British Columbia Provincial Championships , B Tier

PDGA logoSat-Sun, September 24-25, 2022 at McArthur Island DGC in Kamloops, British Columbia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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I would like to start off by extending a huge thank you to the sponsors of the event. First and foremost ... more
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Nathanael Baker    September 24 at 2:47pm

Had some vehicle troubles and not going to make the check-in but I will be there for my tee time. Is that okay?

Chad Smoliak   September 24 at 3:47pm

Yeah all good.

Chad Smoliak    September 23 at 7:19pm

Apparently I have neglected this sorry.

Mac is the same pads for everyone.
Rose is Blue pads for MPO / MP40 / MA1.

Everyone else is playing from the Red pads.


Chad Smoliak    September 23 at 6:28am

I would like to start off by extending a huge thank you to the sponsors of the event.

First and foremost I need to thank the Kamloops Disc Golf Club. The KDGC sponsored the initial $750 of added cash to make the event a B Tier. The club also works hard not just the past few weeks but all year round to keep the courses in Kamloops updated and maintained. The tireless work from all of the board members and club members that volunteer is greatly appreciated.

Okanagan Disc Supply has al ... more

Justin Feenstra   September 23 at 3:52pm

Are the courses open to the public this weekend if played opposite of tournament times?

Chad Smoliak   September 23 at 7:18pm

Rose hill on Saturday yes. Mac is being used by a different user group on Sunday and is closed.

Tony Iammarino    September 22 at 4:53am

So, I’ve never played mcarthur island. After reading the mail from chad….it sounds like it’ll be pretty close to original rec course, which is good, right? Is one of the u-disc layouts a good indication of what to expect? Especially if I don’t arrive with time to actually practice. please advise. Thx

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Terry Rigby   September 22 at 4:15pm

@Jacob, that is #4. For hole 3 you tee off towards the pond fence and then the fairway turns left and the basket is at the end of it. OB left comes into play as younger to the corner

Rob Clayton   September 22 at 5:20pm

Hole 3 is in the long position on the little peninsula. OB long, left and right. Hole 4 is farther back on the island with the drop zone at the front

Chad Smoliak   September 23 at 6:27am

The layout on uDIsc will hopefully be active in the morning.

Rick Collins    September 21 at 2:34pm

Thanks for all the hard work on this. We know it's not easy hosting us.
Is there a caddy book with all the changes for the two courses?

Chad Smoliak   September 21 at 2:45pm

I will be sending this out this evening

Andrew Semeniuk    September 18 at 1:30pm

I know it's late notice, but could I move up to ma1 so I can caddy for my son? this is his first tournament and he's 10


Jeremy White    September 18 at 3:16am

Will there be a final 9 for FA2? The about section lists MP50 but that division seems to be vacant.

Chad Smoliak   September 18 at 3:33am

Figuring this out is on my agenda for possibly tonight. With 13 competitors it’s likely I’ll add one.

Russell Bissett    September 16 at 4:14am

Does one who’s playing need to sign in the day before the tournament starts or the day of?

Chad Smoliak   September 16 at 5:17am

No it won’t be necessary

Chad Smoliak   September 16 at 5:18am

I’ll be sending out more emails

Chad Smoliak   September 16 at 5:18am

As we get closer , the first one will likely be tomorrow or Saturday

Carrie Neal    September 14 at 4:02pm

For those that didn't get or can't find the email sent out yesterday, here is the link to the question being asked. Super fun opportunity for any one that attended The TCO in May :)


Carrie Neal    September 13 at 6:21pm

Hey everyone! You had an email sent this morning from Chad via Disc Golf Scene. We would love if you took a minute to respond :) Cheers~


Owen Powers    September 8 at 2:02am

Hey Chad, I'm going to be unavailable with work now so unfortunately I'll have to withdraw as well. Enjoy the tourney and thank you for all your work putting it together!


Darrell Watson    September 5 at 3:36pm

Unfortunately, I've had something come up and have to withdraw from the tournament. All your hard work is appreciated and have a great event.


Charlie Picken    September 4 at 2:26am

Whats the latest withdrawal date for someone to take my spot?

Chad Smoliak   September 4 at 6:46am

Hey. I’m at Worlds right now in Kansas and have a lot of catching up to do. I believe I have it at Sept 10th or 14th. Don’t recall this moment. It’s whenever registration closes.

Stuart Dromarsky    August 23 at 3:09am

When can you find tee times?


Rob Clayton    August 9 at 7:12am

When will it show that I'm a registered BCDS member? I signed up right away but still shows I'm inactive. Are Am's getting some sort of players pack? Just random questions I'm sure people have. Thanks for all the hard work Chad

Chad Smoliak   August 9 at 7:53am

I’ll be checking on everyone’s status etc soon ish and sending out some emails. As for a player pack everyone is getting an item with the tournament logo on it and then it will be prizes paid out via OKDS.

Gord Ezo Isnardy    July 28 at 4:38am

This has closed? It wouldn't let me in this morning so I set alarm for 8:00 but it's closed?

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Charlie Picken   July 28 at 4:59am


Chad Smoliak   July 28 at 5:14am

Yes. Until tonight at 8pm it was early reg

Chad Smoliak   July 28 at 5:14am

Open registration is on the 29th at 8pm

Roger Smith    July 21 at 3:32am

I was charged in US dollars?????? I didn't notice it right away ...


Roger Smith    July 21 at 3:06am

can my hole sponsor sign say OwnerOfSocks please??

Carrie Neal   July 21 at 3:09am

Hey...I think Chad will be sending out an email asking for info for signage. Watch for it :)

James Sanders    July 20 at 2:17am

How come no mens division for registration on the 20th?

Chad Smoliak   July 20 at 2:54am

The 20th is hole / tournament sponsor early registration for all divisions, and women’s and junior without the need to sponsor a hole.

James Sanders   July 20 at 9:54pm

How do you sponsor a hole?

Chad Smoliak   July 21 at 3:25am

You sponsor a hole by way of registration in the first week , it is currently the only way to register.

Brett Hanna    July 14 at 6:40pm

Looking forward to this one!