'm lobbying to get it in even earlier. Look for updates as we get closer, including a possible random doubles Round on the Friday evening before the tournament. Thanks in advance for coming to play.

Darrell Collins   March 21 at 1:08pm

its there a Friday doubles round?

Mike Wisely   March 23 at 1:11am

I haven't planned anything. Something informal may pop up.