Columbia Cup: Crushing at the Camp Sponsored by Westside Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 10-11, 2021 at Camp Taloali in Stayton, Oregon
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Two round C-Tier with one round per day with tee times at Camp Taloali. All social distancing protocols will ... more
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Robert Littrell    April 25 at 3:15pm

Any idea when the coverage will be up? I've checked Fairway Media's YouTube page and I have not seen anything about it. Thanks.

Jesse Tomaino   April 26 at 3:15am

I don't have an estimate for when it will be posted but I know he's working on it. I will make sure to post it in the Camp Taloali page as soon as it's up.

Robert Littrell   April 26 at 1:23pm

Thank you for the info.

Phil Schmidt    April 10 at 1:25am

Someone on FB lost 2 discs at Camp today...

Hole 2: tan Kyle Crabtree ES P Nuke (left side)
Hole 15: green TS Luna (right side)

Hit me up or turn them into TC if you find one of them and they will find their way back to the owner. Thanks!! ????????????????????️


Malum Nothis    April 9 at 8:03am

Tee time link:


elijah duncan    April 9 at 1:35am

im not seeing any times posted for the event
i checked my email and everything. if someone can post a screenshot of it that would be fantastic

Jeff Steinborn   April 9 at 1:51am

I believe it hasn't been posted yet. They said they would email us today once it's posted.

Jesse Tomaino   April 9 at 2:56am

Tee times will be up within the hour

Crystal Wiss    April 7 at 6:56pm

Is the course open Friday or closed because of the flex start event?

Jesse Tomaino   April 7 at 7:44pm


Steve Boveri   April 7 at 10:21pm

They have Tee Times posted on there Registered Players page to avoid crowding them...

Jesse Tomaino   April 7 at 11:26pm

Good call Steve!

elijah duncan    April 5 at 3:49pm

What time should we show up on saturday?

Jon Horgan   April 5 at 4:54pm

i believe i saw that tee times will be posted Thursday night

Jesse Tomaino   April 5 at 6:14pm

Yep. I'll post them to the PDGA event page and send out an email on Thursday.

elijah duncan    April 4 at 6:36pm

Are caddies allowed

Jesse Tomaino   April 4 at 8:44pm

Caddies are allowed but not encouraged. Please ask all of your card mates if they are comfortable with a caddie joining you be4fore the round starts. Thanks!

Jon Doss    April 3 at 7:32am

Are caddies allowed?

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Jesse Tomaino   April 9 at 7:14pm

And those rules have been suspended during Covid. We played an A Tier two weeks ago where caddies weren't allowed at all. I seriously doubt that any of your card mates will object but according to PDGA guidelines it's within their rights.

Phil Schmidt   April 11 at 8:22am

Thanks for the info!! I didn't know the Covid asterisk.

Phil Schmidt   April 11 at 8:24am

Hey, what's the pdga rule for throwing in on and hitting another card? That happened today. Caused my card quite a few strokes....

Steve Boveri    March 27 at 11:07pm

Long Tee pads for all? What's the breakdown on that? Thanx!

Jesse Tomaino   March 30 at 12:13am

We will use: 1 right, 2 long, 4 long, 10 short 1st round, long 2nd round, 18 long

Michael De La Rosa    March 27 at 9:46pm

When will we know the layout? I played out there today, the course looks awesome.

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Jesse Tomaino   March 31 at 7:24pm

Three. 4,5,11

Zac Teuscher   March 31 at 10:55pm

11 was short the other day

Jesse Tomaino   April 1 at 2:23am

Thanks Zac, I will message him now.

Anthony R    March 22 at 6:38pm

I also tried camping website. Does anyone know if the quantity tab is for number of campsites or number of nights? Also dates are not specified so is the website specifically for the columbia cup tourney weekend? I'm looking to camp Friday and Saturday night. Restroom, showers available?

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Steve Bachtel   March 22 at 6:55pm

The lady that runs it is very will get an email and talk with her directly...very accommodating to whatever you want to do!!

Jesse Tomaino   March 22 at 7:08pm

[email redacted] is the email to direct these questions to. Janet will get you set up!

Anthony R   March 22 at 10:00pm

Thank you, I sent my questions to Janet.

Shane Whitehead    March 14 at 6:33pm

Hey Jesse, is it possible to add my recent PDGA number? #168458

Jesse Tomaino   March 14 at 9:27pm

I'll add it tonight and refund you the $10 non-member fee.

Derek Doszkocs    March 14 at 4:41am

Is there room for sign up on MA2 for 3 of us?

Jesse Tomaino   March 14 at 5:13am

Yes! There are still ~15 spots open first come, first served.

Jans Ingber    March 10 at 8:25am

Jesse, can you switch me from MA1 to MP40?

Jesse Tomaino   March 10 at 4:08pm



Brittany Leaman-Snyder    March 5 at 5:58pm

I tried to figure out camping at taloali and reached out to them but not easy to figure out on website, waiting to hear back, unless anyone knows a couch I could crash on? Thanks!

Steve Bachtel   March 5 at 6:18pm

I camp there for most Salem tourneys - I’m also from Bend. Very easy:

Anthony R   March 22 at 6:40pm

Brittany did you figure out website?

Eric Gregory    February 13 at 5:29am

Hi Jesse, this is Eric Gregory. I must have goofed on my registration. Is it possible to move me out of Open and into Pro Masters? Thank you

Jesse Tomaino   February 13 at 6:08am


Eric Gregory   February 15 at 5:30am

Thank you kindly

Jon Wilson    February 11 at 6:42am

40 spots only?

Jesse Tomaino   February 11 at 4:07pm

Nope. 40 spots filled right now. We will probably cap it at 120-140.

Trace Young    February 10 at 11:27pm

Is this course playable prior to the tournament? I understand it's a private course?

Don Tunstall   February 10 at 11:31pm

yes its $5 to play

Jesse Tomaino   February 11 at 3:04am

It's open every day and it'a amazing! One of my favorite courses.

Trace Young   February 23 at 7:27pm

Thanks Jesse! I'll plan a drive over the hill to check it out before hand.

Jon Horgan    February 2 at 11:03pm

longs? mixed? still tbd?

Jesse Tomaino   February 2 at 11:13pm

Still TBD. There are new positions and tees I haven't played yet. Steve Moore and friends have been hard at work!