CADL Winter 2022 Quarterly hosted by Fly Guy Disc Golf

PDGA logoSunday, February 27, 2022 at Buckhorn at Harris Lake County Park in New Hill, North Carolina
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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*** ATTENTION *** With the current weather conditions, taking the safety of all players into consideration, t ... more
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Hannable McGarity    Sticky January 20 at 6:18pm

Wake County's Manager has CLOSED the park for FRIDAY 1/21/2022.

Just a heads up before anyone goes out to practice on Friday.

AT this time, the decision for the weekend is not made. Here what we do know:

IF the park is open as normal, the event will go on.

IF the park is delayed excessively or closed, the event will be rescheduled. I already have a backup date approved by the PDGA and can eaily change the date.

I will update HERE each time there is information to be updated.

Thank You

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Hannable McGarity   January 22 at 1:01am

The park is closed for Saturday. Just got the word from park staff.

Hannable McGarity   January 22 at 1:01am

A decision to proceed or reschedule will be made by 10:00 am tomorrow (Saturday)

Hannable McGarity   January 22 at 11:43am

With the current weather conditions, taking the safety of all players into consideration, the CADL Winter Quarterly originally scheduled for tomorrow has been postponed to 2/27/2022. The last thing we want when having a fun competition of friends is someone having an incident that causes them injury ... more

ALAN SHERIDAN    March 7 at 1:41pm

Anyone come across an orange K1 soft Berg with black text on hole 18? I think I accidently left it probably 25 feet from the basket


Adam Stetten    February 27 at 3:17pm

I will be ready to start around 11 AM. I’m either advanced or MA 40 :-)

Adam Stetten   February 27 at 3:19pm


ALAN SHERIDAN    February 27 at 1:46am

Looking for one more for a 9:30 card if anyone is free, got 2 so far

ALAN SHERIDAN   February 27 at 1:47am

Well 1-3 more

Isaac Dalsheimer   February 27 at 2:59am

Me and a friend (2) are looking for card-mates. Planning to arrive around 9. Also in MA1!

Jonathan Fisher    February 27 at 12:07am

Hello! Can I join someone’s card please? (MA2)

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Dave Emke   February 27 at 12:18am

We have 2 (MA3) planning to start around 10AM if that works for you

Jonathan Fisher   February 27 at 12:39am

That works I can be there there

Jonathan Fisher   February 27 at 2:40pm

Dave I found an earlier card going to start off with them

Alberson Pineda urrego    February 27 at 12:07am

can me and two of my friends join for tomorrow


Dave Emke    February 26 at 8:19pm

Jacob Hogue and I (MA3) will be there around 10am. We'll need a cardmate or two if anyone is still looking.


Brandon Stewart    February 25 at 3:09pm

I would love to play this tournament!! I have two friends on a card if that helps! I missed the deadline by like an hour and sent an email! Can I register in person?

Hannable McGarity   February 25 at 3:13pm

check your email

Tyler Kibble    February 24 at 9:01pm

Unfortunately due to an unexpected injury I will need to withdraw. I have already submitted the request on my registration as well. Thank you!


Andrew Wilson    February 24 at 4:40pm

Hey I’m in need of a few card mates anybody down?

Alex Daniel   February 24 at 4:54pm

I am down. I was just going to show up and hope for the best, but this seems better.

Andrew Wilson   February 25 at 11:15am

Never mind I got on a four man card, my bad.

Dustin Nelson    February 24 at 1:11am

Just missed the online deadline, do I need to sign up in person day of or can I sign up beforehand?

Hannable McGarity   February 25 at 2:29pm

reply sent in private message

Jerome Kelly    February 23 at 12:52pm

Does anyone need another player on their card. I’m in MA3 and don’t have a card to be on.

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Alex Daniel   February 26 at 12:35am

Awesome. See you guys on the tee at 11:30!

Prentice Clayton   February 27 at 4:04pm

Running behind, but I will be there before 11:30

Andrew Wilson   February 27 at 4:06pm


Daniel Kosmala    February 23 at 4:07am

Unfortunately need to withdraw, submitted request on my registration. Thank you!

Hannable McGarity   February 23 at 11:31am

Gotcha covered

Joseph D Day    February 22 at 11:32pm

Hey everyone, this will be my first time playing this course and first tournament since 2009. Looking forward to it. Anyone looking to add an ma3 to their card let me know my timing is flexible


Owen Rice    February 22 at 2:03pm

Can I be moved to ma1

Hannable McGarity   February 23 at 11:36am


Ethan Dansky    February 21 at 5:56pm

Do we need to have 3 on our card to play? Also, does anyone want to play at 10 in ma3 with me and Will Alexander?

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Ethan Dansky   February 22 at 1:29am


Joseph D Day   February 22 at 5:58pm

Would you guys want a 4th? I'm coming to from Fayetteville and don't have a card?

Hannable McGarity   February 23 at 11:32am

Yes 3 is a minimum. Remeber tho with a flex start you can mix divisions so if you have someone playing another division they can still card with you.

Zach Olsson    February 20 at 1:17am

Hey Hannable, can you move me to MA1? -Thanks

Hannable McGarity   February 20 at 2:12am

Boom! Done

Daniel DeBrecht    February 19 at 9:28pm

Need to withdraw, requsted it on my registration. Ty

Hannable McGarity   February 20 at 2:11am

Gotcha covered

ALAN SHERIDAN    February 12 at 3:10pm

Are hole 1 and hole 15 going to be in long or short positions for the basket? Noticed they switched positions recently


Tanner Morrison    February 12 at 12:04am

I need to withdraw. Having our baby shower that weekend. Look forward to the next one.

Thank you!