Cracked Plastic Classic - Pros

PDGA logoSat-Sun, February 10-11, 2018 at Cold Brook Park in Climax, Michigan
Pro-only A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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*** The format has now changed to a 2-day event, with 1 round of 27 holes per day! This event will happen e ... more
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Bart Kowalewski    February 14 at 4:38pm

There was someone taking photos. Just curious are they posted anywhere?

Larry LaBond   February 17 at 5:08pm

There are some posted on the Cracked's FB page.

Shrimp Boat Captain    February 9 at 4:19am

Do we still have to check in tomorrow with the weather? Looking like traveling during the day tomorrow will be dangerous.

Bill Rook   February 9 at 4:57am

Pretty sure Larry will post tee times tomorrow morning. No need to check in just be there 30 min before your posted time Sat.

Larry LaBond   February 9 at 2:48pm

Tee times are posted on the PDGA site. Just check in at the course 1/2 hour before your tee time.

Tim Sylvain    February 9 at 1:43am

FYI Pros...the food at Bowman's is very good. Try the stuffed jalapenos. Jalapeno, cream cheese, chorizo, all wrapped in bacon. And you know Larry always runs a good tourney.

Larry LaBond   February 9 at 4:17am


Wade TF    February 7 at 6:40pm

Will there be registration the morning of the tournament or must I pre reg? thanks again Larry

Larry LaBond   February 7 at 7:52pm

Online regisitration closes tomorrow night. So I can set tee times by Friday morning. I will take more reg in person at the check in at Bowman's BBQ. Those players will be added after the last tee times and won't be necessairly playing with players in their division.

Wade TF   February 8 at 6:25am

Ok I can't reg online I have no internet money. Thanks Larry!

Bart Kowalewski    February 6 at 3:13pm

Anyone looking to split a hotel room, or anyone live close by?

Bart Kowalewski   February 6 at 9:36pm

I have been taken care of! Thank you

josh diaz    February 6 at 3:24am

Won't be able to play..I have to get scans done on my knee this do I get a refund..thanks

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Aaron Goofy Mitchell   February 7 at 1:47am

Larry is pretty good with refunds...

Larry LaBond   February 7 at 1:25pm

PM sent

josh diaz   February 7 at 7:28pm

just pm u back..thanks and good luck everyone..

Wade TF    January 29 at 7:24am

Why did it change from 3 days 3 rounds to 2 days two rounds? Thanks Larry

Larry LaBond   January 29 at 1:53pm

To make it easier for more players to attend.

Wade TF   January 29 at 5:29pm

Josh Russell    January 26 at 1:01am

Sorry but I don't know for sure what trophy only amateur is. I just want to make sure. Thanks in advance for the info.

Larry LaBond   January 26 at 1:13am

Basically you pay a smaller entry fee, get a player's pack, compete in the pro division, but can only win the trophy. If you place in the cash, you don't win it. It goes to the next person below you. Kind of an experience thing.

Josh Russell   January 26 at 1:26pm

Thanks. Sounds like a great way to do it.

John Triezenberg    January 23 at 11:24am

berths available for the trophy only division?

Larry LaBond   January 23 at 1:25pm


Brandon Johnson    January 22 at 3:33pm

Is there still gonna be tee times or no since it's only a 2 day event now?

Larry LaBond   January 22 at 9:59pm

Still tee times.

Larry LaBond    January 21 at 11:46pm

*** The format has now changed to a 2-day event, with 1 round of 27 holes each day!

We are now also allowing trophy only Amateurs to play as well. Trophy only Ams will be getting a player's package!

Scott Adkins   January 22 at 4:41pm

Will this count as an amatuer event, ie will I get points?

Scott Adkins   January 22 at 4:44pm

Amatuer points.

Larry LaBond   January 22 at 10:13pm

I think you would get Pro points from what I understand. I suggest contacting the PDGA to get a for certain answer.

Ben Creger    December 28 at 12:29pm

How much added cash is at this event?

Larry LaBond   January 3 at 2:04pm

PDGA has a minimum of $2,000 for A-tiers

Larry LaBond    December 28 at 1:42am

Hotel information has been posted in the "About" section.


Dustin Morton    December 19 at 9:19pm

Pictures added for holes A, B, and C (temporary) for the Cracked Plastic Classic. Pics are under Hole 24 since that is where they will be played. U-disc map updated as well listed as Cracked Plastic Add-Ons.