Couples Halloween Doubles @ Wingfoot

Saturday, October 30, 2021 at Wingfoot Lake State Park in Suffield, Ohio
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

This is just a fun event for couples. If you're not coupled up or your significant other refuses to play then ... more
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RJ Roth    October 30 at 10:39pm

Thank you everyone for putting on the event. Chelsea had a great time for her first event and we both had a great time!


Rex Morey    October 30 at 9:18pm

What a great time! We're already talking about next year. Thanks Dave, Jen, Steve and everyone else involved.


Jessica Spriggs    October 26 at 3:44am

Myself and Nick Schultz need to drop from the tournament.


Melissa Reed    October 22 at 7:02pm

Me and Regis need to drop from this tournament since I have to work 8am till 4pm. We were really looking forward to this tournament. Have fun everyone.


Spencer A Jones    October 15 at 9:58pm

Sorry to drop but I will be at the Wadsworth work day that day. Can you make sure Sasha Jones is also withdrawn as well I did me but not sure if she got taken off as well.


Stephen mihaly    October 3 at 1:01am

We finally got our costumes today. Can't wait to see everyone and have fun


Jon Geiser    September 22 at 11:13pm

Which layout is going to be used for the tournament? Are we playing short or long tees?
Also, will this be played as best shot, or just alternating shot?

Dave Ernst   October 1 at 1:55pm

Short tees, best shot

Ryan Bahr    September 18 at 2:12am

Team unicorn is paid up Dave. My 6 yr old can’t stop talking about our tournament together and has been practicing. It’s priceless.

Dave Ernst   October 1 at 1:56pm


larry pressnell    September 12 at 10:58pm

Will this be a mix of long and short or all long?

Dave Ernst   October 1 at 1:56pm

All short tees

Ryan Bahr    August 4 at 2:00am

My daughter will absolutely freak out if “ team unicorn” gets to compete. Hope we can get in.

Dave Ernst   September 5 at 11:13am

Since it's only 1 round I will be opening it up to more people and have 3 couples per hole if needed. Didn't expect this big of a turnout.

Stephen mihaly    August 3 at 1:58am

I'm really excited for this. It's going to be so much fun. Thanks Dave


Brian Six    August 2 at 1:47am

Can't make this one but I love the idea! Hope to play in another one some day


Justin Kirkendall    August 2 at 1:05am

This is a definite for me! Just debating if I want my kid or wife…..

Dave Ernst   August 2 at 1:13am

Lol. It will be fun either way.

Stephen mihaly    August 1 at 12:16am

I'm going to have to come up with a great idea for a costume for this

Dave Ernst   August 1 at 1:20am