Can Am Cup Team Matchplay Championship 20th Edition

Sat-Sun, August 25-26, 2018 at Browns Farm in South Dayton, New York
Disc golf teams tournament

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Where: Brown's Farm Disc Golf Course 8744 South Dayton-Silver Creek Road South Dayton, NY 14138 When: ... more
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J. Gary Dropcho    August 28 at 9:07pm

A thousand thank-yous to the Brown family and the Chainbiters club for the prep work on the course, all 12 team captains and their roster-mates, those who donated prizes for the Spirit Awards, Pittsburgh Flying Disc, and all others who put in to make the 20th Can Am Cup the best ever!


J. Gary Dropcho    August 27 at 3:27am

Marcus Ranii-Dropcho, Vince Mach, Brian Grace, Vinnie Montanari and some other folks won baked goods for CTPs on hole 4 and Long Drive on hole 18.


J. Gary Dropcho    August 27 at 3:25am

Chris Deitzel won the $120+ ace pot throw-off with a disc he had never thrown before!

chris deitzel   August 27 at 11:54am

Some dirty Disc from the lost and found pile.

J. Gary Dropcho    August 27 at 3:24am

Spirit Award Winners -- Women: Meghan Mach; Masters: Clint Eastland; Am 1: Regis Stump; Am2: Jordan Bochenski; Open 1: Bart Sheer; Open 2: Rob Allessi


J. Gary Dropcho    August 27 at 3:20am

Rochester Coachful wins the 20th Can Am Cup, beating Jimmy Stewarts 5 1/2-1/2 in the Gold Medal match. Tri-State Shockers beat Flaggerdoots for the Bronze medals.
$1250 paid out in merch and cash to the top 33% of the 12-team field, and all players got a 20th edition Can Am Cup disc, food for the weekend, free camping and Brown's Farm greens fees for their $60 entry.


chris deitzel    August 22 at 2:54pm

Sure is nice seeing a Nelson Bennett design on a disc again.


J. Gary Dropcho    August 22 at 1:52am

With rosters finalized on Friday August 17, and players' eligibility confirmed, the seeding and pool assignments for this weekend's tournament are now set and published in the Pictures tab^^.

chris deitzel   August 22 at 10:41am

Nice. What teams play each other?

Kevin Jacobs   August 24 at 2:46pm

What are the match-ups for Rounds 1-5, and the formula for Sunday's cross-over matches?

J. Gary Dropcho    August 20 at 9:59pm

We are excited to announce that all Can Am Cup players will get their choice of a custom-stamped 20th Edition Can Am Cup golf disc with artwork by Nelson Bennett!
Thanks to Innova Discs, you will have plenty of merch to choose from -- DX Aviar Putters and Zephyrs; KC Pro Rocs; XT Novas; Champion Eagles and Roadrunners; Star Aviar X3s, Boss, Katana, Leopard, Shryke, and Tee Birds; plus Color Glo DX Aviar Classics, Pro Rocs and Luster Champion Thunderbirds! Also have the new overstable Caiman mid ... more

Jamie Rockefeller   August 21 at 7:27pm

Dibs on the Luster Champ Thunderbird

J. Gary Dropcho    August 17 at 1:26am

Tee Assignments: Open 1, Open 2, Masters play Gold tees. Women, Am 1, Am 2 play White tees.


chris deitzel    August 13 at 8:33pm

How do the pools get seeded?

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J. Gary Dropcho   August 17 at 1:26am


chris deitzel   August 21 at 12:41am

I like it.

Rob Alessi   August 21 at 5:26am

Sounds good and I really look forward to this year's tourney? How will ratings work for players who arent current? I'm approx 940 rated. I played a can-am team event in 2000 or 2001, will that count toward multiple events if I also played in last year's event?

J. Gary Dropcho    August 13 at 7:33pm


J. Gary Dropcho    August 13 at 7:33pm

Registration for the 12 team Can Am Cup field is about to fill. When the 12th team registers its first roster spot, Registration will close. Players on a team that is already in the field but who have not yet registered on that team roster will pay their entry fee to be put on the Waitlist. Be sure to use the same team name as all of the other members of that team.
The Tournament Director will promote players from the waitlist.

The deadline for paid in full registration and final roster spots is 11 pm Friday 17.


J. Gary Dropcho    August 13 at 7:32pm


Jamie Rockefeller    August 13 at 7:01pm

Dylan Rees is on the team Coachful even though it is spelled "coachfull" on the registration page. Thanks


J. Gary Dropcho    August 13 at 2:11pm


chris deitzel    August 13 at 12:43pm

Got a team together. Just need one player for the Pro 2 spot. Anyone interested?


J. Gary Dropcho    August 7 at 5:27pm

10 teams are currently registering. Only two team spots left in the field. Captains, please ensure that all of your team members and substitutes are registered by August 17 so we can seed the pools

James Johnson   August 7 at 9:37pm

Thanks for the update. Can't wait!

J. Gary Dropcho    July 19 at 4:29pm

Getting ready to order Can Am Cup player Discs from Innova. Wondering what models and weights people would like to get in their player package?

James Johnson   July 19 at 7:04pm

165-69 Katana and Boss!! that would be cool.

Jamie Rockefeller   August 2 at 3:44pm

Eagle! 170g

J. Gary Dropcho    June 30 at 8:55pm

The field is half full with six teams registering their team’s name in the tourney! This is going to fill! Get your rosters registered.


James Johnson    June 30 at 3:16pm

Our team is looking for an Open 1 or Open 2. anyone interested?