Clash at the Creek

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 28-29, 2017 at Widefield Park in Colorado Springs, Colorado
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Clash at the Creek graphic
Added cash $800

About this tournament

Registration for none tee sign sponsors opens Aug 29 at 7pm.

This year will be bigger and better then years past.
Two Courses, Two Days, Two Pools and 54 Holes.
The field will be limited to 144 players.

If the Pro side does not fill in time we do not plan to open up more Am spots.

Will determine which division are in which pool as we get closer to the event date.

Pool A - Start at Widefield for Round 1, Aviary Round 2
Pool B - Aviary Round 1, Widefield Round 2
Round 3 will be Tee Times started at 8am on Sunday and will have groups taking off every 10 minutes.

Plan on having Food Trucks available and set up at Widefield (10 min drive from Aviary)

Tournament Central
Widefield - Field by Hole 5, off Kokomo St
Aviary - Field by Hole 5, off Las Vegas (right before the impound if you are headed south)

Payout - Cash for Pro Division day off, Merch for Amateur Divisions.
Rec and Junior Division Trophy Only
Player Pack - $40 value for Amateur Division (two discs and some other swag)

Layouts - Aiming to have Tournament Layouts set up by Oct 1st at both courses. Widefield will be set up for Saturday rounds, will change layout on Sunday.

We are a couple weeks away!!

Thank you all for signing up for the Clash at the Creek B-Tier here in Colorado Springs. We are looking forward to hosting the event. I wanted to send an update email to provide some details for the event.

Tournament Schedule

Check in 7-8:30am (at your starting course)
Optional Ace Pot – Bring $2, covers all rounds.
Players Meeting at 8:35am
Tee off 9:00am
Will break an hour for lunch – Two Food trucks will be set up at Widefield on Saturday
Will start 2nd round hr after last card is turned in.

Pool A – Pro Divisions
Pool B – Amateur Divisions

Pool A – will play Widefield Rd 1, Aviary Rd 2
Pool B – will play Aviary Rd 1, Widefield Rd 2

6:30pm Players Park at the Hatch Cover

Round 3 at Widefield for Pool A/B
8:00am Start with Tee Times

Tournament Central – Pool A - Widefield
Off Kokomo St by hole 5, normally where we meet for league.
Going I-25 S, take exit 135 for CO-83/Academy Blvd, Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto S Academy Blvd, Take the US-85 exit toward Fountain, Turn right onto US-85 S/US-87 S (signs for Fountain), Continue for 2.6 miles. Turn left on Fontaine Blvd, continue for 1 mile, then turn right on Kokomo St. Come all the way down Kokomo straight into a drive way, you will see a large building on the left, pull in to the right of that building into the open field. Will have signs up.

Park at Tournament Central, not by hole 1.

Tournament Central – Pool B Aviary
Off Las Vegas by hole 5 tee pad. .
Park on the Las Vegas side. (I-25 south to Circle (exit 138), go east to Janitell Rd turn left (right after Hotel Elegante) follow Janitell until it T's into Las Vegas, turn right, after going under the Circle bridge there will be a fenced container yard on your right, parking lot just after the fenced container yard right before the impound lot. There will be a flag or balloons to indicate the turn.

We mowed some of the area where TD central will be, should be plenty of room this year.

Directions from Aviary to Widefield
Head south on E Las Vegas St toward Carmel Dr
Turn left onto S U.S. Hwy 85 87
Continue onto US-85 S/US-87 S/E Las Vegas St
Continue to follow US-85 S/US-87 S
3.2 mi
Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Fontaine Blvd
0.9 mi
Turn right onto Kokomo St

Directions from Widefield to Aviary
Turn left onto Fontaine Blvd
0.8 mi
Turn right toward US-85 N/US-87 N
164 ft
Slight right onto US-85 N/US-87 N
3.5 mi
Slight right toward E Las Vegas St
0.2 mi
Continue straight onto E Las Vegas St over the railroad tracks
After you pass the impound lot take an immediate left into the parking area for TD central.

Tee Assignments
Pro Tees at Widefield (upper pro on hole 3)
Normal (Concrete) Tees at Aviary

Tournament OBs. Aviary
The out-of-bounds line is part of the out-of-bounds area. We will skip hole 17 during tournament play, adding hole 19.

General OBs
· Water/Creek
· Sidewalk and Beyond
· Bridge
· Cliff’s edge on 5/18/Temp hole (19)

· Hole 9 – Tree Arch in the Ceiling of the fairway off the Tee. Retee if missed
· Hole 11 – Mando left of the marked tree. Drop Zone next to mando
· Hole 14 – Mando left of the marked tree. Re Tee if missed.

Hole by Hole OB
1. In the Water/on the bridge / or across sidewalk. If you do not touch the other side, OB go to drop zone, if you cross the other side and go OB, take the drop from where you last crossed.
2. Water right, on or across sidewalk left
3. On or across sidewalk / over the fence right
4. Over the fence right
5. Water/Creek, off the cliffs edge will be painted and flagged. Re Tee if never crossed land
6. Water / Creek left
7. Water / Creek long
8. N/A
9. Must make mando, retee if missed, Water / Creek long
10. Water / Creek long
11. Must make the mando, drop zone next to mando, OB tree line right,If OB go to drop zone
12. Water / Creek left
13. Over the Painted line right, into 11’s Fairway
14. Must make Mando, re tee if missed.
15. OB bushes on the side of the hill, will be painted.
16. N/A
18 Cliff’s edge right is OB,
19. On or across sidewalk left, in Water, OB Path Deep. If OB go to drop zone.

Tournament OBs. Widefield
The out-of-bounds line is part of the out-of-bounds area.

General OBs
· Water/Creek
· Sidewalk and Beyond
· Dirt paths that go throughout the course are not OB

How we are going to play the creek, if you are in the water your OB, we did not paint lines as it would be too much paint, so if you are surrounded by water your OB. If you’re leaning up against the bank, you’re good. Take your meter and play on. If you’re on a sandbar that’s attached to the inbounds side of the creek your good. Key word is attached. If you’re on a sandbar that is an island surrounded by water, you’re OB. This will be up to the groups to decide. On 50/50 lie, adv goes to the player. If you’re still unsure, take a provisional and come ask us after the round.

Hole 8 – Left Mando (tree on the right with arrow), drop zone if missed.
Hole 11- left mando (tree on the right with arrow), Re Tee if missed.

Hole by Hole OB
1. TBD – Awaiting response from County if holes will be playable, if not we will have Temp holes
2. TBD - Awaiting response from County if holes will be playable, if not we will have Temp holes
3. In creek, on sidewalk or over right sidewalk
4. In/over creek, over fence post right
5. In/over creek left, over fence line right
6. In/over creek left, over fence line right
7. In/over creek left, over fence line right
8. In/over creek, over fence, mando
9. In/over creek, over fence
10. In creek over any fence
11. In/cver creek, over any fence, mando
12. In/over creek, over fence
13. In/over creek
14. In creek, on or over the sidewalk
15. On or across sidewalk
17. In/over creek
18. In/over creek

• Oct 16th – Oct 26th: Contact us on these dates for a full refund of entry fees minus a 10% handling charge if we are able to fill your spot from the waitlist. If we cannot fill your spot you will instead receive a 25% cash refund.
• No call-no show: No cash refund will be given.
If you paid in full and are on the waitlist and do not get in you will get a 100% refund.

Payout: Payout was posted on the FB event page based on the current roster. Pro Division will be paid cash day of, Am division will be paid out in merch. Possible added cash to pro division. Am divisions will receive a players pack discs as well. Trophies for all division as well.

Awards: With Tee Times on Sunday, this will be set up by division. As your division finishes, we will do payout right then, no having to wait until the event is completely finished. This will allow a gallery to gather for the Pro Card, and also allow people who traveled ample time to get home.

Players Party
Saturday Night from 6:30 to 9pm at the Hatch Cover
252 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

We have reserved the upstairs room, stairway right when you walk in the main door. No cover
$3 – New Belgium Drafts and Coors Light
Food Menu attached.

We will be doing the raffle during this time. You can buy tickets before Round 1, during lunch, after round 2 and at the players party. Tickets are 1 for $3, 2 for $5.

Up for grabs we have a Dynamic Recruit Basket, Two Innova Bags, and some other swag. You will write your name on the tickets, do not have to be present to win.

Hole Sponsors
Big Thank you to our Hole Sponsors

Michael Gray
J&C Garage Doors
New Belgium
Doug Hering- Be Functional
Tempe Krieger- Remax
Randy Ortiz
Richard White
John Whitlock
John Birkman
Jason & Jennifer James
Jeff Sells
Carla Akers- Throw Pink
Rocky "The Great One" Armijo
Witty Pork Food Trucks
Ray Murphy
Mike Bibby
Santos Montoya
Hatch Cover
Tim Heneen
Jason Crandell
Zac REeves
Nav Chahal
Billy Havens
Integrity Auto Care
Pete Kenny
Dan Shroder
Mike Storrs
John Daniel Whitlock

Look forward to running a great event. Hit us up if you have any questions.

Jeff Bradshaw TD (Widefield)
Lloyd Wilkins CO-TD (Aviary)

Refund policy

Pikes Peak Flying Disc Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Widefield Park
Colorado Springs, CO   Get Directions
The Aviary
Colorado Springs, CO   Get Directions

Current Standings

PDGA results at


Jim KellyHole 14 @ The Aviary on Main course, Long tees
1Joel Freeman474245
2Kyle Griffin474350
3Shawn Sullivan454451
4Jim Kelly454650
5Keith Vest464751
6Christian Arellano484750
7Zac Cobus484949
8Nate Metzler494652
9Andrew Herrera554251
9Navtej Chahal544450
9R.J. Montano455152
12John Collins494951
12Nick Hanson514652
14Dalin Boehnke524652
15Jonathan chavez504853
15Lance Trott485053
17Marshall McGill534752
17Mike Brown524753
19Elijah Wykes495055
20Josh Guhl524855
21Santos Montoya594651
21Spencer Kahla525054
23M. Bibby544955
24Aaron Grunwald545550
24David Littlejohn495060
24Justin Parker495159
27Josh Bergquist545155
28Anthony Salamanca595253
28Jason Parker624656
30David Ross605055
31Kellie Bei574861
32Mike Gomez584963
33Jacob R Voss616064
1Tom Carrillo494850
2Jason James524956
3Justin Hoxie525456
4Carl Klein545752
5Nathan Winfield575354
6Michael L. Cruz565059
6Steve Moll525360
8Joe Hudson585359
9Cardin McLeod585459
10Derek Grebe635763
11Tim Heenan6448-
12Rob Mooney6757-
1Christopher Keener574551
2Jay Burghardt524952
3Pete Kenny535255
4Bill Campbell555256
5Lennie Bottorff564962
6John Whitlock545962
7David Loco D Hirsch625658
8Christopher Wilson625868
Senior Grandmaster
1Don Labor525155
2Ralph Wynn676569
1Jon Ward515149
2Peter Deutsch455555
3Elijah Montoya485652
3Joshua Miller485454
3Scott Snow535053
6Jason Crandall515156
6Josiah Griffin534857
8Joshua Reiter485259
8Josiah McClary505158
8Nicholas Vigil505356
8Nick Ditulio485358
8Phil Avants465756
13Nick Desbouillons555352
14Ethan Boyd545356
15Alexander Krause465563
16Brandon Boone515460
17Spenser Sparks525856
18John Whitlock535361
19Michael Phillips-Gray525660
20Barrett Holtry595359
21Mike Bohner565960
21Noah Vialpando645259
21Zac Reeves525865
24Shyam Dhruv606158
25Brandon Bartlett5758-
Advanced Master
1Damon Henry545357
2Dan Schroeder515459
3Tempe Krieger505856
4Ray Murphy535759
5Matt James566565
6Richard Sinclair576666
Advanced Grandmaster
1Richard White516059
2Keith Saddler565759
3Randy Ortiz545663
4Scott Taylor545962
5Robert Silva605957
6Gary Tree Camp575966
7Doug Hering576660
8M. Travis McAlexander616462
1Joseph Mahan575053
2Truc Nguyen545657
3David Perzanowski545658
3Eric Svee486357
5Zay Garcia535661
6Rocky The Great One Armijo585558
7Andrew Corcoran596054
7William Havens585857
9Mike Cahill565961
10Clay Young536064
10Joshua Wainscott586257
12Sonam Lama575765
13Brad Nichols546660
14Dan Elliott586063
15Joey Lasek586262
15Nathan Rimkus566066
17Adam Spencer626359
17Matthew Davis606262
19Micah Schreiber616464
20Andrew Carrillo656369
1Joe David595562
2Neil Nelson586157
3James Miranda635858
4Christopher Coles546562
5Jeff Sells626766
6William Evonosky616968
7Nick Krebs7066-
8Chad Petrowski6672-
Intermediate Women
1Dani Cox576163
2Kim Spencer626567
3Ashley Bergquist707371
Recreational Women
1Samantha Bonacci606665
2Jennifer James687775