Colours of Cultivate - Dressed by Diameter Apparel

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 23-24, 2023 at Haute Goat in Port Hope, Ontario
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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This year the Colours of Cultivate will be a two day PDGA sanctioned B-tier event on the Saturday and Sunday o ... more
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Darrell Bankes    September 24 at 11:02am

Good Sunday morning, hole assignments are up for the 10:30am shotgun start. Please check in with me as you walk by the practice/first tee area. After the round we'll meet back at the practice area to award the winners. Today every card has a CTP to win on hole 3. No need to mark the CTP on the hole, just remember who won and collect a random draw prize after the round.


Darrell Bankes    September 23 at 11:48am

Good morning, hole assignments for Saturday's round at 1:30 are posted. We are using the PDGA digital scoring and the access code is 'tinlid'.


Drew Johnson    September 18 at 5:30pm

Hey Darrell, any update on the companion passes?


Courtney Walker    September 16 at 10:03am

Hey Darrell! Do you know if we are playing a round of shorts and longs? Or what is the layout going to be?

Darrell Bankes   September 16 at 10:21am

Hello Courtney, we are in the throws of changing the layout at Haute Goat...holes 13, 14, 16 and 17 are under construction and will hopefully be ready to play by Monday this week in some format, as for layouts for divisions I'll add a note to the 'about' section now.

Darrell Bankes    August 16 at 3:27pm

Camping is available on-site - this is a special offering as part of the Cultivate Festival. Head to the link below if you are interested, limited number of spaces.
If you want to camp choose the 'early bird' ticket holders option, it should let you check out without buying a weekend pass, which is included in your tournament registration. However if you bring non-playing guests they will need to purchase tickets.


Darrell Bankes    March 6 at 4:47pm

We just added the PDG - Pure Disc Golf division for this tournament. This division is for those of you that want to join us for the weekend but don't want to join the PDGA, don't want to play rated rounds that weekend or are maybe new to formal competition and want to participate a bit more casually. We had a couple requests for this and thought why not, if we can get more people out enjoying themselves the better. PDG players are expected to follow PDGA rules and respect the fact that ... more


Kalan Schat    March 1 at 3:22pm

What if I sign up as a 964 and go up to 971 before the tournament

Darrell Bankes   March 6 at 4:42pm

If you are so lucky than we can offer you a refund or you could switch to the PDG - Pure Disc Golf Division. We just added this division for those that aren't PDGA members, or don't care to play rated rounds.

Jay Vyas    March 1 at 12:24pm

I just want to say that I love, love, love the format of playing with peer group regardless of age or gender or professional status. Thank you Darrell and other organizers for doing this! Cheers!

Darrell Bankes   March 1 at 12:40pm

thanks Jay, I too love this format, it seems very inclusive and fair, and the last time I ran a big tournament with it the competition was great, it was the first Foxwood Open when Foxwood just opened

Darrell Bankes    March 1 at 12:16pm


Darrell Bankes    February 28 at 4:51pm

Choosing your division?
Just pick what is accurate now.
We will be moving you to the appropriate division after the final ratings update closer to the tournament, likely September 10th or so.
We will allow people to play up one division if they really want to, but if your PDGA rating reflects your recent success in competition, than you should play that division.


Ezra Lockington    February 28 at 12:36pm

Is registration really opening at 7am tomorrow? In the morning lol?

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Darrell Bankes   February 28 at 1:55pm

I don't expect this to sell out too fast but I've been surprised before. By September Haute Goat will be even better, we are planning a bunch of improvements this spring and it will just be that much nicer after a second season of grooming.

Darrell Bankes   February 28 at 2:11pm

I have another registration idea I want to try for the next event I expect will have high demand. As a TD I too am frustrated with the process that rewards the technically savvy or just who happens to be available at that moment.

Ezra Lockington   March 1 at 12:15am

Thanks for explaining it, ill be up to sign up haha