Coyote Classic 2021

PDGA logoFri-Sun, October 1-3, 2021 at Coyote Point at Lake Casitas in Ventura, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Pro is $100 and AM is $80. + $10 for all non PDGA members. $5 of entry fee will go towards ace pool. We wi ... more
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Michael Sylvia    October 7 at 10:21pm

I inputted the coupon code and it said "it's not yours".. Have you heard of this before?
Sorry Clint?.. It works until I go to check out to pay.. Then it removes it.

Clint Root   October 7 at 10:37pm

I would contact Marshal street. Maybe they’re not done setting it up.

Michael Sylvia    October 6 at 4:03pm

Hey Clint.. Sorry. I had to leave right after my round was done on Sunday.. I see that I won Cool! Thanks. How do I receive it? Or is it just in merch for Coyote stuff?

Clint Root   October 7 at 12:20am

$42 gift card from marshall street disc golf coming to your email

Rebecca Shipe    September 30 at 8:03pm

Hello! I am a beginner disc golfer and also a fan of the sport. I am going to be in the area this weekend and was wondering if I might be able to watch the event, just as a spectator and fan. Honestly, I would also like to try the course so will it be open to the public at all on Sunday afternoon? Best wishes to all for a great weekend and event.

Clint Root   October 1 at 1:23am

Of course come on out

Rebecca Shipe   October 1 at 3:20am

Thank you, Clint! I will come to watch and am excited about it. But also.... sorry to pester! But I also enjoy playing - any chance that the event will end early Sunday and the public can play? It is difficult for me to understand the schedule and know if your competition and awards ceremony wil ... more

Paul Rudd    September 27 at 4:15pm

when will we get the pass code for pdga live scoring link

Clint Root   September 27 at 10:53pm

At check in

Paul Rudd    September 24 at 7:23pm

Great Thank you


Clint Root    September 24 at 6:15pm

Please check in 15 minutes before your tee times. Check in will be coyote landing parking lot. I will have packages and warm up baskets. This will be bottom west side
of parking lot next to bathrooms

Thomas E Reynolds   October 1 at 5:54am

Do we need to check in at 7-745 too? Or just 15 before tee time?

Paul Rudd    September 24 at 3:37pm

Do we have to still check in 7:00-7:45 AM on Friday if our tee times start after 9:00 AM or is there some wiggle room to check in after, morning traffic could be an issue?


Clint Root    September 24 at 3:09am

Tee Times are up. Could change a little with people dropping.

Andy Bratta   September 24 at 1:28pm

So whatever course we’re playing on Friday, we are also playing on Sunday? Asking for MP40.

Clint Root   September 24 at 2:30pm

Yes check out the caddy book link in the about section. Pros play KO Friday Sunday.

Cody Burgwald    September 22 at 10:03am

Im just curious but is it known what the tournament discs will be from both DGA and Legacy?

Clint Root   September 23 at 3:20am

DGA= Squall, Rift, Hypercane, Breaker

Cris Bangaoil    September 21 at 1:43am

Hey Clint, I changed jobs and can no longer get the Friday off. Please withdraw me from the event. Good luck to everyone this year!

Clint Root   September 22 at 3:26am

Sorry you can’t make it. Refund submitted.

Jason Clabaugh    September 16 at 6:09pm

Sorry if it's already been addressed, but when will the temp holes be playable? Thanks!

Clint Root   September 16 at 6:23pm

We should have all temporary holes up Thursday afternoon of the 30th

Jason Clabaugh   September 17 at 3:31am

Thanks Clint!

Paul Rudd    September 15 at 1:36am

When will we receive card groupings and tee times and how many courses are being played to accommodate all the players?

Clint Root   September 15 at 1:58am

Cards will be created on 9-23. Total of two courses. You will play one of them twice.

Trevor Thompson    September 10 at 8:17pm

Are all am division script payouts?

Clint Root   September 11 at 1:14am

Yes we will be using

Clint Root    August 27 at 3:30am

Just sent out reminders on payments due. If anyone did not get the link check your spam or junk mail. If you still can't find it contact me via email and we will get it figured out. Some ladies spots are still available. Registration closes the 31st at 8 pm. I will be promoting waitlist spots soon after.