Chainiacs Challenge VII (NEW Date: 11/13/2021)

Saturday, November 13, 2021 at Newhall Community Park in Concord, California
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

RESCHEDULED due to weather conditions and concern for player experience! Please look for email updates in the ... more
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Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs    Sticky November 13 at 7:51pm

1:00 pm start time for round 2! Please check UDisc for your round 2 starting hole no later than 12:30 and head to your hole shortly after!


Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs    Sticky November 13 at 6:14am

Starting holes are on UDisc! See everyone at 6:30 for check in. Players meeting at 7:00.

Let’s do this thing!!!


Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs    Sticky November 9 at 6:21pm

UPDATED Caddie Book for Chainiacs VII!


~Due to light, we have moved everything up by half an hour, meaning check in is 6:30-7:00 am, and the first round will start at 7:30 am. Please be on time!
~Please refrain from smoking and drinking during Chaniacs. These are park rules.
~This will be an ALL TAGS IN DMDGC event! If you have a Devil Mountain 2021 tag, please bring it! We will not be selling new ... more


Maxwell Mical    November 8 at 4:58am

Yo yo yo! As it currently stands what are the odds those wait listed (ahem) on MA2 will be able to sneak in? Or when do you think we'll know? I'm so antsy to get this tournament underway. Appreciate you and talk to you soon!

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs   November 8 at 9:11pm

Hey Maxwell (GREAT NAME!). We have 1 waitlist, and it appears you are currently #11. I don't expect 11 people to drop by Saturday, but you never know! People's plans change. Keep checking back.

Maxwell Mical   November 8 at 9:15pm

Always great to meet a fellow Maxwell in the wild haha. But thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I'll keep an eye out and hope for the best! Worst comes to worst a refund never hurts, but I'll keep checking. Keep it real, my friend!

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs   November 8 at 9:21pm

INDEED! If you do not get in, you can expect a refund after the event, hopefully Sunday! Good luck on getting in!

jacob fields    November 5 at 7:50pm

Are tags required? And if so will I be able to purchase one before hand?

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs   November 8 at 9:09pm

Tags are NOT required! Just a bonus bit of competition for our club members. We will not be selling new tags day of.

Stuart Willams    November 5 at 1:12am

Tags going to be in play during the Tournament?

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs   November 5 at 3:55pm

We are currently planning on collecting tags at check in!

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs    November 1 at 6:55pm

Registration re-opens for the new date TOMORROW, Tuesday, 11/2 @ 8PM. Tell your friends!


Jenn Cazanov-Diggs    October 23 at 10:48pm


Dear Rainiacs-I mean-Chainiacs Players,

We have been so incredibly excited to put on an amazing event for you… our priorities are, and will always be, player experience and safety. We were initially hopeful with the direction the impending storm was trending in the past week leading up to the event; that has shifted dramatically in the past 24 hours. With that in mind we have made the very difficult decision to reschedule the event to a later, to be determined date. We are w ... more

Edward Elam   October 24 at 12:20am

Safety 1st always. Looking forward to the makeup date.

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs    October 22 at 5:38pm

We will be continuing with the scheduled event. Please come prepared for some rain & wind. The email includes many good tips to help make the day fun and successful for all!



chris isom    October 22 at 3:27pm

What's the chances that a couple people will drop due to weather and I could slide in if I show up?


Clayton hensley    October 21 at 4:15am

Hi, I moved from waitlist to registered, but the link that was emailed to me to confirm my registration has expired, Is there any way to still confirm?

Todd Swenson   October 21 at 4:27am

Hey Clayton. Not sure what happened with the confirmation link, but you are showing up in the MA1 division list as a registered player.

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs    October 17 at 6:13pm


Hello Chainiacs Challenge VII Players!

We are 1 week away from the tournament! We are very excited, and hope you are too. In this email you will find a PDF of the caddie book for the tournament. We are also providing you with a link to the PDF.

In the caddie book you can find information about parking, general rules & guidelines for the tournament, and all tee signs and sponsors for the tournament. Remember that the course is going up and coming do ... more


Dan D    October 16 at 6:10am

Stupid question can I bring a caddie ? Lol joking…… kinda

Chris Basuino   October 16 at 12:29pm


Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs    October 13 at 1:43am

Hello Chainiacs VII Players!

You just (10/12/2021) received an email containing an important Google form necessary to help Chainiacs be successful. Please fill it out by Sunday, 10/17!

Thanks so much!


Dennis Leveron    October 7 at 11:01pm

Dope! Thanks for the info!


Dennis Leveron    October 7 at 10:20pm

Will we be able to practice the course before b the tourney?

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs   October 7 at 10:27pm

Hey Dennis! Unfortunately we will only be able to set this temporary course up for the day of the tournament, so most holes will be unplayable until the first round begins. We do plan to have several holes available early for warm-ups!

Dan D    October 7 at 7:23pm

If I can’t get in for my division can I be bumped up to the next division ?

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs   October 7 at 10:01pm

Hey Dan. There is one waitlist right now, for the Amateur divisions. You are #3 right now. If 3+ people drop you are in! Moving divisions will not help your chances of getting in.

Maxwell Cazanov-Diggs    October 7 at 4:19pm

Chainiacs VII Update!
All spots have been filled for this tournament! Congrats to those who made it in from the waitlist. If players drop, we will fill from the waitlist in the order that people registered. We will NOT be adding additional spots, as we have a firm cap of 100 players. Thank you for understanding!