CTP Disc Monday Flex @ Bailey DGC

PDGA logoMonday, September 27, 2021 at Bailey DGC in Bailey, Colorado
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Welcome to the 2nd installment of CTP Disc Monday Flex Events! *Walk ups will not be accepted. In an eff ... more
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Kyle Harrigan    Sticky September 26 at 8:03pm

Registration is Closed: The following spots are available if you message me:
2 Spots 10:12am
1 Spot 12:00pm
Any Open time Slot if you have at least 3 people to register.
Shoot me a PM if you would like to take one of our open slots

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Kyle Harrigan   September 27 at 2:58am

I see you registered and selected 10:12, if you rather be at 12 just let me know

Josh Ward   September 27 at 3:13am

I was able to sign up for 10:12am online. I hope that's still ok. I will show up a lot earlier in case I have to go earlier.

Kyle Harrigan   September 27 at 3:17am

10:12 is good see you there

Kyle Harrigan    Sticky September 25 at 6:49pm

I will have a more detailed player email out tomorrow evening but we will be playing the course how it is set up, and playing the short tee on Hole 8. Thanks everyone for signing up and I look forward to hosting you all on Monday!


Jon c    September 27 at 3:08am

Any way you can get me reserved for 9:48 I possibly have 4 going

Kyle Harrigan   September 27 at 3:17am

As long as it’s at least 3 yes

Al Molter    September 25 at 1:07am

Hey Kyle! Any chance I can get my double G jerky from the Muscles for Romito event?

Kyle Harrigan   September 25 at 1:07am

I’ll bring it with me

Al Molter   September 25 at 1:54am


Dan McKercher    September 25 at 12:26am

Hey Kyle, looks like there are 5 on the card I chose. I'm okay dropping from that one, I actually had a few work calls get scheduled for 11 and 12. Any way you could accommodate an earlier tee time at 8:48? Thanks

Kyle Harrigan   September 25 at 12:54am

I could open up a 8:48 if you’d like, I should be there with plenty of time to kick you off

Dan McKercher   September 25 at 1:02am

That would be awesome, hopefully a few others jump on for 8:48, I'll spread the word. Thanks Kyle!

Kyle Harrigan   September 25 at 1:07am


J.J. Fierro    September 23 at 2:18pm

Are caddies allowed?

Kyle Harrigan   September 23 at 2:24pm


Travis Blase    September 16 at 11:49pm

Could you please switch me from the 2:48 tee time to the 2:36 tee time? Thanks


Greg Kingsbury    September 2 at 2:13am

Please change my division to MPO+40 THX