Crossover COLT Series Finale 2024

Saturday, September 28, 2024 at Osage Grove in Goshen, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

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Crossover COLT Series Finale 2024 graphic
Added cash $750

About this tournament

The Crossover COLT Series 2024 Finale will be on 9/28 at Osage Grove, and possibly Cowan Lake. Since this is the first year, we aren't sure how many will qualify. The courses are about 25 minutes from each other and would provide a great mix of long throws, and technical components. A winning combo to crown champions! We will only use Cowan Lake if we have more than 76 qualify.

You must qualify for this event, as it is invite only to the players who qualify at one of the COLT 2024 qualifiers. NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

Crossover is proud to present: The Crossover Local Tour Series 2024. We will call it the COLT Series for short. This will be a series of events that are just normal Crossover events for some, but qualifiers for others. We feel like we want to try to reward the PRO/advanced/upper players in the area, as well as try to grow the age protected AM groups.

For the Pro/Open players, they have a chance to qualify for the COLT Finale on 9/28. It will be a B-Tier with a minimum of $750 added cash. For the MA1/FA1 players, this gives a chance to grow this division to have something to play for as well if they qualify. And lastly, we have a large number of AM players who are Masters eligible, that stay in the other divisions. Which is fine. We hope that this will encourage them to at least give the age protected divisions a chance. For all AM's the COLT Finale will also be a B-Tier as well on 9/28.

Bottomline, we want to reward the pros who finish at the top locally, and also to help grow the MA1/FA1 and age protected AM divisions if possible. Next year, if this is a success, we could look at other divisions/options. Again, we have no clue if this will work or not. There is nothing around to compare it to for us to see what we are getting in to.
So how does one qualify? Obviously, the COLT Finale is for the cream of the crop. In each of the events that are labeled "COLT" at the end, that means for all Open divisions, MA1/FA1 and age protected AM's, if they finish in the top 20% of their division, they will be added in to the finale. You don't have to play every event that is a COLT event.

Obviously the more you play, the more chances you have to qualify, and/or selfishly limit the field for the finale by finishing in the top 20% if you have already qualified.

Here are the numbers to qualify per division in each event. This represents the top 20%:
1 to 5 players qualifies 1
6 to 12 players qualifies 2
13 to 17 players qualifies 3
18 to 22 players qualifies 4
23 to 27 players qualifies 5
28 to 32 players qualifies 6
33 to 37 players qualifies 7
38 to 42 players qualifies 8
43 to 47 players qualifies 9
48 to 52 players qualifies 10
in the event of tie, players would qualify
if the chart says 2 qualify, but say there was 1st place and 2 way tie for 2nd, they’d all 3 qualify
It’s # of players not finishing position

To make sure we are clear, the divisions are:
-Open Divisions Male/Female - MPO/FPO, MP40/FP40, MP50/FP50, MP60/FP60, MP70/FP70
-Age protected AM's - MA40/FA40, MA50/FA50, MA60/FA60, MA70/FA70

If you qualify for more than one division, you can select which you want in the finale. Also PDGA division guidelines apply. So an AM can try to qualify in MPO, and Pros under 970 rated can play AM divisions they are eligible for per PDGA chart.

Everyone is eligible for the COLT series. It might mean playing up in MA1/FA1 to qualify, or playing age protected AM's, but everyone has a chance to qualify.
Keep throwing forward! We hope to see you out soon!

More info will be coming soon....

Refund policy

Crossover Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Refund requests must be submitted 48 hours before tee off to be eligible for full refund. Anything after that is up to CODG to refund partial/full requests.
Online registration opens
September 1, 2024 at 12:00am EDT
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Registrants must be current PDGA members through 2024.



Saturday, September 28, 2024
10:00amShotgun start

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

Current PDGA membership is required to register for this tournament.
For help choosing a division, see the PDGA guidelines
$25.00MPOMixed Pro Open
$25.00FPOWomen's Pro Open
$25.00MP40Mixed Pro 40+
$25.00FP40Women's Pro 40+
$25.00MP50Mixed Pro 50+
$25.00FP50Women's Pro 50+
$25.00MP60Mixed Pro 60+
$25.00FP60Women's Pro 60+
$25.00MP70Mixed Pro 70+
$25.00MA1Mixed Amateur 1
$25.00FA1Women's Amateur 1
$25.00MA40Mixed Amateur 40+
$25.00FA40Women's Amateur 40+
$25.00MA50Mixed Amateur 50+
$25.00FA50Women's Amateur 50+
$25.00MA60Mixed Amateur 60+
$25.00FA60Women's Amateur 60+
$35.00MA4Mixed Amateur 4
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