Buxton Woods presents The Bull of the Woods Random Doubles

Sunday, March 23, 2014 at Buxton Woods in Buxton, Oregon
Disc golf doubles tournament


Director Thomas "T" D.

About this tournament

We have set the date and made a major change by making it a Random Doubles round of disc golf. Mark your calenders and save the date!!
Buxton Woods is pleased to announce the BULL OF THE WOODS - RANDOM DOUBLES TOURNEY!!! 18 holes of disc golf playing the alternate pad-pin layout.

1) $20 per player. Buy In includes $3 Day Use Fee. Remaining Entry Fee's are all paid out!! Random Draw Doubles, please do not ask for exceptions to the Draw. There have been questions about being able to choose a partner based on two peoples skill level. All teams will be determined by a draw prior to the 1st round.
2) We will be playing 18 holes in a 2 rounds of 9 format. The Front 9 will consist of Odd tees to Even holes. The afternoon round will play the Back 9, Even tee-pads to Odd holes. All 18 holes will be par 4's for a total Par 72. A hole by hole explaination sheet will accompany each card. There are only 6 holes total that have mando's. If there is no Mando for the hole you are playing, then we are instituting the Whatever It Takes rule of play. Use common sense and safety first at all times, please!!
3) Player safety is our first concern. Use spotters and look before you throw. We are hoping to have enough players register that we can close the course to the public during the tourney.
4) $3 Day Use Fee for the course will be taken from each players Entry. The remaining Entry Fee's will be payed out in cash.
5) We will play the Front Nine, have a short lunch break where we will offer a Chicken Fettucine and Garlic Bread lunch for a small donation to cover expense of food and a lil something to show our appreciation to the Cook. No minimum donation is required, just much appreciated. Then we will conclude the tourney with the Back 9. Perhaps a few CTP Throw-Offs for some disc's and swag??


Final Results

Round 1: Buxton Woods - Main course Bull of the Woods Front 9 (Odd pads to Even pins), 9 holes, par 36
Round 2: Buxton Woods - Main course Bull of the Woods Back 9 (Even Tee's to Odd pins), 9 holes, par 36
1Gregg Sutton
Daniel Chambliss
333568 (-4)$164
2Kolte Breck
Bryan B.
373774 (+2)$90
3Dusty Adkins
Thomas "T" D.
403575 (+3)$70
4Kevin "Wood-Cutter" Strand
Tim Becker
373875 (+3)$60
5Big Dog
Karl Denfeld
403676 (+4)$50
6Joe King
Lee Hartman
413576 (+4)
7Kyle Hite
Carl Cleem
403777 (+5)
8Matt Kasey
Tim Nelson
393978 (+6)
9Mat Owens
Chris "Doc" M.
394079 (+7)
10Thomas Bentley
Larry Newman
454186 (+14)
11Aaron Ussery
Miss Jaimee S.
434487 (+15)
12Erik Gyllenskog
Ryan Strand
444387 (+15)