Charlie Vettiner Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 23-24, 2021 at Charlie Vettiner Park in Louisville, Kentucky
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Welcome to the Charlie Vettiner Open This event has $3,000 added cash Pool A - will start at Charlie Ve ... more
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Derek Dunn    October 23 at 4:33pm

Pool A round 2 - 1:15pm
Pool B round 2 - 1:30pm


Derek Dunn    October 23 at 12:35pm

Hole 2 at CV will not have OB
Caddy book didn’t match live scoring


Derek Dunn    October 23 at 12:27am

Traffic update:
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- It may be slow going on the Gene Snyder and Interstate 71 this weekend.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet will close the ramp from northbound Interstate 265 to I-71N. Crews will be doing work to widen the ramp.

One lane on I-71N will also be closed. The work will take place from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., weather permitting.


David A Highlands II    October 22 at 7:46pm

Hey Derek, the email mentions a caddie book but there is no link. I am probably missing something.

David A Highlands II   October 22 at 8:50pm

Perfect, thanks!

Derek Dunn    October 22 at 7:20pm

Welcome to the Charlie Vettiner Open player meeting!

Presented by prodigy discs!

PDGA just announced you can keep 2 players on live scoring instead of live scoring and udisc.
If you wish to do this feature please check out this link.

Code is - CVO21

Player meeting video is here

Caddy book is located here-

Good luck see you Saturday morning for tee off at 9am!

Reminder on Sunday
Po ... more


David A Highlands II    October 22 at 6:49pm

No way to make an exception this once Derek? Really appreciate consideration.

Derek Dunn   October 22 at 7:12pm

Give me a call at 270-872-9479 whenever you get a chance

Luke Hesse    October 22 at 5:18pm

Is it too late for me to be moved from ma2 to ma1

Derek Dunn   October 22 at 6:25pm

I can do it, just remember your courses have changed after the pool switch

Luke Hesse   October 22 at 6:27pm

Yup that’s fine

David Highlands    October 21 at 11:58pm

Hey my father would like to get into the tournament but he didn’t make the sign up window on time, is there any availability in the 50+ division that he could squeeze in? He would also happily do Ma3 if that is his only option

Derek Dunn   October 22 at 1:19am

I am sorry registration closed at 6pm

David A Highlands II   October 22 at 2:43am

Hi Derek, no possibility of walk up fill in for last minute cancellations? Haven't played a tourney since 99, this would be first one with my son. I just renewed my PDGA membership 20minutes ago. Thanks.

David A Highlands II   October 22 at 3:13am

If not I understand, rules are rules and deadlines are deadlines, I will be there regardless and thought it would be cool my # is 9902. Thanks

Tera Blair    October 18 at 3:23pm

unfortunately I am still dealing with a nagging injury and won't be able to make it

Derek Dunn   October 18 at 3:40pm

Just sent refund, hope you feel better

Jonathan Reynolds    October 16 at 8:31pm

I unfortunately need to withdrawal. Am i still able to get a refund?

Derek Dunn   October 16 at 8:45pm

Yes sending refund now

Monte Cheatham    October 12 at 7:54pm

If we get in the tournament from the waitlist will we be notified so we can pay? Just curious and thanks in advance for the help.

Derek Dunn   October 12 at 8:03pm

Yes, you will be sent a email.

Derek Dunn   October 19 at 9:24pm

Just sent email

Worden Barr    October 12 at 1:51pm

Can I be switched from MA2 to MA3 without getting waitlisted since they are both in pool B? Thank you!

Derek Dunn   October 12 at 7:54pm

Yes done

Worden Barr   October 12 at 8:18pm


Alex Worm    October 11 at 9:24pm

If there is a Spot open in MA2 can change to that From MA1

Derek Dunn   October 11 at 11:27pm

I have added you on the waitlist on ma2

Alex Worm   October 12 at 12:46am

thank you

Anthony M    October 8 at 4:16am

Don’t want to withdraw just moved to ma1

Derek Dunn   October 8 at 3:55pm

Currently ma1 is fill, do you wanna go on the waitlist for that division instead of ma3 like i see currently on the waitlist?

Anthony M   October 9 at 1:51am

Yes please

Derek Dunn   October 9 at 12:46pm


Derek Dunn    October 6 at 1:53pm

Welcome to the Charlie Vettiner Open!

Excited for you to see what we have been working on,

Currently we have the tournament fundraiser disc (M4 in spectrum plastic) available on prodigy website here if interested.

Also if you are looking to sponsor a hole send me a email or Facebook message to get started on that process, look ... more


Nathaniel randolph    October 4 at 12:40am

Are you allowed to camp on the grounds, or is there cheap camp grounds near by?

Derek Dunn   October 5 at 2:53am

Jefferson memorial will be your closest campground.

Derek Dunn   October 6 at 9:58pm

There is a KOA on 44 in Shepherdsville that isn't too far as well.

Gage Waits    September 27 at 2:38pm

Can you change me from MA2 to Ma1 please? Thank you.

Derek Dunn   September 27 at 6:10pm


Michael Miller    September 27 at 11:31am

I lost a green 2020 Heimburg Destroyer on hole 16 at Vettiner. If anybody finds it leading up to it during the tournament, my name and number are on it and I’d love to have it back!


Scott Corbin    September 25 at 4:41pm

Will pool be play the short tees at vettiner?

Derek Dunn   September 25 at 10:10pm

Both playing longs

Matthew Roe    September 23 at 5:16pm

1 round or 2 rounds on Sunday?

Derek Dunn   September 24 at 3:04am


Derek Dunn   September 24 at 3:05am

Pool A - will start at Charlie Vettiner on Saturday (tee off 9am) for rounds 1 and 2 then head to Wendell moore (longs) for Sunday (tee off 10:30am)

Pool B - will start at Wendall Moore (shorts) on Saturday (tee off 9am) for rounds 1 and 2 then head to Charlie Vettiner for Sunday (tee off 9am)

Payouts at Wendell Moore at the conclusion of the event