Burr Oak Blitz

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 25-26, 2021 at Burr Oak State Park in Glouster, Ohio
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Thank you for your interest in Burr Oak Blitz. This event is an amateur-only PDGA B-Tier event. This event wil ... more
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Kristy Moore    Sticky September 25 at 11:24pm

Tee times for round 2 have been posted: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/50380


Kristy Moore    October 4 at 3:13pm

We wanted to take the time to thank everyone that participated in the Ohio Amateur Disc Golf Tour this year. The leaderboards have been updated and the winner of each division in the series will be receiving a trophy for their performance over the series. Congrats to each of you. You can check out the leaderboards here: https://www.discgolfscene.com/series/36285/ohio-amateur-disc-golf-tour/leaderboards

Please allow 4-6 weeks for the series trophies as they are being custom ordered with the wi ... more

Christopher Lytle   October 5 at 12:25am

Thanks to you and your team for organizing and TDing. You're all doing a great job!

Larry short    September 28 at 11:58pm

I think shooting even from the longs is higher than a 1000 rating. That's a tough track, best I've seen in Ohio. Going down to play Sasquatch in the big buckeye next month and out to Caesar's at some point, can't wait!


Kristy Moore    September 26 at 12:04pm

Please remember there is NO player parking in the lot at tournament central. Please park in one of the three parking lots indicated in the caddy guide and take the shuttle to tournament central.


Kristy Moore    September 25 at 1:28am

Hey guys and gals, due to some logistical issues, we are going to have everyone pick up their player's packs on Sunday instead of tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice.


Kristy Moore    September 24 at 12:55am

Tee times have been posted folks. You can find them here: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/50380


Daniel Carsey    September 23 at 12:51am

Never used digital scoring for tournaments before, didn't see much info in the caddy book, anything I should know? Any app I should have installed besides udisc?

Kristy Moore   September 23 at 12:52am

Nope you access it through the browser on your phone. We will also have paper scorecards available, so each card usually has one person do the digital and one do the paper scorecard.

Kristy Moore   September 23 at 12:54am

Just enter the following site into your browser and enter the access code in the caddy guide: www.pdga.com/score

Kristy Moore    September 23 at 12:07am

Caddy guides have been sent out. Please check your email, if you do not see it remember to check your spam folder then reach out if you still did not receive it.

Please make sure you read the caddy guide, parking is going to be a lot different than most events as well as some other key information.

Shawn Smith   September 23 at 12:21am

Thanks Kristy. You are killing it on this one!

Kristy Moore   September 23 at 1:22am

Thanks so much man.

Kevin Connell    September 22 at 8:38pm

Can anyone help me with directions? I’ve never been to Burr Oak. Do we just enter in the main entrance like we are going to the lodge and look for signs that point us the correct way to the disc golf course? Thanks in advance!

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Kevin Connell   September 23 at 12:18am

Thanks Kristy!

Shawn Smith   September 23 at 12:22am

If you use UDisc it will take you to hole one. But parking is at the lodge.

Kristy Moore   September 23 at 12:27am

Be sure to pay attention to the parking information. There is a wedding at the lodge on Saturday so they want us to only park there as needed. We need folks to park by the entrance first, then by the boat launch before you get to the lodge, then finally the lodge parking lot. All of this is in the caddy guide along with a map indicating which parking lots we are referring to

Kristy Moore    September 22 at 4:36pm

Hey all, look for the caddy guide to be sent out tonight via email. If you do not receive it, I will make a post once it's been sent out, please reach out as it will have all of the event info, parking, OB, etc.

Tee times will be posted tomorrow night after registration closes and will be located on the event page on the PDGA website which can be found here: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/50380

Please reach out if you have any questions before the event.


Shawn Wright    September 22 at 1:05am

Can you remove Shawn Wright Jr? And are you able to refund that.

Kristy Moore   September 22 at 2:59am

Sent over the partial refund. We have had a lot of drops the past two days so I don't know that the spot will be filled before registration closes.

Braden Foulke    September 21 at 11:50pm

Any word when we will know tee times ?

Kristy Moore   September 22 at 12:51am

Yep as soon as registration closes thursday night.

Braden Foulke   September 22 at 1:03am

sweet thanks !

Kristy Moore   September 22 at 1:36am

No problem. Ill post on her when they are published.

Kristy Moore    September 20 at 9:35pm

Once again the awesome crew over at Six Sided Discs has an awesome course preview for you guys and gals. Check it out before the event!



Jonathan Benner    September 20 at 1:16pm

I would like to request as early a tee time as possible please - Probably not a popular request, so hoping you can accommodate. Thanks!!!!


Mario Segovia    September 18 at 10:58pm

The "850" lmao y'all are goofy. But if you are moving people around move me up too. I don't wanna tee off at 7 am

Austin netting   September 19 at 5:14am

There was more he dropped out reason being is the ones that’s 850 we are all competing for the amateur tour championship in points

Austin netting    September 18 at 9:20pm

Kristy please don’t forget to move up the 850’s in ma-4


Brian Hefner    August 25 at 12:55pm

I need to be moved to rec please because of my rating

Kristy Moore   August 25 at 1:57pm

Yep. I will move everyone that needs after the next ratings update at the beginning of September. Thanks for reaching out, I will get you taken care of then.

Larry short    August 22 at 1:41am

It's nice to see a few players in novice with 850 ratings or higher. Please do your part and mercilessly ridicule the sand baggers! Good luck in the final round tomorrow, Kristy!

Kristy Moore   August 22 at 1:44am

Thanks man. And yeah I haven't moved anyone around after the last update, since there is one more before the event, I was going to wait until then to give them the boot! hahaha.

Jeremy Garber   August 22 at 2:38am

Larry, when you register months in advance, and you are still playing tournaments, ratings will change. I'm sure Kristy will sort them out before tee-off.

Justin Rogers   August 22 at 5:01pm

This is disc golf. We're not going to mercilessly ridicule anyone. weird

Bill Vanderhoof    August 20 at 4:26pm

I was able to play this course a couple weeks ago and it is a nice course and fun to play. I was wondering about parking. How will parking be handle since there are only 6 spots close to hole 1?

Daniel Carsey   August 20 at 4:44pm

Shuttling from the lodge

Kristy Moore   August 22 at 1:44am

We are working on that now. I will have all of those details released before the event for sure.

Bill Vanderhoof   August 23 at 1:07pm

Thanks, Kristy!

Bill Vanderhoof    August 12 at 3:52pm

Is this course and date confirmed yet? The description says you are still working on securing the course.

Kristy Moore   August 18 at 4:30pm

Yep, sorry I didn't realize I that I never updated the about section.

Kelsey Brakel   August 18 at 8:27pm

Hey Kristy, you've got it as the Route 33 Classic in the About section still. Just a heads up.

Kristy Moore   August 18 at 9:31pm

Hahahaha, sheesh