Crossover So LONG Winter 2022

PDGA logoSunday, March 20, 2022 at Osage Grove in Goshen, Ohio
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Crossover Disc Golf presents: "Crossover So LONG Winter 2022". This will be our last 1 round event as we trans ... more
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Joshua Terwilleger    March 16 at 2:47am

Good evening!

I wanted to get this tournament email out this evening. Cheryl and I are super excited about the upcoming Crossover So LONG Winter event at Osage Grove this Sunday (3/20). This is a 1 round, 30 hole PDGA C-tier event.

The following will be the most important details for the event. Please reach out to us if you have any additional questions or
comments before the event.

The event is a 1 rounder of 30 holes. We are playing all 24 Osage Grove holes, plus 6 temp holes. It ... more


Joshua Terwilleger    March 16 at 2:00am

I've posted a picture of the course layout in the "pictures" section. I'll send out a players email by Wednesday.


Sam Worley    March 14 at 7:27pm

On the holes that have multiple pin placements (14 aka the hanging basket) and 18, which basket will we be playing to? Also, will this tournament be 4 person cards or 5 person cards?

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Joshua Terwilleger   March 14 at 7:51pm

4 person cards. We are adding 6 temp holes. We are playing 14 hanging basket, 16 short basket from blue (16 long basket will be a temp hole), and 18 long basket.

Joshua Terwilleger   March 14 at 7:53pm

The temp holes will be marked Thursday afternoon (tees and basket location). The temp holes where I am bringing the basket, won’t be in place until Sunday morning

Sam Worley   March 14 at 9:09pm

Cool, thanks Josh!

Matt Salatowski    March 9 at 6:12pm

Will the baskets be moved to the long positions before the tournament? Or will they be in the same place and we just play the blue tees?

Joshua Terwilleger   March 9 at 6:27pm

Baskets aren’t going to be moved. I’ll be posting the layout and where temp holes are tonight. The long part in the name is longer tee pads. See you next week

Justin Sartin    February 2 at 7:07pm

Payouts? Ace funds , ctps?

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Justin Sartin   February 3 at 4:47pm

Awesome thanks for the response and look to make It out there!

Andrew Uhling   February 11 at 7:07pm

What happens with the ace fund if no aces are hit?

Joshua Terwilleger   February 22 at 12:43am

We do a throw off

Joshua Terwilleger    December 30 at 10:02pm

The event date is Sunday 3/20. I’m in the process of fixing date on PDGA site. Thanks