Cannonball Classic

Saturday, February 11, 2023 at Pleasant View Park in Russellville, Arkansas
Disc golf doubles tournament

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About this tournament

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Justin Knuckles    February 10 at 5:31pm

Never played either of these courses, so I thought I’d ask about the tee pads with weather this past week. Are they clear, or has weather made them muddy and slick. Trying to prepare for tomorrow as rain forecast for today.

Thanks for your time and hosting of the tournament

Niall Blasdel   February 10 at 10:31pm

Sent you an email. For anyone reading, the course drains well and the concrete is grippy even when damp.

Corbin Greening    February 6 at 7:40pm

Will there be a in person players meeting or just done through email?

Niall Blasdel   February 6 at 7:51pm

Great question Corbin! The player's meeting will be through email. If you have any specific questions feel free to post them here or email me directly at [email redacted].

Niall Blasdel    February 3 at 8:01pm

UDisc is updating its system and we will not be able to keep live scores this year. Instead, we will use paper cards. You may keep a UDisc scorecard as long as at least one card member keeps a paper score. Just be aware it won't be live. I apologize for the inconvenience. This should be resolved for future events. Thank you.

Mark bates   February 9 at 1:49am

I sent you a message

Niall Blasdel   February 9 at 1:06pm

Sent you an email. Let me know if I can do anything else for you!

Nolan Campbell    January 31 at 3:22pm

What layout will the advanced division be playing?

Niall Blasdel   January 31 at 3:52pm

All divisions will play the same main layout.

Nolan Campbell    January 10 at 2:41pm

is this a prodigy sponsored tournament? i see the player pack disc is prodigy but dont see anything about them being the main sponsor.

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Edward (Dave) Davidson   January 14 at 7:52pm

Just wondering what doubles format.? Best,Worst or alternate

Niall Blasdel   January 20 at 9:35pm

Best shot.

Edward (Dave) Davidson   January 21 at 3:21pm