Crestview Cup pres. by Grip Equipment

PDGA logoSaturday, June 20, 2020 at Crestview Park in Topeka, Kansas
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

One round of 27 holes on tee times by division. The exact layout is still being discussed but will cover the majority of Crestview West and a good portion of Crestview East. Thought is being put into flow, safety, and variation of hole types. Tee times will be announced no later than 5 pm Friday June 19 but hopefully sooner.

Divisions are grouped into 5 pools. As much as possible, each card will all have the same division, but if a mixed card is required it will be done within their assigned pool.

Tee times will start at 8AM, will be in groups of four, and will be likely be every 15 minutes with last card out at 2:30 pm. I expect the rounds to be about 5 hours.

Tee time order will likely be this:

Women Int / Rec

With the new guidelines provided by the PDGA, paper scorecards will not be issued. By registering for the event you understand you will need to use a digital scorecard.

All players, Pro and Am, will receive a Grip Equipment towel. All amateurs will also receive a voucher for $15 redeemable for merchandise. Recreational / Juniors do not have additional merch payout. Advanced and Intermediate do have additional merch payout based on performance. All pro payouts will be done via mailed check or PayPal (G&S). Amateur payouts are still being determined, but likely will be your choice of a voucher redeemable at DZDiscs' store or website, or a limited Maverick inventory (but not for certain at this point). The PDGA has amended the requirements for payout levels. You can read them here:

Water will not be provided. Bring your own water for the whole round.

Trophies likely will not be available the day of the event. I'm considering making trophies after the event (such as a full color disc with your name, division and event) and mailing them to you afterwards. TBD.

$2 of entry fees goes to the PDGA
$3 of entry fees goes to the Dawn to Dusk Disc Club (Topeka)

Refund policy

Maverick Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. DGScene and PayPal fees are non-refundable. Refunds 7 days or more will receive full entry fee (not processing fees) refunded. Refund requests from 6 days before up until 48 hours before the event (7 am Thursday) will receive refunds less a $5 handling fee. No refunds will be issued after 4 pm Thursday. No call, no show, or missed tee time at event will forfeit player pack and refund.

Waitlist policy: If you are on the wait list and don't get in, you'll get a full refund less the $1.34 paid to dgscene for their fees. When an opening becomes available, it is filled from the waitlist first. If you are on the waitlist, you can request a refund at any time and get a full refund less the $1.34. Once you are on the normal registration list, the above applies as long as it is before registration ends. When registration closes, and you are still on the waitlist, you will automatically receive a refund.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Isaiah Esquivel7272$215
2Nolan Ramser7575$150
3Dixon Jowers7676$95
3Ryan Orton7676$95
5Cody Zirkle7777$65
6Brendan Orwig7878$50
6Justin Farrell7878$50
8Donovan Esquivel7979
9Bruce Esquivel8181
9E Roberts8181
11Brandon Melton8282
12Scott Diemler8383
13Shaun Martin8686
13Zach Owen8686
15Zach Zweig8787
16Zach Moses-0
Pro 40+
1Leo Daprato7777$150
2CD Steiner7979$82
2Cory Riley7979$82
4Bob Ward8181
5Drew Stevens8282
5Scott Ramser8282
7Lee Allen9090
1Joseph Donley7575$63
2Jayme Padilla7777$45
2William Trimble7777$45
4Chris Ford7878$34
4Trevor Hastert7878$34
6Aaron Hieb7979$25
6Lupe Esquivel7979$25
8Bryce Walker8181$20
9Devon Eich8282$18
9Stephen Loch8282$18
11Ethan Veach8383$13
11Maximilian Gutierrez8383$13
11Michael Storrer8383$13
11Pat Staxx8383$13
15Brandon Tackett8484
15Thomas Johns8484
17Michael Natera8585
19Barrett Houchen8888
19Evan Reser8888
19J. Hall8888
19Nicholas Earling8888
19Rob Zernickow8888
19Tyler Moison8888
25Sergio Valenzuela8989
26Yancy Mclean9090
27Nick Cortez9191
28Ben Toews9292
28Isiah Brown9292
Amateur 40+
1Mark Miller7878$52
2Rob Uitts8181$37
3Ben Kirby8282$25
3Mitch Bonjour8282$25
5Barrie Eich8383$17
6Daniel Eich8585$13
7Steven Reese8888
8Neil Killian8989
9Aaron Hedrick9090
9Christian Eikermann9090
11Christopher Stoddard9191
12David A Williams9292
13Jon Winter9494
Amateur 50+
1Greg Woelk8080$55
2Rick Simmonds8181$41
3Tom Butler8383$33
4Rick Padilla8888$27
5Steve Stansberry8989$20
5Wes Beck8989$20
7Jared Ink9090$14
8JB Crow9191$11
9Dan Moison9393
10Skip Grady9494
10Walter Pursell9494
12Larry McGillivary9595
13Omar Bennett9696
14Al McKellips9797
14Leon Arndt9797
16Scott Ringham101101
17Mark Loader105105
1Henry Bair7878$25
2Eli Smith8585$18
2Jason Flook8585$18
2Joe Kirkwood8585$18
5Dan Meyers8686$14
5Jim Barnard8686$14
7Alex Bruschi8787$9
7Justin Gutierrez8787$9
9Aaron Nickel8989
10Damian Vu9292
11Miles Starks9393
12Damion Eich9494
13Chad Walker9595
13Karl Page9595
13Scott Smerchek9595
16Tim Mundy-0
2Fabian Venegas8585
2Ty Brechler8585
4Cory Lucas8787
5Aidan Lighthiser8989
6Jeremy Jordan9090
7Justin Klumpe9292
8Keith Birnbaum9393
9Adam Goodpasture9494
9Matt Fowler9494
11Travis Marrocco9797
12Bruce Birnbaum9898
13Jed Bair9999
14Dustin Williams100100
14Robert Ralston100100
16Brandon Gogian101101
17Nathan Colling102102
18Harrison Miller103103
19Jordan Ashford106106
20Drew Dobbeleare110110
20Gerald Todd110110
22Rob Adams111111
23Timothy Gordon116116
Intermediate Women
1Megan Barber101101$19
2Lindsay Walker102102$13
3Carley Jordan106106
4Anna Hare110110
Recreational Women
1Victoria Earling115115
2Marisa Zimmerman117117
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