Clash at the Creek 2021 $2500 added $$

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 16-17, 2021 at Widefield Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Ladies, Gentlemen and Others… IT IS HERE! Disc Revolution Presents Clash at the Creek 2021 is going live ... more
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Josh Rosa    October 18 at 3:49am

All pro players that placed in the cash, please check your emails for confirmation of your paypal accounts. Thank you!


Josh Rosa    October 16 at 4:05am

Players emails have been set. Check your spam if you didnt get it!

Hole assignments are up!


Josh Rosa    October 16 at 1:20am

I'll be sending out players meeting here between 8pm and 9pm. That will also have your starting holes. Please be patient, lots of moving pieces this week and I am going to need down to the wire on this (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) haha


Josh Rosa    October 13 at 1:58am

Tee sign sponsors! If you are using your reserved spot, you may want to use it now.


Dominic Hodge    October 12 at 12:50pm

Hello this might be my first time playing in a tournament tlike this. I i see wait list? Does that mean there is no spots? Also im in MA3 is there spots available

Josh Rosa   October 12 at 8:53pm

Certain divisions are full and so there is a waitlist there. We also had a snafu of sorts where it wasn’t properly counting spots so amateurs were going on waitlist even tho their division had spots; that’s been corrected.

Mikhail Yohman   October 15 at 3:35pm

Make sure you sign up today before it closes! Tournaments are a blast and Josh is a great TD!

Tim Smith    October 7 at 9:36pm

Hey Josh. In case I missed it, ha e you addressed the parking? I heard we can't park at the impound lot anymore.

Josh Rosa   October 7 at 9:39pm

Hey Tim, Great question. I was going to send a players meeting email on Thursday of next week so everyone was good but parking for Aviary will be at the lot that is just north of the impound lot. If you go to google maps and look up Aviary, you will see a pin marked for Alternate Parking for Aviary ... more

Josh Rosa   October 7 at 9:40pm

Parking for Widefield is going to be in the parking lot, and also on the road where you can find. We are asking that you do not park in front of the neighbors drive ways, or cause the roads to become unsafe. The county has said that we can park anywhere that doesnt obstruct traffic or neighbors driveways. Other than that, its open parking.

Josh Rosa    October 7 at 12:43am

Both courses are in tournament mode.

Chris Smock   October 8 at 1:11pm

Looking forward to it! I haven't gone through the layouts yet, are they close enough that we will be able to use udic 'sobriety throwdown' layouts. They can edited also so let me know if their were any big changes.

Josh Rosa   October 8 at 4:30pm

Yeah, everything should be similar to the UDisc ones you built up. No real major changes that I can think of.

Chris Smock   October 8 at 4:47pm

Awesome! See y'all next weekend!

Josh Rosa    October 6 at 9:00pm

Alright, I have emailed the caddy book out to your emails. If you did not receive an email, check your spam. Also, you may want to check your email addresses are accurate here because I had a few bounce backs. I have also shared it to the Pikes Peak Flying Disc Club page on Facebook, as well as 719 Disc Golf Community. If you still haven't gotten it, or can find it, just LMK and I'll find away to get it to you.

Thank you all!


Josh Rosa    October 6 at 1:48am

Hole 1 yellow Saturday, orange Sunday long right
Hole 2 yellow deep right
Hole 3 yellow long
Hole 4 yellow Saturday short, orange Sunday long
Hole 5 orange Saturday mid, yellow Sunday long left
Hole 6 yellow
Hole 7 orange Saturday short, yellow Sunday long
Hole 8 yellow
Hole 9 yellow left
Hole 10 (9) orange basket long
Hole 11 yellow long
Hole 12 orange Saturday mid, yellow Sunday long
Hole 13 yellow Saturday left, orange Sunday long left (14s long placement)
Hole 14 yellow mid
Hol ... more

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Josh Rosa   October 6 at 1:50am

we have 2 baskets on most holes so we can do layouts for both Saturday (round 1 pros, round 2 ams) and Sunday (round 3 pros) I’ll hope to have out a full on maps and caddy book to the players tomorrow so you can see estimated distances, pars and OBs. Then I should be out there Saturday painting and flagging.

Joel Binford   October 6 at 2:10am

Ur a baller TD.. keep it up!

Josh Rosa   October 6 at 8:57pm

Thanks Joel, gotta keep the hustle up!

David baker    October 4 at 4:46pm

Can we have people follow our cards and watch. My girl wants to come see me play

Josh Rosa   October 4 at 7:10pm

That is okay. They just have to not be a distraction to anyone on the card.

Robb Stark    September 28 at 11:36pm

When will course maps or hole descriptions be posted? Thanks

Josh Rosa   September 30 at 4:44pm

Should have layout information by end of weekend. Courses will hopefully be set up this weekend, minus OB lines, and then next weekend we will have it ready to practice all the way.

Robb Stark   October 1 at 1:17pm

Awesome, thanks Josh.

Josh Rosa    September 22 at 2:16am

If your division gets full, go ahead and register for the waitlist. As things slow down, we may shuffle spots around.


David baker    September 22 at 1:37am

If I sponsor a hole am I in the tournament or do I still need to pay the fee?

Josh Rosa   September 22 at 2:12am

You’ll need to still pay your entry fee in addition to the tee sign sponsorship.

Alex Johnson    September 21 at 3:32pm

Didn't see the schedule, sorry if mentioned elsewhere.

Josh Rosa   September 21 at 3:47pm

Schedule will be posted here soon!

Alex Johnson   September 21 at 6:49pm


Josh Rosa   September 21 at 7:31pm

The schedule has been posted. Pros and MA1 will play Widefield Saturday morning, then go to the Aviary for a round there in the afternoon. On Sunday, they will play their final round at Widefield. The AMs will flip flop that, so Saturday morning at Aviary, Afternoon at Widefield and Sunday back at the Aviary.

Nate Helmuth    September 21 at 12:56pm

When will registration be open?

Robb Stark   September 21 at 1:46pm

Yeah I’m wondering the same thing. Hopefully it doesn’t just randomly open with no notifications and fill in the middle of the day.

Chris Smock   September 21 at 2:54pm

I was wondering why player count is stagnant. Makes sense now

Josh Rosa   September 21 at 3:31pm

Yeah sorry about that all, we had some issues but we will be back live at 8pm tonight.

Josh Rosa    September 21 at 2:23am

One moment on registration please :)


Alex Johnson    September 20 at 2:19pm

Is MP40 playing 2 rounds at Aviary or Widefield?

Josh Rosa   September 21 at 7:32pm

2 Rounds at Widefield, 1 at Aviary

Josh Rosa    September 15 at 8:41pm

1 Tempe Krieger
3 Jennifer James
5 James Miranda
7 Steve Sells
8 John Collins (pending)
10 Frizzen (pending)
17 Travis Flett

1 Steve Sells
5 Tempe Krieger
11 Jason James
18 Outlawz Discgolf -Colorado Chapter


Josh Rosa    September 13 at 3:06pm

Just as an FYI, hole sponsorships won't be finalized until we get an actual sign up here and payment made. Sorry to be a stickler on here but we have had people in the past claim something and then never follow through.


John Collins    September 8 at 11:47pm

Widefield sponsorship please :) for John Collins 73375 hole 8 if it’s available